Thick As Thieves Book Review

This was my initially Sandra Brvery own book and it definitely will not be my last. Thick as Thieves was a thrilling and addicting read that had actually me hooked from the begin. It"s not to be missed!


In this tantalizing thriller from a #1New York Timesbestoffering author, a woguy uncovers lifelengthy tricks as she searches for the fact behind her father"s involvement in a heist gone wrong.

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Twenty years earlier in the dead of night, four seemingly random individuals pulled the ultimate heist and virtually walked away with fifty percent a million dollars. But by daybreak, their arrangement had actually been shot to hell. One of them was in the hospital. One remained in jail. One was dead. And one got away with it.Arden Maxwell, the daughter of the man that disshowed up all those years ago -- presumably via the money, after murdering his accomplice -- has actually never before reconciled with her father"s abandonment of her and also her sister. After numerous individual setbacks she decides to go back to her family members house close to mysterious Cadcarry out Lake, and ultimately get answers to the many kind of concerns that torment her. Little does she understand, two of her father"s co-conspirators -- a battle hero and a corrupt district attorney -- are watching her eincredibly relocate.Ledge Burnet, a rebellious teenager at the time of the heist, escaped his jail sentence by enlisting in the army. Now he"s back in tvery own to treatment for his ailing father -- and also to store his eye on the county"s corrupt district attorney, whom he suspects was the real murderer. Although the two are bound to silence bereason of the crime they committed together, each has spent years waiting and hoping that the various other will make a fatal misaction. But the arrival of their elusive accomplice"s daughter, Arden, who might know more around the lacking money than she"s informing, sets them both on red alert. She ignites Ledge"s determicountry to disclose the D.A."s treachery . . . and also sparks a desire he wishes to deny.

This was a riveting and thrilling story that maintained meguessing till the exceptionally end! It was so amazing to read via all the twistsand also turns, tremendous characters, and also intriguing mystery happening. I couldn"tput it dvery own. This story is the interpretation of a page-turner! I loved it!
This was a captivating check out through a terrific build anddetails, I was totally pulled in. I loved the back and also forthstoryinforming in between past and also current and also loved the various POVs and also gettingall the background. It had actually so a lot depth and I loved the eactivity, drama, andanxiety wstove in. It all flowed so well. I took pleasure in all the characters and also Iloved the intricacies of their perspectives. There were so many type of good charactersconnected that included to the richness of the story. Not every little thing was as itappeared and tright here were numerous twists along the way that maintained me on my toes, andI loved them all.
I loved the romance ensuing between Arden andLedge and just how it advanced over the course of the story, it was really wellexecuted. Ledge was so gruff and protective and also Arden was complete ofdetermicountry. I loved the anxiety in between them and their building attraction,I could feel the pull they had to one another. The thriller element blended with the romance was flawlessly done. I couldn’t wait for these twoto gain together.

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This was my initially time analysis Sandra Brvery own and I feel likeI have actually been seriously missing out. This was an exceptional story which madefor a completely addicting review.
You need to check out it and also suffer it foryourself. I extremely recommend it.


Sandra Brvery own is the writer of seventy-oneNew York Timesbestsellers. Tbelow are over eighty million copies of her books in print global, and also her job-related has been interpreted right into thirty-four languages. She stays in Texas. For more information you have the right to