Western Digital"s My Publication stays on with the Pro version being the quickest exterior RAID storage solution created by WD.

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Western Digital"s My Publication lineup has been going strong for years garnering a lot success and also evolving as innovation transforms. With the launch of the My Book Pro, Western Digital has produced its quickest outside storage solution yet and is targeting this solution at artistic specialists and also data extensive consumers.

The My Publication Pro takes the latest modern technology and combines it into an extremely sleek enclosure. With this, we have dual Thunderbolt 2 operating at 20 Gb/s in addition to USB 3.0 connectivity. Internally, WD is using a hardware RAID pairing this through their exceptionally popular WD Black SATA hard drives. Mounted on the front, you will uncover two USB 3.0 ports that have the capacity to charge smartphones, tablets or cameras.

In using WD Babsence HDDs, Western Digital is marketing performance up to 435 MB/s via the My Book Pro while having RAID 0, RAID 1 and also JBOD capabilities. This solution is additionally compatible with Time Machine and does manipulate WD Drive Utilities for extra use.

Specifications for the My Publication Pro encompass the box contents in the optimal left while configuration options are to the right. Between the two, we have actually mechanism compatibility that exoften tends to OS X 10.8.5+ for Thunderbolt via Windows 8.1 needed as well. For USB 3.0 support, you require Windows 7 or OS X 10.7.

Warranty for this unit is 3 years, and also the MSRP of the 12TB design we have actually is $999.99.

WD My Book Pro 12TB

Packaging and also a Closer Look

Packaging for the MBP residences a photo of the DAS on the front. Capacity is detailed at the peak right, while the Thunderbolt and also USB logos are in the lower left.

The ago of the box goes into better detail about the performance of the My Publication Pro along a couple of marketing quotes.

Inside package, the My Book Pro is packed fairly well. Similar to the way we discover NAS appliances the DAS is surrounded by foam while all the accessories are boxed separately.

In our initially look at the My Publication Pro, we noticed its two-tone style. The front is a glossy piano black while the shell takes on a silver color. Two USB 3.0 ports flank the left side of the enclosure while the two drive bays sit to the appropriate.

The backside of the enclosure residences a huge cooling fan for the WD Babsence HDDs through connectivity to the best.

Inside the My Book Pro, our sample hooffered two 6TB WD Black difficult drives, moving the model number WD6001FZWX.

Test System Setup and also Management

Tyler"s Test System Specifications

The WD Drive utilities for the My Book Pro are over. What is odd through this routine is, you only obtain to watch indevelopment about the My Publication once it"s associated by means of Thunderbolt. If you desire to adjust anypoint, you need to use USB 3.0. With that said as you have the right to see you have the right to take a look at RAID configurations in addition to the health condition.

After you attach through USB 3.0, a whole brand-new people of alternatives open up up including sleep timer, drive erase, and of course RAID administration alternatives.

Benchmarks - Black Magic Disk Speed Test

Benchmarks - Black Magic Disk Speed Test

RAID 1 created some impressive write performance at 214 MB/s while review came in at 183 MB/s.

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Benchmarks - AJA System Test

Moving over benchmarks to AJA System Test, the My Book Pro reached 376 MB/s check out and 366 MB/s write through our 720p workpack in RAID 0.

RAID 1 produced 160 MB/s check out and 186 MB/s compose by the same token.

Moving to the 1080p workpack performance decreased with the RAID 0 selection reaching just 316 MB/s check out and also 303 MB/s create.

Within RAID 1, check out controlled 148 MB/s and 169 MB/s write.

Finally, we swapped over to the 4K workpack and created 256 MB/s check out and 191 MB/s write.

On this very same test with RAID 1, the My Publication Pro touched 162 MB/s review and 166 MB/s write.

Final Thoughts

A few years ago, I took a look at one of the very first Thunderbolt remedies to hit the market, the My Book Thunderbolt Duo from Western Digital. At that suggest, I discovered that unit had a decent amount of attributes and also respectable performance that hovered approximately 250 MB/s. With time, modern technology progressed and so did the My Publication. With this new Pro design, Western Digital has revamped their Thunderbolt offerings via performance almost double of what I discovered all those years back.

The construct quality has actually undergone quite the facelift also. Whereas the original Thunderbolt enabled My Publication consisted of a rounded plastic shell this brand-new solution speaks for durcapability through its steel exterior and steel chassis. While the front bezel of this unit is still plastic, and glossy at that, I was pleased to view just how well the drive trays slid right into the enclosure. The blue LEDs of the enclosure bring soft lighting, so they aren"t too bideal and also conveniently obtainable USB 3.0 port make syncing data really basic.

The performance of the My Book Pro is solid for a difficult drive driven solution. In our testing with Black Magic Design, our RAID 0 range touched 400 MB/s review and compose while RAID 1 reached 183 MB/s check out and 214 MB/s create. Similar outcomes through AJA System Test wbelow RAID 0 developed 376 MB/s review and 366 MB/s compose with the 720p workpack. 1080p and 4K worktons were able to produce close to 316 MB/s and 256 MB/s review while create performance hovered roughly the 200 MB/s note.

One downfall of this solution or quirk rather is you cannot accessibility the complete suite of choices in the WD Drive Utilities as soon as linked through Thunderbolt. Instead, you need to store your USB 3.0 handy to readjust RAID settings or even watch in-depth indevelopment on your drives.

Overall, the WD My Book Pro is still a very flexible storage solution for prosumers and brings intense capacity and solid performance to artistic specialists on both Windows and OS X platdevelops. Western Digital backs this up with three-year warranty, while the MSRP comes in at $999.99 for the 12TB solution viewed here today.

Quality consisting of Deauthorize and also Build91%
General Features89%
Bundle and Packaging85%
Value for Money82%

The Bottom Line: For a two-bay Thunderbolt 2 storage solution, Western Digital has produced a monster with both capacity and also performance through the My Book Pro 12TB RAID unit.

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