Whether you live locally or are simply visiting Coloraexecute, you’re bound to hear some slang that makes you wonder. Tbelow is miscellaneous lingo distinct to this region of the Mountain West.

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If you want to soptimal and understand choose someone who’s lived right here for awhile, brush up on these prevalent slang words. Some are nationally well-known and used, others are fairly specific to Coloraperform. A lot of them you can guess ideal on their definition. We’ll cover lingo for food, places, people and assorted.

Here is some common Coloracarry out lingo, in order by food, locations, people and miscellaneous:

Food Lingo

Rocky Mountain Oysters at Coors Field. Photo: Wally Gobetz

This is terminology used to define food from Coloracarry out, and also dishes that are common or began right here. If you haven’t tried this local fare, offer this food and also drink a taste.

Colorado Bulldog – This cocktail really has actually nothing to do with Coloraexecute, aside from the name…choose the Chevy Coloraexecute. It’s thought to have come from Russia. If you favor a White Russian, provide this libation a try. It’s basically the very same drink via a splash of cola. Mix 1 ounce vodka, 1 ounce​ coffee liqueur, 2​ ounces ​cream (or milk), and also 2​ ounces ​of Coca-Cola. Serve via ice.

Coloracarry out Kool-Aid – Slang term for Coors beer. It’s additionally a song by Johnny Payexamine dubbed Colorado Kool-Aid

Well, it’s a deserve to of Coors brewed from a hill stream. It’ll set you head on fire an’ make your kidneys scream. Oh, it certain is fine. Yeah, we was havin’ ourselves among them actual good times.

Denver Omelette – Also referred to as a Western omelette, this breakfast staple is thneed to have initially been prepared as a sandwich for cattle vehicle drivers or Chinese railroad cooks in the 19th century Amerihave the right to West. It has actually similarities to egg foo young, a Chinese dish. When the breview was dropped from the recipe, it came to be known as the Denver omelette. It’s an omelette made through ham, onion and bell peppers. Cheese is often had. There’s still a sandwich version, listed below.

Denver Sandwich – This is a Denver omelette sandwiched between 2 slices of bcheck out. It has comparable origins to the Denver omelette, and has been dubbed a Western sandwich. Tright here are miscellaneous Coloraperform claims to its beginning, from hotels to restauranteurs, however, some historians think it was Chinese railroad cooks serving an egg dish similar to their homeland also, through breview for on-the-go.

Denver Steak – This is a newer reduced of steak, which comes from the beef chuck. That’s a large primal cut of greatly shoulder meat. Many beef from this area is supplied in roasts and also stews bereason it’s tougher, however not this certain reduced. With a decent amount of marbling, Denver steaks are recognized to be quite tender, yet lesser well-known and also rarer to find – plus more affordable than other prefer New York Spilgrimage or fiallows. The origin of its Denver name is less than spectacular. It was favored in a focus team bereason it sounded the many appealing. Other names of this cut incorporate zabuton (from Japan) or underblade steak. Historically, this reduced of meat has been checked out about the civilization, simply never before promoted as a particular steak to be grilled.

Environment-friendly Chile – A green colored sauce made from preferably, neighborhood Pueblo green chiles. It’s smothered on Mexican staples from burritos to chile rellenos. Tright here are vegetarian versions and pork green chile, varying from hot to mild. Like New Mexico and also surrounding southwest states, we take green chile seriously here. Tright here are a variety of chiles provided in assorted recipes. The much more prevalent Hatch green chiles come from the Hatch Valley of southern New Mexico. Grown approximately Pueblo, Colorado, Pueblo chiles are thicker and tfinish to be a tad hotter.

Rocky Mountain Oysters – This dish is turf not surf. There are variations on it around the civilization. It’s recognized as prairie oysters in Canada. In Texas and also Oklahoma you’ll view them referred to as calf fries. It’s bull testicles, usually offered breaded and also deep fried. They are skinned and also occasionally flattened or sliced. You’ll find this delicacy(?) on menus approximately Coloraexecute, in locations prefer an unassuming sports bar. Give it a try. It’s frequently served with lemon and also cocktail sauce, choose your favorite shrimp. It tastes favor anything breaded and deep fried…pretty good.

