The pearl book review

The Pearl is the story of a diver Kino that finds a magnificent pearl in the time of one of his dives. For him the pearl symbolizes a better life for him and his household.

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Sudden riches is always accompanied with greed and suspicion. Kino displays a strange obsession much to his wife‘s bewilderment. Her warnings around the ill luck and also evil pressures associated with the pearl, autumn on deaf ears. A series of unintended events take place inevitably causing a tragedy.

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The writer,in his vivid and also lucid style, captures the sentiments of folks that believed that wealth was linked through betterment and also goodness. It often tends to remind one of the Syamantaka jewel story from Lord Krishna’s tales where the possession of this jewel leads to ill luck.
Wealth and also luxury isn’t always the epitome of happiness. At times simplicity is what evokes tranquility of mind and also a mindful living. A beautiful pearl of wisdom conveyed strongly by the author.

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Different shades of Fitness: The Navrun 2020 experience

October 26, 2020

Navratri is a time that I commonly look forward to yearly. This is mainly because my running community- Mumbai road runners (MRR) organizes Navrun-a idea wright here participants need to work out for 9 days consistently wearing the colors pertaining to that particular day. It’s sort of a runners’ Garbha/Dandiya. This year it was also more one-of-a-kind bereason MRR was sustaining 9 various NGOs via their miscellaneous causes.    Fitness is my faith and also I couldn’t discover a much better method to celebprice this festival. Working out repetitively for 9 days is no straightforward feat. The humale body is susceptible to breakdowns at any suggest in time. Given the existing case with the pandemic, there was additionally a high danger of recording the virus and being quarantined for 14 days. Thankcompletely nothing of that kind occurred.  The positivity in the air through the blessings of the Goddess and words of encouragement by various other fellow runners kept my energy levels high.    As I trace back the journey of these 9 days, I realize