Wd my book live review 2tb

Western Digital has lengthy remained in the personal cloud storage room with the WD My Book Live. It’s the cornerstamong WD’s strategy to assist consumers organize their content and also accessibility it everywhere from the new WD 2go mobile apps to the WD TV Livemedia streamers associated to a TV. With seemingly even more associated gadgets in the household currently than human being, the trend about centralizing a family’s media assets is absolutely getting strength as we desire to have actually reliable and straightforward accessibility to household photos for instance on our phones, computers and televisions, without having to manage a number of duplicates of those files.

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Western Digital has lengthy remained in the individual cloud storage area via the WD My Book Live. It’s the cornerstone of WD’s strategy to aid consumers organize their content and accessibility it anywhere from the brand-new WD 2go mobile apps to the WD TV Livemedia streamers associated to a TV. With seemingly even more connected gadgets in the family members currently than civilization, the trend approximately centralizing a family’s media assets is definitely getting toughness as we desire to have actually reputable and also easy accessibility to family members photos for instance on our phones, computers and televisions, without having actually to manage numerous copies of those papers.

Western Digital’s technique to addressing the media record overfill trouble via the My Publication Live is to make every little thing easy. From setup to configuration and monitoring of the tool, WD provides it simply work-related. That might seem obvious, however not every individual cloud gadget is produced through the very same attention to simplicity and ease of use. WD sees families, and even little businesses, dumping their assets on the My Book Live for retrieval from just about any type of tool including the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and taballows, notepublications and simply around anything else with a internet web browser.


Western Digital My Publication Live Specs

Capacities:1TB(WDBACG0010HCH)2TB(WDBACG0020HCH)3TB(WDBACG0030HCH)Ethernet10/100/1000 Mb/s capable6.60" x5.50" x2.00"2.41 Pounds3 year warranty

Deauthorize and Build

The My Publication Live shares much of the exact same physical design WD has been using with their outside desktop drives for some time. It’s has a sleek, minimalist rounded challenge with a small WD badge and pinhole-sized green condition light.


The body is black plastic, not almost as nice as the aluminum supplied in the My Studio line, but it gets the job done and also keeps cost dvery own. The peak, earlier and also side are all vented to help the warm passively escape from the drive. The unit is fanmuch less which is good for low noise output – the vents appear sufficient to keep the drive cool inside.


The back of the drive consists of the Ethernet port, power input, Kensington lock and also recessed reset pin. Overall the instance was designed through ease of use in mind, which WDC hit on all counts.

The My Book Live consists of a Caviar Eco-friendly inside through the capacity differing relying on which version is purchased. Our consists of a 1TB tough drive, with 2TB and also 3TB configurations additionally easily accessible.

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Setup and also Use

WD includes a quick begin guide through the drive that pretty a lot claims plug it in and also run the contained CD. If you don’t have an optical drive, don’t issue, once the My Book Live is conencted to the netoccupational it’s conveniently uncovered by both Macs and also PCs. From there you have the right to access the software folder to install the included software application, or not, it’s not forced as soon as you recognize the IP resolve of the gadget.


Having the software set up does make it much easier to work-related through the drive though. It took us under a minute to run through the search of the netjob-related for the drive and also installation the WD Rapid View software program.


From there it’s time to configure the drive for backups, remote customers and the favor. To enable mobile individuals to log in, you deserve to setup activation codes on a per-user basis to job-related via the WD 2go Mobile Apps. The beauty of this method is the My Publication Live broadcasts itself previous the regional network-related onto the internet without needing to forward ports or change any settings on your rexternal. It is still able to limit access though through use of the activation codes so just registered users can accessibility the papers served.


The mobile apps offered by Western Digital administer a affluent content endure, through straightforward accessibility to files no issue wbelow you are (as lengthy as you have an internet connection). When tested from an iPhone or iPad external of the office, the tools were quick to affix to the My Publication Live and were able to access records automatically.


When it concerns performance, the WD My Book Live is no slouch in regards to read or compose rate. The unit provides usage of the majority of of the gigabit LAN connection, serving up files via an average review rate of 61.2MB/s and a compose speed of 45.5MB/s in our network-related. While not as fast as some of the bigger NAS units, it supplies plenty of rate for relocating media documents roughly and also giving some backup space for house computers. Keep in mind that since this design only has a solitary drive, no data redundancy is readily available in the event of a drive faitempt.


The Western Digital My Publication Live fits the market segment for buyers that want netoccupational accessible media, however don’t want to go with the hassle of establishing up an entire NAS. Even though it doesn’t offer inner RAID, the My Publication Live still enables customers to backup papers to a second location and helps mitigate file loss if a computer system suffers from a hardware failure or succumbs to a virus. The primary draw though is the capacity to serve up content behind a firewall to mobile devices all over in the human being as long as they have internet access… and also without needing to mess via any type of rexternal settings!

Overall the My Book Live has actually a lot to sell to a network newbie that just wants to plug in the device and also have actually it functioning. The software is basic to setup, the internet interconfront is designed beauticompletely and also looks excellent, and also the mobile apps available for both iOS and Andriod are very well made. Western Digital really hit all marks through this netoccupational device, giving an all-in-one media serving package for residence and also mobile devices.


Easy to setupWell thought-out interconfront and also appsGood read/create performance


No USB link for additional storageNo multi-bay models for data redundancy

Bottom Line

Personal Cloud is all the rage and WD delivers via the My Book Live. It’s dead easy to erected and also use, and via the nicely designed mobile apps, users have the right to easily access their media and also files on a computer, smartphone or tablet.