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It has been as well long since a review here, and my evaluation pile is dangerously tall as constantly. This book has been calling my attention for months and also this particular day feels favor the perfect day to remind us about empathy. To read books that are challenging and also, a lot of likely, a window about something we might hopetotally never before endure ourselves. This book is beautiful, heartbreaking, hopeful, and also vital. Join me in admiring and also pondering The Journey by Francesca Sanna, 2016.

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The story starts by talking about the normal life of a family members living by the sea. It looks lovely and idyllic, yet the water feels exceptionally heavy and also ominous. And indeed, a wave of battle comes and destroys everything the kid narrator knows. And then the battle takes the child’s father.

Worry sets in for the child’s mom and also she seeks out advice from friends. Many civilization are leaving and dreaming of a nation far ameans with hills, cities, forests, and also animals – all various from what they understand. The household packs up and also decides to follow.

The trip is long, dark, and also secret. The farther they go, the more of their precious and also beautiful belongings they leave behind. When they ultimately arrive at the border, they are turned amethod.

With nowright here to go, they sleep in the dark forest, fearful, yet trusting of their mother’s wisdom and strength. Finally, someone supplies to slip them over the border in exadjust of money. They go. The journey is not over. Tbelow is still a sea to cross, land also to take a trip, and problem to endure.

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But the child spies the birds in the skies above migrating just as they are. The son really hopes that at some point both the birds and also their family members will discover a new, safe house where the journey will certainly finish and “start our story aacquire.”

I was in tears the first time I review this book. We hear the words “refugee” and also “migrant” tossed approximately constantly these days, and frequently they fade into points we don’t have to care around and also are not world through concerns and also stories. This book, beautiful and effective, offers some of that story earlier to the people who are beginning, enduring, and also finishing this kind of journey eincredibly day.

I love the means this is created, and a lot of deeply, exactly how it is illustrated! The words are straightforward, and also from the child’s perspective. The boy trusts their mom to move them, to defend them, to uncover a solution to their needs. But the illustrations, very graphically (not violently), present even more of the picture. It is dark. It is scary. The mommy cries while the children sleep. The guard feels bigger than life in maintaining them out. The “helper” feels evil and secretive. The water is terrifying and also full of mysterious creatures. Tright here is so a lot black.

But there is additionally hope. As an artist, I recognize that babsence is often a shade you execute not use. It is also dark, as well dominant, also devoid of shade, as well unimagiaboriginal. But Sanna does an amazing thing through all the dark, regularly totally babsence colors. It is relocating and also emotional. And the babsence is pumelted ago out, as hope moves in.

The author’s note at the finish tells of the many type of stories she has heard in refugee centres and just how this book is a culmination of many type of of the details from those stories. Her illustrations are spectacular. They are truly stunning art, and also packed with emotion. Buy this book, for yourself and for others. Think around all the stories we are not able to hear. We need empathy. We require kindness. We need even more books choose this to check out what we are not seeing in the deals with of others.


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