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The Whip is inspired by the true story of a woguy, Charlotte "Charley" Parkhurst (1812-1879) that lived a lot of of her extraordinary life as a guy. As a young woman in Rhode Island, she fell in love and had a child. Her husband also was lynched and also her baby eliminated. The destruction of her family drove her west to California, dressed as a male, to track dvery own the murder. Charley ended up being a renowned stagecoach driver. She eliminated a renowned outlegislation, had actually an enigma love affair, and also lived with a housekeeper who, unmindful of her true sex, fell in love through her. Charley was the initially woguy to vote in America (as a man). Her grave lies in Watsonville, California.

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Karen Kondazian is an award-winning writer born in Boston, Massachusetts. Her dehowever novel The Whip, got five awards in 2013, consisting of the USA News Best Book Award for Historical Fiction and the Internationwide Book Award for Best Western. She is additionally the writer of the best-offering book, The Actors Encyclopedia of Casting Directors, via a foreword by Richard Dreyfuss.

Kondazian was a journalist and is an award winning theater actress who began her acting career at the age of eight, as among the infamed youngsters on Art Linkletter"s, Children Say the Darnest Things. She completed her schooling at San Francisco State College, The College of Vienna and also The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Onstage, Kondazian has distinguimelted herself showing the womales of Tenneswatch Williams, winning the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for her performance in The Rose Tattoo. After seeing her performance, Tennesview Williams and also Kondazian came to be friends and he offered her carte blanche to create any kind of of his plays in his life time. She then starred opposite Ed Harris in Sweet Bird of Youth and also also won the Los Angeles Ovation Award playing Maria Callas in The Master Class. She has likewise appeared as a series continuous lead in CBS"s Shannon and guest starred in over 50 tv reflects and also movies - including, starring oppowebsite James Franco in TNT"s James Dean, and also playing Kate Holliday in the award-winning anthology series, Showdown at O.K. Corral.Kondazian is a life time member of The Actors Studio, a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and Womales in Film. She is presently functioning on her second novel, Looking for Jack Kerouac.

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I would have done that,” Ms. Kondazian sassist in a telephone interview. “I would certainly have actually most likely put on men’s clothes, to be cost-free favor a guy.” —Karen Kondazian New York Times intersee from “Overlooked No More: Charley Parkhurst, Gold Rush Legend With a Hidden Identity,” by Tim Arango, December 5, 2018.This quick-paced, wily tale is a fascinating blend of both truth and fiction that is certain to engage Western and historic fiction fans and readers.– Library Journal review by Keddy Ann Outlaw"The Whip" is a beautifully written story of the Old West that moves in between the exploits of Charley and the heartbreak of his/her secret. Why did she select to live as a man? It was a difficult life as a "whip" as the at an early stage chauffeurs were known. They were hosted in high regard. This is a very entertaining and emotionally moving check out." - By Alan Caruba of Bookviews ( National Book Critics Circle)(Audiobook Review) Robin Weigert is able to portray Charlotte as both a guy and also a womale through incredibly slight changes in her voice. She clearly specifies the amazing collection of personalities in Charlotte’s life via changes in pitch, tone, and also neighborhood accents. In addition to Charlotte’s inner battles and gender switches, the story clues of other woguys in the Old West who might not be self-reliant, respected, and also independent as females. This ambitious plot, well percreated, is based upon a true story. – AudioData MagazineKaren Kondazian has allowed her creative thinking to weave Charley’s life right into an intriguing pattern and also done so in a fast-relocating tale that rather possibly could be true. – Historical Novel Society Recheck out by John ManholdA gripping page-turner explores themes of self-identification, forgiveness, and also survival, and also captivates the reader from multiple perspectives. – The Whip: Straddling Gender Roles in the Wild West Recheck out by Nick PachelliA brand-new novel takes one earlier to the legendary days of the Amerihave the right to West based on a true story of Charley Daressential Parkhurst that died in 1880 and was commemorated as a one-eyed, tobacco-spitting, gold-rush era Wells Fargo driver, a renowned California stage coach driver and outlaw killer. What wasn’t recognized was that Charley was a woman. Karen Kondazian has actually transformed his/her story into a novel, The Whip ($15.00, Hanson Publishing Group), a beautitotally composed story of the Old West that moves in between the exploits of Charley and the heartbreak of his/her trick. Why did she pick to live as a man? It was a tough life as a “whip” as the beforehand drivers were well-known. They were hosted in high regard. This is an entertaining and also emotionally relocating read. – BookviewsLike a nugacquire of gold pulled from the riffles is Karen Kondazian"s deyet novel The Whip. . . . It might be a book for the times. . . . We have the right to all usage a little cowboy wisdom about currently and Charley Parkhurst might just be the gal to carry it. . . . The Whip, a thrilling and soul-looking review, raises concerns about revenge and also forgiveness as she takes the reader along dusty trails. Above all, this novel captures brilliantly the zeitgeist of the stagecoach era. — Art Kusnetz, San Francisco Books and Travel Magazine

