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Agon and Greek History

Agon comes from the Greek word agōn, which is analyzed with a variety of definitions, among them "dispute," "competition at games," and "gathering." In prehistoric Greece, agons (likewise spelled "agones") were contests organized in the time of public festivals. The contests-among them the primitive Olympics that our contemporary Olympics is modeled on-affiliated whatever from athletics to chariot and also equine racing to music and also literary works. "Agon" in the realm of literature describes the dramatic conflict in between the primary characters in a Greek play, or even more generally, between the chief personalities in any type of literary occupational. The word is additionally occasionally provided to describe conflict generally.

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Recent Instances on the Internet His grand vision below drops a couple of narrative strands: Batman’s troubled conscience and also Superman’s resurrection and also reunion with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) acquire neglected in exadjust for closer examination of Aquaman’s origin and also Cyborg’s agon. — Armond White, National Review, 19 Mar. 2021 Each contender in the agon is intended to stake his or her claims on truth; Nietzsche advanced his very own opinions through utmost vehemence. — Alex Ross, The New Yorker, 7 Oct. 2019

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History and also Etymology for agon

obtained from Greek agṓn "gathering, assembly, contest" — even more at agony

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The initially recognized usage of agon was in 1600

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