The sound of glass book review

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“Reading provides us some place to go when we have to continue to be where we are” — Mason Cooley

This past week I visited the beautiful Lownation of South Carolina. Not in perchild – however by means of the pperiods of Karen White’s wonderful novel “The Sound of Glass“.

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A novel that introduced me to characters that I feel have actually become friends. When I check out the last peras, it was though I was saying goodbye…

I’ve constantly been the fanciful type that speculates that old dwellings have actually a sentient quality… In Beaufort, South Carolina we enter such a residence. A residence filled via background, not every one of it happy. We start via Merritt Heyward, a widow who has actually just inherited the property. She had never before checked out it prior to, yet it was wbelow her husband also Cal had grown up and it was in his household for generations. There’s was a short and unhappy marital relationship. Cal had been an abusive husband from a long line of violent and abusive guys.

The extremely first day – as Merritt is entering the residence – she is joined by some unwelcome firm in the create of her stepmommy and also ten-year-old half-brvarious other. Merritt has actually never before been a component of their stays and also she has never prior to met her young brother. She lost her very own mother via a tragic accident at a really at an early stage age and also resented the fact that her beloved father remarried. And to a womale just 5 years her senior! She and also Loralee are as different as chalk and cheese. Merritt is a tacirotate and private girl from Maine while Loralee is a talkative, southern beauty from Alabama. Loralee is also a current widow as Merritt’s father has actually recently passed ameans. Loralee invites herself and also her child to continue to be with Merritt which annoys and also astounds Merritt and also spoils her plans of solitary living and grieving…

Merritt becomes aware that Loralee keeps a tiny journal which she is constantly adding to. What she doesn’t understand is that the journal is filled with life lessons and also little bit ‘pearls’ of wisdom. Loralee calls it her “Journal of Truths”. The reader of “The sound of glass” will certainly involved recognize that this little book is main to the novel and also includes wise words that we can all learn from.

Against her better judgement – and also despite her reservations – Merritt concerns tolerate, and also then reap the firm of the wise past her years Loralee and also her son, Owen. But Loralee has a dark trick which she is not ready to share through her stepdaughter.

The womales both fulfill Merritt’s husband’s younger brvarious other Gibbes. Loralee befriends Gibbes and tries to encourage Merritt to be conscious of him as a potential companion. Gibbes reminds Merritt of her husband also Cal, and she desires no component of Loralee’s arrangement.

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Thstormy flashbacks we pertained to accomplish Merritt’s husband’s grandmommy Edith. She as well was an abprovided wife. She had a secret – and a secret outlet for her pain. Then tbelow is the mystery surrounding the airplane that crashed earlier in 1955…

This is a novel of female friendship, family ties, family members keys, and also second opportunities. A novel that will make you smile and make you burned many kind of a tear. It explores the nature of wife abusage and also examines the desperation and sisterhood of the absupplied. It scrutinizes the duty that fate plays in dysfunctional households, and also extolls the wonderful capacity some world need to live and die through grace and dignity.

“The sound of glass” is fundamentally a woman’s novel, however I’m certain that it can be appreciated by both sexes. It is a love story, however not a romance. It has facets of mystery. It is a novel of family keys, a novel to be cheriburned.


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Karen White is a New York Times bestselling writer and also presently writes what she describes as ‘grit lit’—southern women’s fiction—and also has actually also increased her horizons right into writing a bestoffering mystery series set in Charleston, South Carolina.

Click right here to listen to Karen White mentioning her novel “The Sound of Glass”.