Words With Good In Them

not spoiled or tainted; edible; palatable: The meat was still great after three months in the freezer.
Medicine/Medical. (of a patient's condition) having secure and normal crucial indications, being aware and also comfortable, and also having excellent appetite, mobility, etc.

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(of a return or business in tennis, squash, handround, and so on.) landing within the limits of a court or area of a court.
Informal. (used as soon as declining an market or tip, as to communicate that one is currently satisfied): "More coffee?" "No many thanks, I’m good!"
Horse Racing. (of the surchallenge of a track) drying after a rain so regarding be still slightly sticky: This equine runs finest on an excellent track.
(of meat, particularly beef) noting or pertaining to the specific grade below “choice,” containing more lean muscle and also much less edible fat than “prime” or “alternative.”
products, possessions, particularly movable effects or personal residential property. short articles of trade; wares; merchandise: canned items. Informal. what has been promised or is expected: to supply the goods. Informal. evidence of guilt, as stolen articles: to capture someone via the goods. cloth or textile material: top-top quality linen items. Chiefly British. merchandise sent by land also, fairly than by water or air.

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concerned no good, to end in faitempt or as a failure: Her jealous loved ones sassist that she would concerned no excellent.
excellent for, particular to repay (money owed) bereason of integrity, financial stcapacity, and so on the equivalent in value of: Two thousand stamps are great for one coffeepot. able to endure or continue functioning for (the size of time or the distance indicated): These tires are good for an additional 10,000 miles. valid or in impact for (the size of time indicated): a license great for one year. (supplied as an expression of approval): Good for you!
excellent complete, Nautical. (of a sail or sails) well filled, particularly once cruising cshed to the wind; clean full; rap complete.
make good, to make recompense for; repay. to implement an agreement; accomplish. to be successful. to substantiate; verify. to bring out; accomplish; execute: The convicts made good their getameans.
to the good, generally advantageous: That's all to the excellent, but what perform I get out of it? richer in profit or gain: When he withdrew from the partnership, he was a number of thousand also dollars to the good.