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Awesome check out, great narrative, perfect blend of fact and fiction, and though Charley encounters an very sad amount of misery and also misfortune, the book controlled to make me laugh at times and also shake my head in sympathy....many points throughout the book made me chuckle and also all at once, the book has made a substantial influence on me. It"s additionally about a really strong womale, most likely among the strongest women I have ever before check out around. Life maintained beating her down and also she preserved acquiring ago up, minus one eye or minus a man and a baby, however never without her determicountry.

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Charley Parkhurst makes for a compelling main character. The Whip is extremely well researched (I loved all the historic tid-bits about piano legs, cat-hauling, and also the stagecoach company itself), and also Kondazian"s novel unfolds cinematically; you deserve to virtually feel the sun"s rays and smell the steed sweat. A truly fascinating novel of one woman"s determicountry and grit in the heart of the Old West.

Reader"s Favorite - Kayti Nika Raet

Take it from someone who"s had actually firsthand also endure with great art exploring the human soul in a Western setting: Karen Kondazian"s The Whip is just that. This is a story that cries out through its adventurous surroundings a call from deep in the human heart, a speak to for expertise, for love, for identification and it does so through the ability of a magnificent writer. (It also cries out to be a movie. It"s that rich, visual, and also dramatic.)

star of HBO s Deadlumber and author of Life"s That Way - Jim Beaver

Karen Kondazian has gathered what exists and permitted her imagination to weave Charley"s life into an intriguing pattern. She"s done so in a fast-relocating tale that quite maybe might be true. The Whip gives an amazing speculative life background for one of the even more enigmatic characters of the Old West. Readers acquainted via the setting—or that would certainly favor to be—will certainly enjoy this tale.

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Historical Novel Society - John Manhold

Kondazian weaves fiction and also fact together seamlessly into a emotional and also prodiscovered check out.

Story Circle Publication Recheck out - Dawn Wink

A skillful blfinish of reality and fiction...Kondazian"s fascinating portrayal of this admirable historic figure delves into the facility character of a tough woman combating old-institution heritage and unhealthy and balanced stereotypes.

April 23, 2014 - Foreword Reviews - Julia Ann Charpentier

The desire for vengeance knows no sex. The Whip is an old western novel inspired by the story of Charlotte "Charley" Parkhurst, a womale living as male in the old west. Drawn out of her relaxed life in Rhode Island by the slaughter of her family, she made a decision to take a trip west and track the killer, dressing as a guy and living as a man. Karen Kondazian brings forth a narrative flare to the story, making for a fun review that must prove all as well difficult to put dvery own, making The Whip an option and also a lot recommfinished read.

Midwest Book Review

One point I really favor around this job is that I gain to find promising brand-new talent far outside of the civilization of agents, New York publishers, academics, and facility book reviewers. Karen Kondazian"s deyet novel, The Whip, is in that category. Her well-composed work-related, based upon a true story, displays all the confidence of a seasoned novelist. I didn"t detect one false note... I have regularly been accsupplied of never before meeting a book I didn"t choose. But attempt The Whip on, neverthemuch less, despite me. I think you will certainly obtain as recorded up in it as I was. This is timeless Americana.

New World Recheck out - Fred Beauford

You won"t understand what The Whip means until you read this fascinating book. It"s a piece of the Old West, a part of America"s past, told via amazing authenticity.

New York Times best-offering author - Thomas Fleming