Location Lingo

Mt. Sneffles, a fourteener in the high country. Photo: Chuckcars

Coloraexecute is a large state in regards to both elevation variety and also square miles. Tright here are assorted phrases supplied to explain specific locations below. A number of destinations have actually their own town mottos and nicknames, which aren’t constantly famed, yet are constantly interesting and also descriptive of a place’s past and current.

A-Town – Nickname for Aurora, likewise affectionately called Saudi Aurora for its desert favor landscape.

Basin – A basin is a reduced elevation dip in the mountains, choose a valley. It’s a river drainage basin, periodically large, periodically not so a lot. You might hear it at a ski location like Arapaho Container Ski Area and Loveland also Ski Area. The latter has both a Loveland Basin and also Loveland Valley, nickname for its major and also beginner area, respectively. An instance of a huge basin is the San Luis Valley.

Breck – Nickname for Breckenridge.

BV – Nickname for Buena Vista, additionally referred to as Booney or Bueny.

Cap Hill – Short for Capitol Hill, a historical Denver neighborhood, situated east of the capitol structure. It’s the many densely lived in area per capita in the city. Tbelow are miscellaneous various other Denver areas you can hear of that you need to gain to know their location.

Centennial State – Colorado’s nickname for itself because it officially came to be a state in the Union in 1876, 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

CB – Nickname for Crested Butte.

CBD – This one has actually 2 meanings. It’s an acronym for the Central Firm District of Downtvery own Denver. Tbelow are 2 primary parts of downtown: Central (CBD) and Lower Downtown. It’s likewise the second a lot of active ingredient in marijuana, cannabidiol, which is thshould have actually many type of medicinal properties. You have the right to purchase CBD in many type of forms across the country, from vapes to topical creams. The develop found legally across the U.S. has no THC and originates from the hemp plant.

Dispensary – A pot shop, weed store, marijuana retailer. Tright here are two kinds, typically under one roof: Medical Dispensary and also Recreational Dispensary. The previous only serves clinical marijuana patients, often as discounted rates. Recreational dispensaries are open to anyone over 21 years old with a valid license. They are found throughout the state of Colorado, and also somewhere else where it’s legal in the U.S. Stores are typically noted via a green plus sign, which indicates a normal pharmacy in many kind of European countries.

DTC – Nickname for Denver Tech Center, a space that starts southern of Hampden Avenue on I-25 in Denver. Tright here are many kind of tech businesses over the next a number of exits south. It informally contains the communities of Greentimber Village, Centennial, and maybe further dvery own to Englewood and Lone Tree – exits 200 to 195.

FoCo – Nickname for Ft Collins.

Four Corners – The Four Corners Region refers to the southwest area of Coloraexecute about Cortez, and bordering communities. At it’s southwest edge 4 says touch each other: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and also Arizona. You have the right to visit the Four Corners Monument and also be in all four says at the very same time.

Fourteener/14er – A hill through an elevation equal or greater than 14,000 feet. There are varying reports of quantity in Coloracarry out from 52 to 58, yet we’re saying there are 58 14’ers because that seems to be the common agreement. A lot of people will certainly hike a 14er to cross it off their bucket list. All are complicated, but not all rated as tough. You deserve to uncover 14er hikes founding at 6 hrs via minimal skill compelled (just be in good shape), all the means as much as daylong/overnight excursions and also professional only, very technical climbs. Tright here are likewise thirteeners/13er, but no nickname for twelvers.

Front Range – The front array of Coloraexecute are the hills to the eastern of the Continental Divide, and all the way dvery own to the foothills and also levels nearemainder to the hills. Many frequently when someone claims the front array, they are talking about the a lot of densely lived in area of Colorado, the cities at the eastern base of the Rockies. These consist of Fort Collins to the north, all the way southern to Trinidad, consisting of Boulder, Denver, Coloraperform Springs and also Pueblo in-in between. This region has a technical name of the Front Range Urban Corridor, consisting of 70% of the state’s inhabitants.

Gunny – Nickname for Gunnichild.

High Country – This covers the totality Rocky Mountains. The high is in referral to the elevation. The Denver metro and Colorado Springs varieties between 5 and 6,000 feet, while Grand also Junction on the opposite side of the Rockies is around 4,500 feet. So when you gain up a lot even more than these numbers, you’re officially in the high nation.

