White lipped python price

The White Lipped Python is one of the lesser-known snake species in the sibbap.org-keeping hobby.

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Still, it’s voracious appetite, hardiness, and beautiful, iridescent skin tempt a decent following of dedicated keepers.

That being shelp, this species is not for the faint of heart.

They’re recognized for being nippy and defensive: bite initially, ask inquiries later!

Some keepers appreciate the adrenaline of taking care of such an overwhelming snake, while others reap the difficulty of taming it dvery own.

If you feel favor you can be ready for such a difficulty, this beautiful species could be for you.

Table of Contents

White Lipped Python Species OverviewWhite Lipped Python CarePotential Health Issues

White Lipped Python Species Overview


White Lipped Pythons are notoriously nippy and defensive.

Combine those characteristics through their considerable size, and also it’s clear to check out why they aren’t necessarily the ideal option for fresh, nervous snake keepers.

Captive breeding has done well for reducing the defensive tendencies of this species. Wild-caught people are sassist to retain their nippiness throughout the remainder of their life.

A snake hook is a have to as soon as dealing with an adult White Lipped Python, as they’re much more likely to strike inside of their enclocertain.

Once you gently rerelocate the animal via your snake hook, you can permit it to relocate openly in between your hands. Restraint is another significant cause for bites.

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Handling Them

Even though White Lipped Pythons are recognized for being nippy, taking care of them is the KEY to taming them.

Brief, daily taking care of sessions will certainly enable your snake to end up being offered to your presence and scent. Once the snake is comfortable roughly you, it will have actually less of a reason to be defensive.

Aobtain, we stress that you shouldn’t squeeze, grip, or restrain your White Lipped Python. Doing so will just scare it even more, bring about it to bite.

Allow your snake to relocate freely via your hands, with you acting as a branch.

Be certain to wash your hands prior to handling to avoid smelling prefer potential prey.

Unchoose defensive bites, which are quick and also conveniently released, feeding response bites involve the snake latching onto you and also wrapping around you.

You will most likely need to usage cold water or mouthwash to convince the snake to release you.

Almeans wash snake bites thoaround and treat them with an antibacterial doubt. When in doubt, make an appointment to see your medical provider.


When it concerns White Lipped Pythons, it’s not a issue of if you gain bit… It’s a issue of when!

Still, we agree with this species’ fans: their intelligent and also inquisitive nature and gorgeously iridescent appearance make them well worth the risk!

We hope this guide has given you all of the information you have to decide which side of the fence you’re on.

If you’re interested in even more on pythons, check out our blood python care sheet!