The keys dj khaled book review

I am a fan of DJ Khaled, a little bit less since the « pleacertain his woman » comment, yet I didn’t hesitate as soon as to review his book that was offered to me by my friend. He sassist and I quote « Your vibe is going to enhance this book vibe, read the secrets bro ». I might have to propose to him, as normally I hate publications said to me, yet this one male, I fucking loved it.

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Overview of « The keys »

From Snapchat sensation, business mogul, and also recording artist DJ Khaled, the book They don’t desire you to read reveals his significant tricks to success.

Stay ameans from TheyDon’t ever play yourselfSecure the bagRespect the codeGlorify your successDon’t deny the heatKeep two rooms food preparation at the exact same timeSuccess, win, win no matter what

My review

I finiburned it in a morning. I just check out it choose a directly line and also woke up at 5 am in order to encertain I have sufficient time to complete it.

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It’s a fucking excellent book and a good surpclimb coming from DJ Khaled. « The keys » are easy to understand also, clearly outlined and also he also provides some parallels via his life for each one. Eincredibly chapter change has quotes from his friends, celebrities he operated with and life colleagues that talk about DJ Khaled and how the keys came about throughout his career.

The set of guidelines offered are a need to follow set of rules that will certainly ensure a experienced accomplishment and also a personal one. Tright here are so many type of quotes around the secrets that are inspirational that I couldn’t made a decision one to put right here. I did not kbrand-new exactly how a lot he struggled in his life as he is always talking around his blessings and also thanking god, the look behind the curtain pressures the respect and make the mogul a « Must-meet » celebrity. The secrets unknowlingly enpressures many type of islamic life ethics and also the law of attraction, and we found ourselves genuinely looking at life via a greatful and even more accepting lense.

Don’t acquire me wrong, the hustle is a MUST. His persuasion, relentmuch less catalyst and resilience was a deal breaker as if he hadn’t worked that hard for his craft, nothing would have been offered to him for cost-free. The keys constantly circle ago to the notion of hard job-related and how god will certainly help you just if you assist yourself.

The keys are tightly linked through the « humble » feeling, also if he increased to fame and also has actually Jay-Z as his manager, he never before forgot his struggles, never before forgot his life whereabouts and also the sacrifices. He even discussed how he is exceptionally open and close to his « Fan Luv » and urges world to involved him to say hi, ask fro a project or also exreadjust blessings and excellent vibes


Honestly this self-help book is a masterpiece and pressures you to re-evaluate yourself constantly and to change your actions and also communication. The keys likewise greatly anxiety out the fact that you have to drain-out the noise and also the world bereason « They » will certainly constantly tell you that you are shit, « They » will certainly constantly give you various unsolicited advice about your love life and also job-related, « They » will be the initially one to ruin your heart and life visions. And at one point you understand also that often you are the « They » he is warning you around.

Thus I strongly advice you to check out this book, despite of your existing career stage, as it is a great partner for your advancement. I might downpack Snapchat simply to follow DJ Khaled and his tricks