The Widow Book Review

Ricdifficult and Judy Autumn 2016 pick The Widow by Fiona Barton explores an intriguing character that we frequently see on the news; the dutiful partner that stands by their husband also or wife despite the horrifying accusations made against them. As we check out them leave the courtroom together, we can’t aid yet wonder ‘just how a lot perform they know?’, ‘execute they believe that their partner is innocent?’

In The Widow we fulfill Jean Taylor soon after her husband’s death. A reporter has actually turned up at her door, keen to dig a little deeper into Jean’s marital relationship and also the secrets concealed tbelow that can simply come tumbling out now that Glen is dead. Jean stood by her husband throughout accusations of son abduction and murder, yet just how much did she really understand about his innocence? And if she had actually any kind of doubt, why would certainly she keep quiet about such a heinous crime? Read on to discover out what Ricdifficult and also Judy assumed about this gripping mental thriller.

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"I loved the textured, layered description of a marriage; a connection between Jean and Glen that slowly, hauntingly, reveals its true self to us."

Richard’s review

Parallels have been attracted between The Widow and also The Girl on the Train, and I have the right to view why – but Fiona Barton’s story stands proudly on its very own two feet. I loved the textured, layered description of a marriage; a connection between Jean and Glen that gradually, hauntingly, reveals its true self to us.

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Glen wooed Jean when he was a swashbuckling banker. Boy, was he Mr Charisma. She fell for his relentmuch less, confident cinjury – but like so many kind of supposedly super-confident males, Glen has actually concerns. One of them is control. He looks for to manage Jean; for example, he likes to order her food for her. Think Kate Winslet’s gruesome fiancé, Cal, in the movie ‘Titanic’. Remember that scene in the first-class restaurant?

‘We’ll both have the lamb… with exceptionally bit mint sauce.’

That’s Glen. Except that Glen’s career in finance ends abruptly as soon as he quits his job to be a delivery driver. His explanation to Jean is that his boss didn’t prefer him and, anymeans, he wants to set up in business on his very own.

He likewise sets up an internet account on his very own. Jean isn’t permitted to communicate via it. She grudgingly accepts this, describing it as ‘his nonsense’. Really? Has she no suspicions? None at all?

Then Bella is murdered and also Jean’s husband also is branded a ‘monster’. It’s the trial of the decade. Carnage for their marital relationship. But Glen gets off – and also then he is killed.

Alone at last, Jean is totally free to tell her story. Uncontrolled; unhindered.

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Is she in denial about what Glen did; what he really was? Or will certainly she skewer his memory via the truth?


Judy’s review

Long-serving Fleet Street journalist Fiona Barton (oh all best, it’s not Fleet Street any kind of even more, however you get the idea) draws on all her experience working on huge documents – the Mail, the Telegraph – to lug us this compelling murder mystery. Or is it a marital relationship mystery? You’ll need to decide after reading it. It’s both, probably.

The scenario is, at first sight, basic – brutally so. A little bit girl, two-year-old Bella Elliott, is abducted while playing in the garden of her residence in a British university tvery own. Her mom was simply yards ameans, inside the residence.

But that was four years back, and also a lot’s taken place since then. Such as the arremainder and trial of the chief suspect, banker-turned-delivery-driver Glen Taylor.

Taylor acquired off. Acquitted. Not guilty. Free to resume his blameless, boring life.

Except that that life is abruptly terminated in a road accident – and then speculation over his guilt or innocence takes on a fresh fury and power. And of course, the push can speculate with pretty a lot a totally free hand – after all, you can’t libel a dead guy, have the right to you? It’s open up seaboy on Glen Taylor’s tarniburned memory.

The story is told via the eyes of 3 people. Our chief witness is Taylor’s widow, Jean. The others are seasoned police detective Bob Sparkes and newspaper reporter Kate Walter. All have very different takes on who Glen Taylor could have been, and also might have actually done.But it’s the widow we really desire to hear from.


Press reviews

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"If you favored GONE GIRL and also THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, you might desire to pick up THE WIDOW by Fiona Barton. Engrossing. Suspenseful"

Stephen King

"The ultimate emotional thriller. Barton closely unspools this dark, intimate tale of a disastrous crime, a stifling marital relationship, and also the lies spouses tell not just to each various other, however to themselves in order to make it through. The finishing totally blew me away."

Lisa Gardner

"Stunning from start to complete. I devoured it in one sitting. The best book I’ve read this year. If you liked GONE GIRL, you’ll love this. Fiona Barton is a significant new talent."