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Summer is winding down, yet there’s still time to sneak in a beach expedition prior to loss arrives—and also when you do, Sandie Jones’ deyet THE OTHER WOMAN belongs in your beach bag. Fast-paced and also binge-worthy, THE OTHER WOMAN is a strong instance of what I like to call “popcorn reading”: a suspense novel via serious entertainment value that begs to be devoured in one sitting. THE OTHER WOMAN will certainly appeal many to fans of domestic suspense novels favor B.A. Paris’ BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, yet Jones" dehowever contributes a fresh angle to the genre that provides it a worthy enhancement to your TBR in its own right. The story’s titular “various other woman” isn’t a mistress… it’s a mother-in-regulation called Pammie, and she’s bad news in the best method. What begins as a fairly conventional psychological suspense setup (womale meets nearly-too-good-to-be-true male, and also a romantic connection ensues) quickly becomes deliciously dramatic and sinister; Pammie has actually no intention of letting her son marry our story’s protagonist, and the lengths she’s willing to go to will equal components shock and also entertain. Remember that romantic comedy Monster in Law? THE OTHER WOMAN is like that, yet with a dark, vengeful twist.

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If you’re in the industry for a lighter suspense read with a genuinely jaw-dropping finale, Sandie Jones’ deyet belongs on your TBR.

Plot Summary:HE LOVES YOU: Adam adores Emily. Emily thinks Adam’s perfect, the man she thought she’d never satisfy.

BUT SHE LOVES YOU NOT: Lurking in the shadows is a rival, a womale that shares a deep bond with the male she loves.

AND SHE"LL STOP AT NOTHING: Emily made a decision Adam, yet she didn’t select his mother Pammie. There’s nopoint a mommy wouldn’t execute for her kid, and currently Emily is about to find out simply exactly how much Pammie will certainly go to gain what she wants: Emily gone forever before.

THE OTHER WOMAN will certainly have actually you questioning her on every page, in Sandie Jones" chilling emotional thriller around a man, his brand-new girlfrifinish, and also the mommy who will not let him go.


It’s a classic story: girl meets boy, girl and boy autumn in love, girl and boy (hopefully) live happily ever after. Granted, in this instance the “girl” and “boy” are effective adults that occur to cross courses at a bar… yet you obtain the image. In Sandie Jones’ modern fairytale-gone-wrong, there’s one extremely serious obstacle to their otherwise happy union: the boy’s mother, Pammie. Manipulative, cunning, and downright chilling, Pammie is exactly the breath of fresh air my domestic suspense analysis list needed. Jones turns a genre trope on its head in her gripping debut; where readers can be lured by the book’s title into assuming this story functions an affair or a mistress and anxiety, the truth is a lot even more entertaining. Emily has uncovered her perfect male in Adam, however there’s one severe - and incredibly tough to circumvent - obstacle: Adam’s mommy. The brilliance of this setup is twofold. First and also foremany, it’s relatable: if you haven’t experienced a strained mother-in-regulation connection yourself, you’ve surely heard of one. Second, it centers about a connection far more permanent than an affair: affairs can (hopefully!) be avoided, but relationships with the parents of your companion or spousage are much harder to steer clear of. Inject this exceptionally simple partnership through a healthy and balanced dose of hostility, and also the outcome is the delightcompletely twisted connection that Pammie and Emily share.

