What Is Hindsight In Words With Friends

Is anyone else all of a sudden absent Hindsight? I phelp for 500 of them, and also it was functioning, currently suddenly it's not arriving, and I don't check out an choice everywhere in settings to permit it.

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Yea absolutely nowhere to be found in establishing or everywhere else in-app. Using the "Words With Friends" primary app (not classic). Do you view it in yours? / Is it working for you?

Found this on the Zynga website - replicated content below: https://zyngasupport.helpchange.com/a/words-with-friends/?s=hot-topics&f=why-can-i-no-longer-access-hindsight&l=en

"Why can I no longer accessibility Hindsight? We’re excited to share with you that we are functioning on an even much better variation of our Hindsight feature!

While we’re functioning hard to enhance Hindsight for you, we have actually temporarily rerelocated it from the game. We ascertain you that this will not impact your purchases and when the attribute is reinstated the amount will certainly return to your account intact. We appreciate your patience while we work on making Hindsight more beneficial and also enjoyable for you."

Pretty bizarre to rerelocate a phelp feature via no certain timeline on it coming back.

I uncovered this article through instructions on how to research a refund: https://zyngaassistance.helptransition.com/a/words-with-friends/?l=en&s=billing&f=how-do-i-request-a-refund-for-hindsight-purchased-on-android

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Gone for me, plus now all my settings (sounds!) save reverting to ON.

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