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Highlights♦ Title: Me Before You ♦ Author: Jojo Moyes♦ Publisher: Penguin UKPages: 512 pages♦ Price: INR 264
These days you will seldom come across a romance novel that might teach you a life"s lesboy or wbelow the protagonists could leave you teary eyed at the finish of the story. Well, I"m talking around the bestmarketing brand-new adult genre book, Me Before You by the British novelist, Jojo Moyes. The book opens up through the female protagonist, Lou Clark, an unlucky yet funny adult woguy via no substantial dreams or aspirations or determicountry for a stable career. She functions as a waitress for a tea shop however later loses her task that supports her pretty large family.
Despeprice for a job that will assist to pay the bills and store her household afloat in the existing times, she is advised by her running and also fitness-obsessed boyfrifinish, Patrick, to go to the headhunter. From tbelow she gets an interwatch sell as a caretaker for an adult wheelchair bound man. This young man, Will Traynor, was as soon as an aspiring and also lively handsome man, who was left paralyzed because of a motorcycle accident and which is ebbing away his desire to live. But he knows just how to manage the situation, till the day he drops for the imperfect, slightly crazy, way as well chatty girl through distinct fashion feeling and pathetic jokes, Lou Clark. Unfortunately, romance fans might not find this book satisfying, as the author has cleverly managed to portray some crucial life"s lessons and also choices. The book teaches to live life to the fullest and wbelow need to one put a complete stop with a sweet yet heartbreaking love story that plays in the background like a sweet and soulful tune, not as well loud or not as well fading. If you are trying to find a cheesy no-strings attached type of a novel, then you have to look amethod, as this story of Lou and Will is going to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the readers. The author"s creating style is poliburned and also laced via deep, heartfelt emovements that will certainly relocate the readers. The dialogues in the book are not just British yet also hilarious, engaging and also free-flowing. The story of the friendship in between Lou and also Will blossoms eventually through fights, dislikes, misunderstandings and movies via subtitles maintaining the pace intact.

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The personalities in this book are real, hocolony and well-developed with their fregulations. Lou"s demeanor in the book is realistic and also the development of her character is convincing enough to make the readers fall for her sweetness and also caring nature. Will, on the other hand also, could show up as someone annoying, self-focused yet helpless, the readers will just feel sorry for him, yet via the progression of the story, the readers deserve to get a vivid portrait of a male via full of life and also knowledge.
All throughout the book, I discovered myself either laughing out like a crazy person or smiling favor a happy perboy or crying buckets of tears favor a sad perchild. The emotions penned by the writer are not only effective but additionally beautiful to shed oneself right into its depth.

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My Take: A touching yet an amutilizing story that will certainly store the readers glued to the book till the exceptionally end, through ample amount of tears and also laughter.
(By Aditi Saha)
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