Wrap text in latex

Latex provides the wrapfig package which allows you wrap message approximately figures. In not only saves location, but likewise embeds the figure nicely right into your message.

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Add the wrapfig package in your preamble:

usepackagewrapfigAnd area the figure where you want to have actually it:

eginwrapfigure<1>2<3>4...endwrapfigureand similarly for tables:

eginwraptable<1>2<3>4...endwraptableNumber of lines (optional)“r” for ideal and “l” for left number placement.Overhang (optional)Width to be reserved.Example:

documentclass<11pt>articleusepackagewrapfig, blindtextegindocumentsectionExample: Wrapping text around figureeginwrapfigurer0.5linewidthcentering ule0.9linewidth0.75linewidthcaptionDummy number.labelfig:myfigendwrapfigurelindtextenddocument


11. November 2011 at 5:21

Hi Tom,

I’m trying to wrap the contents of some cells of a table without much luck.Here’s my table, and the solution I am presently using:

documentclass<12pt,oneside>bookegindocumentegintablecentering egintabularc hline SNR & multicolumn4Relative error re \ cline2-5 in gradient & approach number 1 & strategy number 2 & approach number 3 & method number 4\ hlinehline 12.5186 & 0.0260 & 0.1063 & 0.0314 & 0.0287 \ hline endtabularendtableThis text is added to highlight the truth that the table exceeds the web page margins. What would be a smarter means to wrap some cells (namely, my headers) in such a method that the in its entirety table stays within the web page margins? Thanks!enddocumentCould you please let me know if tright here is an easier way of obtaining the exact same outcome, without shrinking the size of the characters?

I hope pasting directly from LaTeX is okay, it’s the finest way in which I could think of mirroring you my trouble.

Thank you kindly for taking the time!




15. November 2011 at 4:21

Hi Sper,

Thank you for the code, that made things a lot much easier. I imply utilizing the solved width column form m. You’ll uncover your code listed below through some transforms. First, define a brand-new columntype that is focused horizontally (m) and vertically (centering). Rearea \ by abularnewline to prevent “Missplaced oalign” errors. And, use *numbertype to prevent repeating the exact same columnform over and over aacquire.

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documentclass<12pt,oneside>bookusepackagearray ewcolumntypeM>centeringm2cmegindocumentegintablecenteringegintabular*5hlineSNR & multicolumn4Relative error re abularnewlinecline2-5in gradient & approach number 1 & strategy number 2 & method number 3 & technique number 4 abularnewline hlinehline12.5186 & 0.0260 & 0.1063 & 0.0314 & 0.0287 abularnewlinehlineendtabularcaptionblaendtableThis text is included to highlight the reality that the table exceeds the web page margins. What would be a smarter means to wrap some cells (namely, my headers) in such a way that the as a whole table continues to be within the page margins? Thanks!enddocumentBest, Tom.



14. September 2014 at 12:01

I’m trying to use a graphic alongside a numbered list, but it just dumps the graphic at the finish of the file. This is my code –

eginwrapfigurer0.5linewidthcentering% ule0.9linewidth0.75linewidthincludegraphicsimages/bse1.pngcaptionDummy number.labelfig:myfigendwrapfigureeginenumerateitem Lie down. Flatten your best breast by placing a pillow under your appropriate shoulder. Place your ideal arm behind your head. endenumerateHow deserve to I perform it please Tom?Sharon.