1a : a chamber (such as a vault) wholly or partly underground particularly : a vault under the major floor of a church

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Synonyms: Noun

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Hidden under the main floor of a good church is regularly a huge room, often with a tomb as its centerpiece. Many major European churches were constructed over the continues to be of a saint—the Vatican"s excellent St. Peter"s Basilica is an example—and also rather of having actually the coffin buried, it was often offered its spacious room below ground level. In a large aboveground tomb, or mausoleum, there may be numerous small chambers for individual coffins, also called crypts; once the comic book Tales from the Crypt made its initially appearance in 1950, it was this interpretation that the authors were referring to.

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Recent Instances on the Web: Noun The caves are cut from soft sandstone rock and also their narrow doormeans and also windows resemble Saxon style, while a rock-reduced pillar is similar to one discovered in a surrounding Saxon crypt. — Jack Guy, CNN, 14 July 2021 In 1935, a number of pothunters cracked into a mound of earth in Oklahoma and also unearthed a Native Amerideserve to burial crypt. — Elizabeth Evitts Dickinkid, Washington Post, 8 July 2021 In 1935, several pothunters cracked into a mound of earth in Oklahoma and discovered a Native American funeral crypt. — Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson, Anchorage Daily News, 9 July 2021 The paintings were discovered in a crypt in Keratea, a town in East Attica, on Greece’s mainland also. — Washington Post, 28 June 2021 His remains are returned to his family members and also this certain crypt stays empty. — Cnn Editorial Research, CNN, 16 June 2021 Perhaps the just distinction would certainly be the crypt in the basement. — Jennifer Billock, Smithsonian Magazine, 8 Apr. 2021 In 2017, Macron took then-President Donald Trump to view Napoleon’s crypt. — Washington Post, 7 May 2021 Old floor tiles were torn amethod, and also in the church’s crypt, water rose high enough to almost submerge the great rock tombs of previous patriarchs. — Rebecca Ann Hughes, Wired, 30 Apr. 2021

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History and also Etymology for crypt


obtained from Latin crypta, crupta "extended passage, underground room," obtained from Greek kryptḗ "underground room," noun derivative from feminine of kryptós "surprise, key," verbal adjective of krýptein "to hide, conceal," of unparticular beginning

Note: The verb krýptein is phonetically and also semantically cshed to kalýptein "to cover, conceal," and also the 2 may have actually affected each other. Other forms with which krýptein has been compared, such as Old Church Slavic kryjǫ, kryti "to cover, hide, shroud," Lithuanian kráuju, kráuti "to pile up," are also remote phonetically to enable realistic reconstruction of an Indo-European verbal base. The altercountry in consonants between kryp- (in krýptein, kryptós), kryb- (in krýbdēn "secretly"), and also kryph- (in kryphêi "in key," -kryphos "hidden") is supposedly the outcome of both adaptation and also analogy.