Eco-friendly tree pythons are native to New Guinea but deserve to also be uncovered on some islands of Indonesia as well as the Cape York Peninsula on the continent of Australia. They are nonvenomous snakes that spfinish most of their resides in trees wright here they feed on lizards and birds yet adult green tree pythons may leave the tree to hunt small rodents. They are a very popular pet among snake enthusiasts.

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The term morph once offered to explain a green tree python refers to the specific indigenous locality the snake is from. It is not a morph in the sense that it was bred to be a certain coloration. That shelp, tright here are nearly two dozen different varieties of green tree pythons. A few of the even more famous types of green tree python are the Biak from Indonesia and the Aru which is also from Indonesia.

Environment-friendly tree pythons are additionally categorized according to the specific form and traits. All types are beautiful snakes to look at and they make good pets also for human being who have actually never owned a snake before.

How Many type of Eco-friendly Tree Python Morphs are There?

Tright here are about 20 recognized green tree python morphs or localities in existence. Snakes from different areas have actually various distinct colors. Unprefer sphere pythons, these snakes are not bred for any kind of specific shade pattern.

Tbelow are also different distinctions in between Farm Bred, Imported, Wild Caught, and also Long-Term Captive. Tbelow is also a difference made in between US Captive Born and US Captive Born and also Bred. If you are considering buying a green tree python, be sure to buy one from a trusted breeder of captive born and bred snakes. Buying an imported wild caught snake from New Guinea and also various other locations is illegal and the snakes are regularly treated poorly.

Common locality types of green tree pythons encompass those from the Indonesian islands of Biak, Aru, Padaido Kofiau, Yapen, Misool, Supiori, and also Numfor. With mainland also kinds of Arfak, Wamena, Lereh, Cyclops, Bokondini, Karubaga, Merauke, Sorong, Nabire, Manokwari, and also Jayapura.

15 Environment-friendly Tree Python Morphs

Here is a list of 15 of the the majority of well-known ranges of this beautiful snake.

Biak Environment-friendly Tree Python

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The Biak Eco-friendly Tree Python is originally from Eastern Indonesia and also is named for the area it was found in. These forest-green snakes generally live for 15 to 20 years, and adults deserve to reach between 4 to 6 feet in length.

Like all tree pythons, they prefer to spend the majority of of their time in the branches. A female Biak will certainly lay 12 to 18 eggs annually if they’re effectively bred. Baby Biak pythons are born with colorful red and yellow scales that gradually readjust to green as they mature.

Manokwari Environment-friendly Tree Python

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Manokwari Green Tree Pythons are originally from Manokwari, thus their name, together with New Guinea and Eastern Indonesia. These snakes will spfinish their entire resides in tree branches and also have been recognized to live as much as twenty years.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Originally from Aru Island off the southwest coastline of New Guinea and also Indonesia, this green tree python will spfinish its whole life in the trees. Baby Aru Eco-friendly Tree Pythons are born through bold yellow scales that adjust to deep greens and blues by adulthood.

These snakes will additionally have actually a light dusting of white spots alengthy the dorsal line. Living 15 to twenty years, with appropriate care, these four to six-foot snakes are often provided as screen pets as a result of their vivid coloring.

Cyclops Mountain Green Tree Python

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The Cyclops Mountain Green Tree Python was initially uncovered in The Cape York Peninsula in Australia and also The New Guinea Islands in Indonesia. While adults have wealthy green scales via blue undertones, juvenile Cyclops Mountain Environment-friendly Tree Pythons are a stunning yellow.

Adults can reach up to 5 to 6 feet in length. The life expectations of these snakes is typically 15 to 20 years. When in bondage, these snakes need high temperatures and also humidity, along with plenty of branches for these tree-optimal hunters.

Misol Environment-friendly Tree Python

The Misol Island off of Western New Guinea and also Indonesia are the original houses of this green tree python species. Misol Environment-friendly Tree Pythons start off via stunning yellow scales via a burgundy pattern that changes to the typical deep greens and blues that these snakes are known for.

Adults can live as much as twenty years and also prosper approximately 6 feet in length. Because they do like to stay in trees, their enclosures will require plenty of horizontal and also vertical branches.