High Plains – It refers to the western region of the Great Plains in claims choose Colorado before it reaches the Rockies. The lowest elevation in the state is 3,315 feet over sea level, still remarkably high, and also higher than the majority of points in many eastern states. The eastern levels are technically all high plains. However before, tbelow are portions of the Rockies, such as South Park basin (9,000-10,000 feet) or the San Luis Valley (average 7,664 feet) that have flast, vast, plains-prefer landscapes at even better elevations. They are high alpine basins.

I-25 Gap – Also known as the I-25 Corridor, Valley Highway (with Denver), Monument Valley Highway (with Coloraperform Springs), this. stretch of Interstate 25 runs from Denver to Coloraperform Springs. It’s commonly traveled and fairly busy with web traffic in the time of top times (like all the time).

I.S. – Nickname for Idaho Springs.

LoDo – Short for Lower Downtown Denver where the many popular bars are. Notorious for its variety of “bros” and also general after hours madness in the streets.

LoHi – Brief for Lower Highland also, a renowned Denver community simply over and also north of Lower Downtown.

Longtucky – Nickname for Longmont.

Mile High – Tright here are 5,280 feet in a mile. Put it vertically and you are a mile above sea level at 5280. One of the measures of Colorado’s capital structure (perhaps 13th?) lives exactly at a mile high, providing Denver its nickname, the Mile High City. There’s additionally a city magazine by the name 5280. If you right here somebody reference two-mile-high, they could be talking around Leadville, via its nickname of the Two Mile High City (although it comes up brief at 10,150′ and also not 10,560′. Perhaps Alma, CO, at 10,578 must be the Two Mile High Town.

Mousetrap – This is an informal, lesser provided term for the interchange of I-25 and I-70 in north Denver. The interchange was redeveloped in 1987 to its existing layout.

Mountain West – This is an area of the United States that has Coloraexecute. It’s likewise an NCAA sport conference called the Mountain West Conference. The geographical region is also well-known as the Mountain States and Interior West. The Mountain West contains the says that house component of the Rocky Mountains: Arizona, Coloracarry out, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

Ned – Nickname for Nederland also, the hill town west of Boulder. Also referred to as Nedville.

Park – Coloraperform likes to call 3 of their significant containers a “park”:

RiNo – Brief for River North Arts District. It’s a newer gentrified location sculpted out of the existing Five Points neighborhood eastern of downtown Denver.

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San Juans – Quick for the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado. They are among the steepest in the state. Telluride is located in the San Juans.

Sand also Luis Valley – Alamosa is the biggest town within the vast Sand also Luis Valley (SLV), which stretches from Poncha Pass south of Salida dvery own to the New Mexihave the right to border near Antonito. There’s the majority of weird things to carry out in the SLV, like visit an alligator or ostaffluent farm, or nighttime sightseeing at a UFO watchtower.

SoBo – Short for South Broadmethod, SoBro is likewise supplied. The latter fits the Broadmethod name much better and also plays on the amount of “bros” that go out each night bar hopping on South Broadmeans.

South Park – It’s technically a giant high alpine basin located in Park County, consisting of the communities of Fairplay, Alma, Como, Jefferson, Terryall, Hartsel and also Guffey. However, as soon as most people say they are going to South Park, they are referring to the largest tvery own and also county seat of Fairplay. It’s likewise a cartoon whose characters are based in that region of Colorado.

Switzerland of America – Nickname for Ouray, located Southwest of Coloraexecute, amongst the staggering San Juan Mountains.

The Boat – Nickname for Steamboat Springs.

The Bubble – Nickname for Boulder bereason it appears and acts favor it’s in a people of its own. Also called The People’s Republic (of Boulder). Full of granola varieties that despise commercialism prefer Walmart.

The Fax – Slang for Colfax Avenue, the longest repeatedly commercial street in the United States at 26 miles. Run the annual Colfax Marathon every May. It stretches from Aurora in the east, to Denver and west into Lakewood, ending in Golden.

The Springs – Nickname for Coloracarry out Springs. Other towns with “Springs” in their last name carry out not gain “The”, and are often referred to simply by their initially name…aka Glentimber, Manitou, Pagosa, Steamboat. Idaho Springs is always the complete name, or I.S.

