Words that rhyme with alliteration

By Lexia Curriculum Specialist and also Speech-Language Pathologist Elizabeth Olschild, M.S., CCC-SLP

Back on the bus! Say goodbye to summertime and help your students learn to rhyme.

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There’s no question that the institution day can be hectic, through lots to attain in just a brief amount of time. As you begin to compile your leskid plans for the year, here are some suggestions of quick and fun methods to incorporate multiple opportunities for exercise with rhyming and also alliteration into the busy college day.

Understanding of rhyme and also alliteration helps to develop students’ at an early stage phonological awareness abilities. Phonological awareness is the ability to analyze and manipulate the sound framework of language, and students build this awareness by engaging in tasks that need them to determine, segment, blend, and manipulate syllables and also sounds in words. Young youngsters first construct an awareness of the phonological fads that take place at the finish of rhyming words prior to relocating on to awareness of bigger chunks within words, such as identifying independent words and also syllables within compound words. Most importantly for analysis success, students must also build phonemic awareness, or the ability to identify and also isolate individual sounds in words. The awareness of individual sounds (phonemes) is critical for mapping sounds onto print in an alphabetic composing mechanism such as English, and straight impacts both analysis and also spelling. This is why functioning on rhyming and also alliteration is such a critical component of helping students lay the foundation for reading success.

That shelp, activities targeting these abilities don’t have to become one more to-carry out on your currently long list. Thinking of means to incorporate rhyming and also alliteration exercise into what you’re already doing in the classroom is simple with these easy and also engaging activities:

Thumbs up/downMaybe you should emphasis students’ attention while lining up for lunch, or you’d prefer a fun however quiet task to attempt as soon as walking via the halls. Have students give a thumbs up if word pairs rhyme (e.g. "pan," "man") or if they are alliterative (e.g. "pan," "pet"). Contrast through examples that do not match (e.g. "dish," "man"), making sure to emphasize the ending or start sounds as much as possible. Have students repeat the words to reinforce the principle.

Poems, songs, and nursery rhymesUse poems, songs, or nursery rhymes with which students are acquainted to practice rhyming words. Give them a target word and have actually them put their hands in the air once they hear words that rhyme through the taracquire. For instance, have actually students listen for words that rhyme via vehicle as you gradually remention this song: Twinkle, twinkle, little bit star. How I wonder what you are.

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Movement breaksLooking to offer your students a motion break? List a series of rhyming words, and also once students hear a word that does not rhyme (e.g. "rat," "hat," "bat," "cat," "jam"), have them finish an action, such as jump up, wiggle, or tap their feet. Alternatively, have actually students tiptoe approximately the room and also freeze when they hear the word that does not rhyme. These tasks could also be done via alliterative word lists (e.g. "pen," "pot," "pet," "pin," "cat").

I SpyIs it raining outside and there’s indoor recess? Or maybe you have some downtime asyou wait for the college assembly to begin. No problem! Point to various objects in theclassroom through single-syllable names. For each word, have students think of as manyrhyming words as they can.

Silly phrasesPractice alliteration with silly same-sound phrases throughout the day. For instance, refer to students with alliterative phrases, such as Happy Henry and Creative Caroline, as soon as providing directions. Or, talk about day-to-day routines utilizing alliterative phrases, such as Magical Math or the Super Science Center.


Curriculum-connected rhyming wordsTry incorporating avenues for rhyming right into a lesson you’re currently teaching by having students raise their hands to suggest words that rhyme through keywords you’ve selected from the leskid. Learning about frogs in your scientific research unit? Prompt students to think of words that rhyme via frog (e.g. "log," "bog," "jog"). Similarly, if you’re analysis a story to the class or offering a lesson, be certain to call students’ attention to any rhyming words. Increasing awareness of rhyming across various contexts throughout the school day will promote generalization.

Word of the DayPick a word of the day, and also instruct students to generate a list of all words they deserve to think of that rhyme via this word and record their answers in a journal. You have the right to asauthorize this activity for homework, or use it as a warm-up exercise throughout your creating block. The student with the longest list earns a reward!

With these straightforward and also enjoyable activities, your students will be rhyming rock stars adept at alliteration in no time!