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Speaking of relatability, what renders Jones’ deyet occupational so well is the quiet method in which Pammie makes her disdain for Emily known. There’s absolutely drama to be uncovered within this book’s pperiods, but THE OTHER WOMAN relies a lot of heavily of all on Pammie’s under-the-radar menace—and it’s this understated quality that provides her such a fun antagonist to read. Pammie is keenly attuned to social niceties and also expectations, and also she supplies this natural sense of propriety versus Emily at eexceptionally feasible revolve. It’s a distinct brand of psychological warfare, and it plays out between the 2 woguys over the battlefield of holiday meals and also wedding planning. Without spoiling anypoint, my individual favorite scene in the book entails a holiday tea gone extremely wrong—or incredibly right, if you’re on Pammie’s team. Much of THE OTHER WOMAN feels choose watching a trainwreck you simply can’t look away from: we know precisely what Pammie is approximately, and we cringe as we watch Emily endure the incredibly public humiliations and also trials her future mother-in-legislation puts her via. It’s wickedly entertaining, and readers will feel for Emily as a lot as they will certainly cheer on Pammie’s shrewd schemes. And make no mistake: Pammie truly is the focal point of this story, via Emily and Adam simply pawns in Pammie’s games. If you love an antagonist who"s oddly endearing even while she does truly destructive things to those about her, you"ll love (or, rather,love to hate) Pammie as much as I did. Jones balances the melodramatic and also the ordinary to pitch-perfect effect in THE OTHER WOMAN; the result is a mental suspense novel that manages to be just dramatic sufficient to entertain without shedding the underlying relatcapacity that makes it such a creepy read.


Readers that love suspense novelists like B.A. Paris and also Clare Mackintosh will certainly uncover themselves swept appropriate along in Jones’ breezy, binge-worthy storytelling. THE OTHER WOMAN truly is a one-sitting sort of read; from its pacing to its page-turning fun, this is precisely the kind of suspense novel that belongs in your bag as you head to the beach or pool for Labor Day. You’ll be best suited for THE OTHER WOMAN if you want nothing more than to be entirely entertained for an afternoon—this book won’t be the appropriate option if you’re in search of darker or grittier crime fiction, yet that’s absolutely not an unfavorable. (You know my mantra: it’s all around expectations!) THE OTHER WOMAN is simply ordinary fun to devour, and also Pammie is an antagonist for the ages. And let’s not forgain the whopper of an finishing Jones has actually in store for readers… talk about a twist. If you’re searching for the following BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by B.A. Paris, this one is a strong contender.

I obtained a cost-free copy of this book from the publisher in exreadjust for an hocolony evaluation. This does not impact my opinion of the book or the content of my testimonial. All opinions my very own.

Bonus: Q&A with Sandie Jones

Sandie kindly took the moment to answer a couple of of my most pushing concerns around her deyet novel, and an excerpt of our conversation is below! You have the right to find the complete Q&A here.

CBTB: What first inspired you to create THE OTHER WOMAN? Can you determine one minute as soon as the principle popped into your head, or did it build over time?

SJ: The idea came about as an outcome of talking to friends and acquaintances who all appeared to have actually a mother-in-law story to tell! But I was imagining a much more humorous take on it, perhaps a comedy or light-hearted chick lit novel. But the more I created around Pammie, the even more sinister she became and also once I began, I couldn’t stop!

CBTB: At the center of THE OTHER WOMAN is a less-than-likeable woman called Pammie. How would you explain Pammie to readers who haven’t had the chance to fulfill her yet?

SJ: Ooh, where to start?!? Pammie is all your worst nightmares comes true. On the confront of it, she is the typical matriarch of the family, seemingly holding whatever along with excellent humour and grace. But behind-the-scenes, she is anypoint but, and also it’s Emily that bears the brunt of her wicked means and also viciousness. Tright here is NOTHING she wouldn’t perform to obtain Emily out of her son’s life.

CBTB: Readers will certainly love that THE OTHER WOMAN puts a unique spin on the domestic thriller; the “woman” of the story’s title isn’t a mistress, yet a soon-to-be mother-in-law! Why did you want to emphasis your suspense novel on this particular type of relationship? What made this connection compelling to you?

SJ: I loved the idea of concentrating the story on a mother-in-regulation bereason it is such a distinct partnership, as it is just one of the very few adult relationships we don’t gain to select. We fall in love and HAVE to accept his/her paleas as part of the package, and so it is no surpincrease that those relationships are so often strained and challenging. Tright here is likewise an aspect of manage that the mother or father might have actually over your various other fifty percent which will constantly cause stress as you compete for their attention.