Words Associated With Fairy Tales

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Print out these Fairy Tales Word Wall surface Vocabulary cards and also cut them alengthy the line. Stick them up approximately your room to immerse your students in the content particular vocabulary.

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Tbelow is a empty sheet offered at the finish for any added words that your students may want to include.

Words include:

resolution, protagonist, problem, plot, goblin, prince charming, tiara, curse, railvehicle, damsel, wicked, character, ogre, adventure, beanstalk, hero, weak, woodland, tower, adversary, fairy, axe, bear, antagonist, climax, Step-mother, enchantment, myth, heroine, crvery own, tower, fairy godmom, maiden, wand, glass slippers, troll, drawbridge, kiss, story, villain, cottage, horse, pig, brave, dwarves, dwarf, beautiful, frog, sword, castle, elf, toad, spell, dragon, wolf, magic, knight, beastern, prince, king, huge, queen, princess, witch, when upona time…, great, evil, fairy tale, happily ever before after…, folktale, setting, resolution and also gvery own.

Fairy Tales Vocabulary
resolution protagonist conflict
plot goblin prince charming
tiara curse carriage
damsel wicked character
ogre adventure beanstalk
hero weak forest
tower enemy fairy
axe bear antagonist
climax Step-mother enchantment
myth heroine crown
tower fairy godmother maiden
wand glass slippers troll
drawbridge kiss story
villain cottage horse
pig brave dwarves
dwarf beautiful frog
sword castle elf
toad spell dragon
wolf magic knight
beast prince king
giant queen princess
witch when upon a time... good
evil fairy tale happily ever before after...
folktale setting resolution
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