Sorong Environment-friendly Tree Python

The Sorong woodlands in Eastern Indonesia were initially home to this species of green tree pythons. Sorong Environment-friendly Tree Pythons start off either bideal red or yellow, altering to a rich green by adulthood.

Even though these tree pythons carry out not spfinish every one of their time in the branches, plenty of limbs still need to be consisted of in their enclocertain. Adults commonly live for two decades, measuring between 4 to 6 feet in size.

Lereh Green Tree Python

Originally from Indonesia and the Aru Island, Lereh Green Tree Pythons are stunning as juveniles and adults. Baby Lereh pythons are a bideal yellow that transforms to a wealthy green via blue undertones. Adults likewise have actually a dusting of white alengthy their dorsal line.

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These snakes spend their entire resides in the trees, making branches a need to for their enclosures. Lereh Eco-friendly Tree Pythons deserve to reach approximately 6 feet in length and live as much as twenty years. They also require a hot and tropical climate to grow.

Merauke Green Tree Python

Living entirely in the trees, the Merauke Environment-friendly Tree Python is initially from the West Coast of Papua in the Merauke region. Babies are either bideal yellow or deep red, altering to emerald green by adulthood.

Fully grown, these green tree pythons can meacertain as much as 6 feet in length. They likewise have a life expectations of 15 to twenty years via appropriate treatment. This form of green tree python spends the majority of its’ life in the branches. Enclosures will should be set up through this in mind.

Wamena Environment-friendly Tree Python

Located in central Papua, the Wamena Green Tree Python is from the adjacent mountain areas that border the urba space. Like a lot of of their species, adults have the right to reach 4 to 6 feet in length and have a life-expectancy of about twenty years.

Juveniles are red or yellow transforming to their tradenote green by adulthood. Due to their considerable natural habitat, adult Wamena Eco-friendly Tree Pythons have the right to also have actually blue or black fads combined with the vibrant green.

Australian Green Tree Python

Due to the big number of areas Australian Environment-friendly Tree Pythons have the right to originate from, it often causes a variation in coloring and also patterns. Almany all have a stunning green shade however some will certainly likewise have actually white dots or lines running down their backs.

Adults can reach 6 feet in size through a life span of 15 to two decades. These are additionally the least expensive green tree pythons since they are the most prevalent.

Kofiau Environment-friendly Tree Python

Originally from Kofiau Island, these green tree pythons deserve to measure up to six feet fully grvery own. Like a lot of pythons, they have actually a life span of 15 to 20 years.

Juveniles are frequently marked by bappropriate yellow scales that revolve to a vivid green as they reach adulthood. White markings alengthy the body are common. Some adults have blue trends rather of white, while others have actually a combination of both.

Yapen Green Tree Python

Yapen Island is residence to the same-named green tree python. Like most of its’ species, Yapen Green Tree Pythons spend the majority of the time in branches. Owners will certainly need to remember this as soon as they’re setting up the python’s enclocertain.

Juveniles have nearly neon bideal yellow scales that gradually rotate green via repeated molting. Adults deserve to selection from 4 to 6 feet in size and also have actually the same 15 to 20-year life expectancy as many of their species.

Batanta Eco-friendly Tree Python

Batanta Island also in the West Papua district in Indonesia is home to this vivid green tree python. Batanta Eco-friendly Tree Pythons are known for their jewel-toned colors, often through white dusting along their backs or sides. Babies are bright yellow till getting to two years or so.

These green tree pythons are not comfortable on the ground and call for plenty of branches in their enclosures. Adults frequently meacertain 5 to 6 feet and have the right to live up to twenty years.

Padaiperform Green Tree Python

The Padaiperform Green Tree Python originated from Padaiperform Island of Papua in Indonesia. Like the majority of its species, this tree python has actually brilliant green coloring in adulthood.

Fully grvery own, the Padaicarry out Eco-friendly Tree Python can reach 5 to 6 feet in length. It additionally has actually an meant 15 to 20 year life-span. In captivity, these pythons required a hot and also humid climate to flourish.