I deserve to provide you 11 really good factors why you should paint furniture via latex paint also known as water based paint. Find out where the great deals on latex paint can be discovered, what sheen to usage, and likewise how to have actually a practice color combined just for you. Once you learn around painting furniture through latex paint you have the right to upday your old furniture!


Painted furniture makeovers are super simple via latex paint. Some people will certainly tell you in a different way and also that"s their opinion. The initially type of paint I provided on furniture was latex. That was back in the day prior to paint shelves at hardware stores and shops digital were overrun through specialty furniture paints.

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You guys recognize I use some of those specialty paints on occasion yet I use latex paint more often than not and also I"m going to share the factors with you. Disclaimer: My opinions are based upon my endure utilizing latex paints. I am not a skilled contractor or paint experienced.


This write-up more than likely won’t be a hit with the folks who sell specialty furniture paints. I one time I retailed specialty furniture paints…and more than one kind…however I obtained out of that company. Furniture paints are on eexceptionally street corner, in every antique mall, on Amazon, and also simply about almost everywhere tbelow is an empty spot on a store shelf.

11 Reasons Why You Should Repaint Furniture With Latex Paint

1. Availability

Latex paint is readily obtainable at hardware stores, house advancement stores, department stores, paint stores, and so on. It can additionally be ordered virtual. Did you recognize you deserve to even buy latex paint at Target?


2. Price

Price is most likely tied through availcapability for the number one factor to use latex paint. Let’s face it, the majority of of the furniture paints are a small on the pricey side. Latex paint is a fraction of the price of these paints. I’ll let you in on a little trick too. Most stores that practice mix paint colors have actually a shelf wright here you have the right to uncover “oops” paint at a considerably lessened price.


Oops Paint

Oops paint is a custom mix color that a homeowner schosen and then decided they didn’t choose the color. The save will mark the paint dvery own significantly. I have purchased quarts of oops paint for $4 where the continual price would certainly have been $18 and gallons of oops paint for $8-$10 wbelow the constant price would certainly have actually been $38+.A lot of times you deserve to find sample jars of paint on the oops shelf and also those are as low in price as 50 cents.


You would certainly be surprised exactly how a lot paint is in those samples, generally sufficient for a nightstand also or vintage hardwood sewing cabinet. If you don’t watch any type of oops paint at your neighborhood hardware keep ask the paint male where you have the right to find it. You have the right to likewise purchase latex paint at a huge discount at Habitat Restores. Some DIY’ers and home builders donate leftover paints from home tasks to Habitat Resave.

Sometimes you have the right to get new cans of paint at Habitat also. Tright here may be various other stores in your location that additionally collect paint to reoffer. It would certainly be worthwhile to check listings in your area for this type of shop.

3. Color Selection

Tright here are endmuch less display screens of paint shade chips in the stores. You have the right to obtain your very own paint deck from the manufacturer for a price. Tbelow are literally thousands and also countless paint colors to pick from. Sometimes once I"m talking a break in the workshop I look through my paint decks for impetus.


Custom latex paint cAolor for furniture and walls!

You can additionally have your very own tradition shade combined as much as complement wallpaper, fabric, wall shade, and so on. I mixed a tradition color for our bedroom furniture and you deserve to watch the dresser makeover right here. And right here is a little secret I learned from my frifinish Karianne, Thistlewood Farms, and also I have actually yet to try it. It"s tough to define so I"m going to provide you an instance.

Say you paint your cabinets dark gray and you want your kitchen island to be just a bit lighter yet the following color on the paint chip is too light. You deserve to ask the guy at the paint save to make 50% formula or any type of percent of your shade to white paint. This will provide you a lighter shade of that dark gray. Genius huh! Kari says she thinks they deserve to just carry out this mix at a paint store like Sherwin Williams, etc.

4. Sheens

Latex paint comes in a variety of sheens. The adhering to sheens are commonly easily accessible from the paint manufacturer; Matte/Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, Gloss, Hi-Gloss. Right now my favorite sheen for furniture is Flat (or Matte depending upon the manufacturer) and a cshed second is Eggshell. I prefer Hi-Gloss for the retro-modern look that’s trfinishing now.


5. All In One Product

Paint & Primer and periodically sealer (if needed) combicountry paint is the norm. For many tasks tright here is no need to buy a secondary primer product. For most furniture projects the paint doesn’t need an additional top-coat either. Win-Win!