Towards The Mountains – People along the front array will usage the mountains as their compass west. So if someone tells you to head in the direction of the hills, they suppose go west. It’s incredibly straightforward to identify north, south and east, as long as the mountains are visible. It’s partially why I think about Albuquerque, NM, as “bizarro Denver” because its hill array is to the eastern of the city.

Up The Hill – If you live in the Denver metropolitan area and you head “up the hill”, it means you’re driving right into the high nation west on Interstate-70, regularly for the casinos. The initially time I heard it was from my gambling frifinish who would certainly constantly head up the hill to Babsence Hawk and Central City, the closest casino communities to Coloraperform. Those that “hit the hill” are heading west as much as the ski resorts.

Wads – Quick for Wadsworth Boulevard running north to south through Denver.

Western Slope – The hills to the west of the Continental Divide and also dvery own right into the Coloracarry out plateau area closest to the mountains, is considered the western slope. So this would include the surrounding mountain county of Summit, just an hour and half from Denver. However, when you hear the majority of people talk around the western slope, they are referring to its farthest Coloraexecute reaches by the plateau communities of Grand also Junction, Palisade, Delta and also Montincreased.

People Lingo

Posing as a gaper with a gaper gap. Photo: Jo Munday

Much of the slang for civilization in Coloraperform is rather noticeable, though, some isn’t. We’ll cover the the majority of prevalent terms you might hear to explain people about these parts.

Coloradoan – Also dubbed Coloradan (without the third “o” – it’s even more widespread however technically not correct grammatically), this is used to explain someone that resides right here, but isn’t necessarily born here. Rent an apartment, buy a house, and also you’ll quickly have the ability to speak to yourself a Coloradoan also.

Denverite – Similar to the expression over, a Denverite is someone that resides in the city of Denver, yet not necessarily born right here.

Flatlander – A person that resides at low elevation. It have the right to be supplied to define out-of-towners and in this case they have to acclimatize in Denver or among the various other front selection cities, before venturing better into the Rocky Mountains. Coincidentally, it’s likewise supplied to define those living in Denver and along the front range by those living in the hills at high elevation. Those living in the mountains frequently don’t care a lot for the city slickers of Denver’s way of life.

Gaper – This is a ski term that has 2 interpretation. Many typically, it’s offered to refer to some clueless perboy on the slopes. They are frequently standing around and also getting in the means. It’s more accurately provided to describe the gape between a person’s googles and helmet. A proper fitting pair of googles must fit snug up alongside the helmet. If there is many skin mirroring, that’s a gaper relocate and also a gaper gap.

Granola – An outdoorsy, nature loving, organic fed, hippy dippy left-leaning perkid, rather common in Coloraexecute. You have the right to uncover them in Boulder by the Subaru pack.

Native – This one has two definitions. You’ll frequently watch a bumper sticker on people’s cars proclaiming “NATIVE”. This describes someone who was born in Coloraperform, and also they want you to know it. They feel entitled to Colorado’s wealth, without its common-day madness like web traffic. But choose someone who does crossfit, there are likewise natives that don’t talk about it and are good, humble, welcoming human being. The second and also even more proper definition to native, is shortened for Native American. Natives were in this western region lengthy prior to the first Spanish explorers, hair trappers and gold seekers came with. There are 2 bookings in the southwest of the state, house to two Indian casinos.

Peak Bagger – Someone that climbs most hills for the sake of crossing them off his or her bucket list. Peak baggers sometimes focus on fourteeners, but frequently hike any type of mountain that’s iconic, or in their daily view.

Slopies – Less prevalent slang for civilization who live on the much Western Slope around Grand also Junction. It sounds a little derogatory, so perhaps not use this one. I heard it from someone that lived in GJ and they appeared fine with it. It was expected to suppose world are a little starray about below.

Transplant – Someone from out of state that has actually relocated to Coloracarry out. The state is full of transplants, which is not a bad thing, just the means things go when human being hear just how great it is out below.

Trustafarian – Combines trust money and rastafari. It’s a younger, privileged adult, normally white, which adopts a foreign culture, hippy or rasta, finish through tie dyes and frequently dcheck out locks. Acts like a poor hippy, however has actually plenty of his or her parent’s bankroll (allowance). Therefore, they perform not have to job-related and also have actually little to concern around. They eat organic, wear earthy clothes, and also drive a nice vehicle.

