Words with silver in them

Total Number of words made out of Silver = 66

Silver is an acceptable word in Scrabble via 9 points. Silver is an welcomed word in Word through Friends having 11 points.

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Silver is a 6 letter medium Word beginning via S and also finishing through R. Below are Total 66 words made out of this word.

Anagrams of silver

1). ervils 3). livers 4). livres 5). sliver

5 letter Words made out of silver

1). livre 2). virls 3). lives 4). liver 5). rives 6). riels 7). riles 8). siver 9). slier 10). veils 11). viler 12). vires 13). liers 14). viers 15). evils 16). ervil

4 letter Words made out of silver

1). riel 2). ires 3). rile 4). climb 5). rive 6). sire 7). vise 8). evil 9). veil 10). vier 11). vies 12). virl 13). revs 14). lier 15). leis 16). lies 17). vile 18). live 19). isle 20). reis 21). lire

3 letter Words made out of silver

1). ers 2). vie 3). sri 4). lis 5). els 6). lev 7). sei 8). sir 9). res 10). vis 11). ire 12). lie 13). rev 14). lei 15). sel 16). ser 17). rei

2 letter Words made out of silver

1). er 2). el 3). es 4). si 5). re 6). li 7). is

Silver Meaning :- A soft white metallic element- sonorous- ductile- extremely malleable- and qualified of a high level of polish. It is found native- and also combined through sulphur- arsenic- antimony- chlorine- etc.- in the minerals argentite- proustite- pyrargyrite- ceragyrite- and so on. Silver is among the noble metals- so-called- not being quickly oxidized- and also is provided for coin- jewelry- plate- and a good range of articles. Symbol Ag (Argentum Coin made of silver; silver money. Anypoint having actually the luster or appearance of silver. The color of silver.

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Synonyms of Silver:- metallic, steel, fluent, articulate, eloquent, facile, achromatic, silverish, argent, silvery

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silvern silvers silexceptionally

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