6. Wax, Sealant, Top-Coat Not Required

As a dominion a top-coat on furniture is not needed for latex paint. If I were paint a dining room table I would certainly usage a sealer or top-coat over any paint kind. If you carry out have to seal or wax over latex paint there are many assets to select from. Specialty furniture paints call for their very own unique waxes and sealers which are typically pricy.

7. Quality And Durability

When buying latex paint stick via top brands and manufacturers. Paint top quality and durcapacity has been steadily acquiring better and also much better over the last few years. I have actually offered a variety of paint brands that cover in one coat! It all relies on the shade you are using and also what shade or stained finish you are covering.

8. Paint Furniture With Latex Paint: Custom Mixes

The ideal point around latex paint is the ability to have actually the color of your dreams. Take in a favorite blanket, decorator pillow, rug, cloth, you name it,and the paint guy can complement the color to a tee or pretty darn cshed.


Junktion Red Cedar Chest Antiqued With Wax

I love to integrate my own colors at residence till I come up through the perfect color for a job. For instance, I combined a fabulous red from different latex colors in my stash. I preferred it so well I brumelted some on a paint stirrer and also had actually Home Depot color match the paint for me. It"s referred to as Junktion Red!

9. Special Paint Techniques Friendly

Latex paint can be distressed, antiqued, aged, white-waburned, glazed, crackled, stenciled, decoupaged over, and so on You name it, I haven’t discovered an approach I couldn’t use on latex painted furniture.

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Latex paint deserve to be offered in a paint sprayer. I often usage it in my HomeRight Finish Max Sprayer. Foam brushes, bristle brushes, and also rollers can be provided to use latex paint.

10. Ease of use

Buy the latex paint of your alternative, carry it home, shake or stir, and paint. Tbelow is no mixing of powders or paint through lumpy paint.

11. Paint Samples!

I talked around the paint samples earlier but I didn"t cite just how helpful they are. Many specialty furniture paints don"t come in sample sizes. You have to pay the significant price for the substantial jar.....and what if it isn"t the color you assumed you wanted. No retransforms. Many latex paint providers have actually sample sizes you have the right to purchase for less than $6.


I simply thought of another factor to use latex paint on furniture. You have the right to use a paint sprayer with latex paint. I"m not sure around some of those various other paints. I painted my steel glider with a paint sprayer making use of beautiful yellow latex paint by HGTV Home Sherwin Williams.


Paint work choose these are so much easier with a paint sprayer and also latex paint works favor a dream in a paint sprayer. Easy clean up also. Now you know why I paint furniture making use of latex paint! The adhering to furniture makeovers attribute latex paint.

To watch the finish makeover with paint information and also even more photos simply click the photo or the connect listed below it. If you have actually any inquiries or observations on latex paint tright here is a comment section below.

Painted Furniture Makeover making use of Latex Paint.....


White Chest with Metallic Gold Knobs

White paint is so classy. Repaint a chest of drawers for your bedroom or a stunning piece for your foyer. Did you understand tright here is an endmuch less variety of white paint colors? Just go to your regional hardware keep and also inspect it out.


Nursery Furniture in Coral


Silver Metallic Paint Aged With Toner

Painted furniture makeovers using metallic paint are some of my favorites. You have the right to simply let it shine or give it an aged or antiqued look by applying a toner or dark wax. The table over was dark and also drab. I used one coat of primer tinted gray (my favorite is Glidden Gripper), two coats of metallic silver paint, and also toner to give the paint depth. It would certainly be perfect in a beach house or in a tiny girl"s room almost everywhere.


Blue Repaint & White Wash Chest.

What a pretty blue. The information doors on the top component of the chest dubbed for something additional, make those details pop. White wash was the perfect answer.

Highly, Highly Distressed Chest.

Yep, this one stirred up some debate but I was patting myself on the back. I never before know what a job will certainly look choose till I"m finimelted. Sometimes I"m happy through the outcomes and also sometimes not.


I"ve repainted furniture I do not know just how many kind of times because I didn"t like the finiburned product. This one I loved however others didn"t. To each his very own.

I"ve got numerous comments about the VOCs in latex paint. Actually some latex paints are VOC complimentary currently. You have the right to find a list of them below at My Chemical Free House. You can additionally uncover a list of no VOC paint right here on Housage Beautiful. Behr Premium Plus is among the Zero VOC paints and also Behr is just one of my go-to paint brands for paint furniture. Once you have your furniture painted you might want to ditension it. Distressing painted furniture gives it depth and also character and also latex paint is perfect for distressing. I made a brief video mirroring the distressing technique. Watch it below...