Miscellaneous Lingo

420 Rally at Civic Center Park, Denver. Photo: Cannabis Destiny

These are terms you’ll pick up approximately Coloraexecute that aren’t slang for people, places or food. You must also read our post on ski slang words, to save you in the recognize on the snow.

303 – Denver’s original area code. It’s also a magazine. Denver even celebprices a 303 day on March third. The other area code for Denver is 720. South of Denver 719 is offered for Colorado Springs and also other areas of the plains and some hill communities prefer Leadville. 970 is for the majority of of the mountains, such as Vail or Durango.

Chinook Winds – Also called “scurrently killers“. It’s common throughout the Front Range Urban Corridor, in locations choose Denver and Coloraperform Springs. An instance of chinook winds would certainly be warmer, humid air that starts west of the Rockies (Grand also Junction way). It moves west to east, so it’s required up over the Rocky Mountains. The air cools as it gains altitude and loses the moisture, resulting in snowfall. By the time it reaches the eastern side of the Rockies front range, it’s dry yet still cool. As it descends onto Colorado Springs it goes up in temperature, evaporating the scurrently from the ground easily as a result of the warmth, dry air. It’s why these cities deserve to acquire dumped on through scurrently, and the following day it’s gone.

Coloracarry out Cologne – The smell of marijuana on someone’s clothes. It’s so common below you have the right to almost smell it acquiring off the plane at D.I.A.

Denver Boot – Also well-known as a wheel clamp, wheel boot or parking boot, the Denver boot acquired its begin in the Mile High City. Denver was the first city to use them to force the payment of parking tickets. If you you have too many unpassist parking tickets, you simply could be topic to the Denver boot. While it’s primarily used by legislation enforcement, tbelow are several wheel clamp arrays for individual usage to deter theft.

Edible – Marijuana infsupplied food, normally in candy or snack develop, such as cookie or brownie. Also in drinks, yet not alcohol. It’s sold in dispensaries and its potency can frequently sneak up you, as it takes up to an hour to feel its effects and also deserve to last much longer than smoking/vaping bud. One dosage is 10mg. Do no take even more than this until you are accustomed to its impacts. I’d recommfinish founding through fifty percent of this – 5mg.

Four-Twenty/420 – Slang word for smoking marijuana. If you see 420 friendly on an apartment or Craigslist listing, it suggests you have the right to smoke inside. On April 20th, aka 4/20, tbelow is a huge celebration (offered to be a rally before state legalization) in Denver’s Civic Center Park wbelow human being light up and also gain high.

Smell of Greeley – Before a storm rolls via Denver, it’s often said you have the right to smell the cow manure in the air from Greeley, situated 55 miles northwest by car from downtvery own. With a big amount of agriculture, ranches, and also a meat-packing plant in town, Greeley, residence to the University of Northern Coloraperform, is an got smell.

Subie – Nickname for a Subaru auto, the unmain state car of Coloraperform. You deserve to spell it suby, sooby, or shorten to soob. They are generally offered names like Subrina. They are likewise called Scoobys. Some world will certainly contact them Lesbaru (regularly Outback wagon models), in reference to stereotyped lesbian woguys owners.

Texas Gore-Tex – This is equivalent to a Canadian tuxeperform, if you’ve ever heard that one. It’s a term you could hear on the regional ski slopes to refer to someone (presumably) from Texas or the southerly states that is sporting jeans on the ski slopes. GORE-TEX is a trade-noted waterproof, breathable fabric membrane, which is common in actual ski pants, jackets and also gloves. Blue jeans on the contrary, are made of cotton/denim and also not waterproof in the least little. Someone wearing these is practically constantly a novice from a warm climate and just skiing to have actually a great time. Ain’t no shame in their game.

The Avs – Slang for the Coloracarry out Avalanche hockey team.

The Donkeys – Slang for the Denver Broncos footsphere team.

The Nuggs – Slang for the Denver Nuggets basketball team. Nugz is also slang for high top quality marijuana buds.

The Rox – Slang for the Colorado Rockies baseround team.

That’s a roundup of Colorado’s most widespread slang words and lingo. There are more than likely some cool terms we missed, so let us understand and we’ll include them to the list.