Will Wilder Book Review

The Will Wilder adendeavor series, though not marketed as Christian, draws its incentive from the Scriptures, through countless biblical references installed in a fast-paced narrative.

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Will Wilder series by Raymond Arroyo. The Relic of Perilous Falls (#1, 2016) and The Lost Staff of Wonders (#2, 2017). Random Housage Crown, 330 pages.

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Reading Level: middle grades, periods 10-12

Will Wilder has actually been compared to Percy Jackson, perhaps by reviewers who think about the occasions of the Bible to be as fanciful as Greek mythology. A better comparikid is to Raiders of the Lost Ark and also Indiana Jones and also the Last Crusade. It’s refreshing, not just to see Holy bible stories treated as truth, but also biblical virtues, favor obedience, faith, and holiness, receive their due. The narrative is sprinkled with unattributed Holy bible references and also the town of Perilous Falls (wbelow Jacob Wilder constructed a museum called Peniel for his Antiquities Collection), can be seen as an allegory for the good fight of faith. If the plots are a little formulaic they don’t drag, and if some of the characters are stereotyped, they’re at least on the side of the angels—literally! Non-Catholic readers might become a bit uncomfortable through the storylines’ dependence on relics, also though relics, readers are assured, are not the objects of confidence however rather devices to “emphasis faith.” That confidence seems to be genuine, but readers won’t much of a manage on its content.

That’s just to be expected in an adundertaking novel, and these adendeavors are great snaky fun. But there’s a bigger difficulty with Bible fantasy. Early in the first book, Aunt Lucille recalls a prophecy around the one that would reclaim unity among the relic-guardians dubbed Brethren: he shall coming riding on a colt, the foal of a donkey, and his blood shall spill. this shall be a sign that the fight is near . . . This is clearly Will, our young hero. There’s absolutely nopoint wrong with young heroes in juvenile literary works, yet once tied to Holy bible recommendations and also biblical-sounding bibles, are they in dispute with the genuine hero of the Bible?

Cautions: Violence (not overly graphic, however the demons and also monsters might be also intense for sensitive readers).