The Reaper Book Review

Nicholas Irving’s latest book, “Way of the Reaper” made for some wonderful beach side reading this summer while I was on vacation. The third Ranger Battalion veteran’s second book complies with up from his first sniper memoir titled “The Reaper” which recounted countless firefights in between Rangers and also the Taliban that Nick participated in.

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The new book recounts even more sniper exploits however also takes the reader to events before the initially book before Nick ended up being a sniper. Having served in the exact same unit, and also performed the exact same work as Nick, I had a smile on my confront while analysis around his time as a Stryker driver and also TC (Tank Commander likewise well-known as Tactical Commander). Cruising via the roadways of Iraq in a eight wheeled Stryker automobile while executing time-sensitive targets to capture and kill high ranking terrorists is an experience you need to watch to believe. Nick did an incredible task capturing what it was choose to be in a Ranger back in those days.


From there, we skip to later on deployments to Afghanistan wbelow Nick and also his spotter, Mike Pemberton, work-related as direct action snipers. This role was fairly new to the sniper area during the War on Terror. As members of 3/75’s sniper section, Nick and Mike went out on targain with Ranger assaulters, helping to contain the objective location with precision fire. As you deserve to imagine, chaos and bedlam ensues on multiple objectives.

What was surpincreasing about the book was Nick’s introspection. Throughout his deployments, and also after engaging and killing the enemy, Nick is compelled to challenge himself via a question: “Am I a great guy or a poor man?” The sensation creeps up on him while abroad but doesn’t not fully hit Nick until after the fight is over and also he is ago home.

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Filled through thorough insights about the art and also scientific research of lengthy selection precision marksmanship, readers will certainly learn exactly how to lead a tarobtain, how to use the mil-dot reticle system, the best and wrong way to mount a scope, which firing positions are the a lot of realistic, and also various other nuances that just someone through Nick’s actual life combat suffer have the right to accurately explain.

Grab a beer and a cigar prior to picking up “Way of the Reaper” because once you begin, it is likely that you’ll complete it in one sitting.


“Way of the Reaper” deserve to be purchased on Amazon.

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