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A Latin word definition ‘to learn’ offers rise to the English word root cogn. Primarily because of French, the root conn likewise originates from this root. A easily recognizable word that comes to mind which offers this root, is, well, recognize! What else deserve to we acquaint you with to assist you ‘learn’ this root?

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cognlearn, know
-iveof or that which does something

Words cognitive has to execute through “discovering or discovering.”


connlearn, know
-eurone who

A connoisseur is “one that has actually learned” or “one that knows” a good deal about something.

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Mental Cogs Cognition

A Latin word meaning ‘to learn’ provides rise to the English word roots cogn and also conn.

We have actually a lot to ‘learn’ in this short article, which may take some cognition on your component, or psychological procedure of ‘finding out.’

When a person recognizes an additional, he gets to ‘learn’ about her ‘aobtain,’ given that he has presumably met her before. The more we are cognizant, or ‘learned’ about our acquaintances, the more we proceed to ‘learn’ about them.

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If you possess precognition, or ‘foreunderstanding,’ you have ‘learned’ something ‘before’ a lot of world would certainly be able to, for you have the right to foretell the future.

Are you a cognoscente of French cuisine, ‘having learned’ all the ins and outs of haute cuisine? Or might you be a connoisseur of sushi, ‘knowing’ a lot of its fishy art?

A typical military maneuver is to reconnoiter an area, ‘learning’ a small around it ‘beforehand’ in order to be even more all set when going tright here. This act usually requires a spy sneaking in incognito, or ‘not learned’ around by anyone. The spy gathers information in this reconnaissance mission, where things are ‘learned about before’ the entirety army goes in to strike.

Your cognitive or ‘learning’ cogs are currently well greased, having been much enhanced by your handy recognition of the word root cogn.

cognition: ‘learning’ process recognize: ‘learn again’ cognizant: ‘learned’ precognition: ‘learning beforehand’ cognoscenti: those ‘having actually learned’ connoisseur: one who has ‘learned’ reconnoiter: ‘learn beforehand’ incognito: ‘not learned’ about by others reconnaissance: a ‘discovering about before’ cognitive: ‘pertaining to learning’