How perform you switch individuals on Words With Friends?

Change Account Info To modify your account information, simply tap the “Menu” button and also then the “Settings” button.

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That’s all tright here is to it!

Can I have 2 Words With Friends accounts?

Yes. Use one login through Words With Friends and also the other login in Words With Friends Free.

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Note, you cannot usage multiple logins in the exact same app through out the extreme pain of logging-in and out eexceptionally time you want to switch.

How do I delete my account on Words With Friends?

To delete the Words With Friends app on Android:Open the Settings application on your phone, normally symbolized by a equipment.Scroll down to Apps & notifications. Tap on it.Tap on “See all apps” if needed.Scroll to Words With Friends and pick it.Choose “Uninstall.”

What does the flame symbol expect on words with friends?

Turns out it’s tracking the streak of consecutive days you’ve played via the very same player. The flame is a “fire emoji.” This function operates on an ongoing game between you and one more player and it does not impact your other events or progression in Words with Friends 2.

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