Trio pro book 10.6 review

Key Specifications

Review Price: £650Dual-core 1-2.6GHz Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor4GB RAM64GB flash storageUp to 256GB microSD support10.6-inch 1920 x 1280 touchscreen displayPassive stylus, 4096 levels of pressureFolio keyboard dockTablet weight: 644gIntegrated weight: 1kg1x USB-C for data and also charging, 3.5mm headset jack

What is the Samsung Galaxy Publication 10.6?

The 10.6-inch Galaxy Publication is Samsung’s a lot of affordable Windows 2-in-1 laptop to date. With a compact style, bundled keyboard and stylus, it’s the complete package for anyone that wants to take notes on the fly and doesn’t desire a full-dimension lapoptimal weighing them dvery own.

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Samsung Galaxy Publication – Deauthorize and build

The tablet portion of the Galaxy Publication isn’t a lot to look at. There’s a 10.6-inch display front-and centre surrounded by a relatively chunky babsence bezel. The machine is hoprovided in a silver metallic chassis that’s uninterrupted save for the customary Intel Core sticker.

It weighs in at 644g, which is approximately 200g heavier than the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. It’s not light or little enough to hold in one hand for a prolonged duration of time, however it’s straightforward to wield via both. The ports selection is exceptionally limited; you obtain a solitary USB-C connector that’s supplied for charging and also a microSD card tray for expanding the small 64GB of storage by approximately 256GB. There’s additionally a 3.5mm headcollection jack. On the peak there’s the standby/power button and also volume rocker, and that’s your lot.


But that’s not the finish of the story, bereason unfavor the iPad Pro and also Microsoft Surchallenge, the Galaxy Publication 10.6 ships not just via a folio keyboard cover, but a stylus pen too. With all that in tow, it weighs specifically a kilogram, which is still ultra-light.

The key-board clips on using magnetic prongs, and fits in very secudepend. From there, you can affix a loop that keeps the stylus in area comfortably. Both the folio and stylus feel secure and I never felt worried that I’d delve into my bag at some point and also not be able to uncover the stylus.

The folio doubles as a stand also for the tablet portion, turning the Galaxy Book 10.6 into a compelling laptop replacement. The stand also is a bit fiddly to start via yet, usecompletely, Samsung has actually imprinted diagrams of just how to erected the stand onto the back of the keyboard cover, so it’s always in watch when you require it. Clever.


The stand also holds the tablet up at three angles, which will cover the majority of cases. The a lot of laid-back mode dispenses through the keyboard, leaving it lying on the desk. This is excellent for once you fancy taking notes on a slightly pitched surface. For use as a laptop, there’s a position I found suitable for working with the tablet on my lap, and also the most upright version was good for working at a desk. I would have liked another also more bolt-upideal alternative for once typing in bed; neither of the various other two alternatives really reduced the mustard with legs outstretched.

One curious quirk to the Galaxy Publication 10.6 is the size of the supplied USB charging cable. It’s only 1.5m lengthy, which is sufficient for a phone but nowbelow near lengthy sufficient for a lapheight. In any coffee shop or airport situation where your nearest plug isn’t right beside where you’re sitting, this will certainly be an annoyance. It was annoying sufficient for me at house when I wanted to work on the sofa, let alone out in the wild.

Internally, there’s just 802.11n Wi-Fi, so you miss out on the greater speeds and better reliability of 802.11ac Wi-Fi that ships through the majority of mid-array laptops these days.

Samsung Galaxy Publication 10.6 – Keyboard, touchpad and S Pen

Because the Galaxy Book’s keyboard lies flat, I supposed the keying endure to be a little bit uncomfortable. But, you recognize what? It’s perfectly fine. You definitely don’t acquire rather the reach you deserve to with a key-board with a little of pitch, however bereason the board is so tiny to begin through, it’s not tough to reach to the key you want.


The actual keypress suffer is fine, and also there are no significant oobjectives aside from the comically tiny, half-width left-transition vital. There’s likewise no backlighting, however that’s rare on cheaper 2-in-1.s

With such limited room, the touchpad is fairly tiny. It’s largely fine aside from those occasions wbelow you desire to scroll through a long record or webweb page at rate, at which suggest it becomes difficult to fling your fingers across its surconfront without bumping right into the edges. It supports every one of Windows 10’s gestures including two- and also three-fingered actions, and also swiping is exact enough. There’s additionally an installed physical click for fans of tactile inputs.

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The S-Pen stylus is wonderful. It’s lightweight, doesn’t require a battery and also clips nicely onto the side of the key-board. Not just is it fast and also responsive, it additionally works through Windows 10’s Ink software application, meaning making notes using OneKeep in mind is quick and also tactile. The push sensitivity and pleasant level of resistance renders it comfortable to use, also.

When the pen is a few centimetres from the screen and you tap its single button, rather of opening Windows’ very own Ink menu, it opens up Samsung’s interpretation. This consists of a note application, a display selection mode (that additionally allows you extract message from screenshots) and also Sexactly how Window, that lets you job a section of your screen onto a 2nd monitor.


Samsung’s software application duplicates many type of of Windows Ink’s tools

It’s a little bit weird that Samsung is fighting with Windows Ink on what’s efficiently the same set of tools, and I’d much like having actually the button pop open up Windows Ink menus rather of the sreduced Samsung alternatives.

The S Pen’s press sensitivity doesn’t work in all apps out of package, so if you use freeware such as GIMP or Krita, you’ll have to download and install WinTab drivers. The simplest method to do this is to go to the Microsoft Surconfront downtons web page and also pick the WinTab x64 driver. This allows press sensitivity in both programs, although in GIMP you’ll should head into your input settings to activate it.

Drawing right into Windows Ink apps is even more or much less instantaneous, however doing so in Krita and also GIMP leads to a noticeable, fraction-of-a-second delay.

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Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6 – Screen, webvideo camera and audio

The Galaxy Book’s 10.6-inch display screen packs a resolution of 1920 x 1280. That’s slightly squarer than your average Full HD display screen, and its 3:2 element ratio comes in closer to a sheet of paper than a widedisplay monitor. This renders it much better once offered in portrait when taking notes, but likewise implies it’s a bit of a deteriorate once it involves doing work-related in multiple home windows.


Realistically, you’ll only have actually room for one window open at a time, which is fine if you make prodigious usage of window switching shortcuts.

The panel itself is of a decent quality, although unchoose its even more expensive 12-inch sibling it supplies an IPS display rather of the exceptional AMOLED. Still, it does a decent enough job. Viewing angles are wide and also brightness is excellent at over 400 nits. Clever automatic brightness settings suppose the display screen is never overly blinding or dark in any offered condition.

Colour coverage is good, at just under 90% of the sRGB gamut. It’s not wide enough coverage to totally accomplish photography professionals, however that’s not who this tablet is pitched at.

The webcam is fine, if nothing unique, yet I have to take issue with the built-in microphone. It’s exceptionally keen on cutting out background noise however in doing so can occasionally cut out the user’s voice if they soptimal as well quietly, also if they’re simply 40cm away. I tried miscellaneous options in the pre-set up Realtek software to improve points, but nopoint can correctly solve my quiet voice problem. If you are a normally quiet speaker, you’ll have to sheight up simply a tiny, or pick the tablet up so it’s cshed to your face.

The speakers are nopoint brief of disappointing. They’re installed on either side of the tablet in landscape mode, which is wise bereason even if you pick it up through 2 hands, you’re unlikely to block the grilles. But that’s wright here the positives end: audio is sharp, tinny and doesn’t carry out justice to TV or music. The 3.5mm headset jack will certainly be essential if you desire to gain some tunes.