Though I love to check out, tright here are just around 5 publications (aside from, of course, the Bible) that I would consider truly life-altering. Just five publications in my 51 years of life that have spoken directly to my heart and soul, leaving a mark that readjusted how I approached life. This review is around among those books!

Back in the summer of 2017, I purchased Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better by Brant Hansen. It was released in 2015, and also I had actually heard excellent things about it, and decided to pick up a copy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t review it until the summer of 2019. I wish I would’ve done so right once it came out.

Brant Hansen has actually made a career as a radio organize, blogger, and charity leader. He has actually won multiple National Personality of the Year awards. He additionally functions with CURE Internationwide, a worldwide netoccupational of charity clinics and also hospitals.

Unoffendable is Hansen’s initially significant book. He has actually considering that written two others: Blessed Are the Misfits: Great News for Believers that are Introverts, Spiroutine Strugglers, or Just Feel Like They’re Missing Somepoint (Thomas Nelchild, 2017) and The Truth around Us: The Very Good News around How Very Bad We Are(Baker Books, 2020).

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In Unoffendable, Hansen tackles the topics of Anger and also Offense. And he provides the claims that, on most occasions, a true folreduced of Christ doesn’t can be offfinished and also that life will be a whole lot much better for us as soon as we accept that.

In what can be described as the thesis statement for the entire book, Hansen declares: “Your life will certainly become less stressful as soon as you give up your best to anger and offense.”

Anger is of course both actual and also powerful, but it’s a source of indevelopment and also power. That is all. It’s NOT supposed to immediately be offered the driver’s seat. Hansen explains:

In the minute, everyone’s anger always seems righteous. Anger is a feeling, after all, and also it sweeps over us and tells us we’re being denied something we have to have. It offers its own justification. But an emotion is simply an emotion. It’s not important thinking. Anger doesn’t pause. We need to sheight, and also we have to question it.

Brant Hansen, Unoffendable, Thomas Nelchild, 2015

Few world take the time to “stop” when offfinished and to “question” their anger, and this is one of the factors why our society is in such turmoil this day. It’s also why so many type of civilization uncover themselves overwhelmed and frequently controlled by negative emovements.

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It’s just not possible in this brief review to capture the full essence of this book, however allow me to administer a few quotes listed below to offer you an concept of the many nuggets of wisdom included in Unoffendable:

“Forfeiting our best to anger renders us deny ourselves, and makes us others-centered. When we begin living this method, it transforms whatever.”“Grace isn’t for the deserving. Forproviding means surrendering your claim to resentment and also letting go of anger.”“Letting go of offense and also anger indicates foroffering, and also forgiveness means sacrifice.”“If I gain to identify whether my anger is righteous or not, I’m in trouble. So are you. The reason: we can’t trust ourselves.”“Anger is extraordinarily straightforward. It’s our default establishing. Love is exceptionally tough. Love is a miracle.”“Remember: Anger and also rest are always at odds. You can’t have both at once.”“Being offfinished is a tiring organization. Letting points go gives you energy.”

I cannot recommfinish this book extremely sufficient. If you are someone who takes your Christian confidence and also the Holy bible seriously, and also read this book with concentration and also a receptive mind, it will certainly change your life.

Of course, it is essential to note that Hansen writes from the premise that God is actual, the Scriptures is true, and Jesus is worth adhering to. If these ideas are not yours, then this book may seem off base – if not outideal crazy.

And even for those of you who perform share Hansen’s belief (and mine), you may wonder: “Wait a minute! Doesn’t GOD get offended and also angry?”

Yes, He has actually and also He does. But we are not God. As Hansen explains:

God is “allowed” anger, yes. And various other points, too, that we’re not, favor, say—for starters—vengeance. That’s His, and also it renders feeling, also, that we’re not enabled vengeance. Here’s one reason why: We stand also as guilty as whoever is the targain of our anger. But God? He doesn’t.


Others might wonder whether setting anger and offense aside will lead to injustice going unchallenged. Shouldn’t we be “outraged” in the face of injustice? Hansen answers:

Like the Reverfinish King, we deserve to acknowledge injustice, grieve it, and also act against it—yet without rage, without malice, and also without anger. We have actually enough motivation, I hope, to defend the defenseless and defend the delicate, without needing anger.


What if someone truly does wrong by you? Well, rest assured, that will occur. And you also will wrong others.

But Jesus gives us the remedy for that in Matthew 18. We need to challenge the perboy and also talk via them. But such a conversation needs to be tackled in love, humility, and also grace. And we should be willing to listen as a lot as we want to talk. In truth, we need to listen more.

When it concerns readdressing distinctions or righting wrongs, ask yourself this question: Do you want to be moved by anger or by love?

To be sure, this idea of surrendering our perceived (and frequently claimed) “right” to offense and anger runs counter to not only our human nature however to the prevailing perspective of our culture – particularly in this “era of Outrage” in which we now live.

Nonetheless, Hansen’s book is solidly grounded in the word of God. Those who take Hansen’s exhortation seriously, and also perform their ideal to live by it, will find themselves even more at peace and living in a method that brings glory to God and also more very closely resembles the Son He sent to die for our sins.

Order this book TODAY. Get it. Read it. And follow it.

You won’t regret it.

Unoffendable is available at a lot of online book retailers, including,, and It might likewise be easily accessible at your regional library.