The Gunslinger Book Review

And we carry out have actually the feeling that Roland is every one of the over and will soptimal at nothing. In reality, some of his actions irked me to no finish and at some points I hated him. But as through all good anti-heroes there is sufficient in him that attracts us as a lot as it repulses – and I might not help but to desire to know more about him, around his previous and what the future will certainly carry.

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Ultimately, I could not put the book down. Probably because of Mr King’s great portrait of a weird civilization and its personalities which entirely sucked me in. The book has actually a feel of old Western – with the desert, a saloon, the guns, the truth that tbelow seems to be no advanced innovation around and yet we know that this deserve to not , perhaps, be the past – it can just be the future – world sing Hey Jude and also tbelow are mentions of large buildings, a subway that no much longer works, a trip to the moon (which the gunslinger doubts ever before happened) and yet we never before know for specific what happened , only that something went exceptionally wrong at some allude.

But that is not what matters to the gunslinger – what matters to him, for factors yet unknown however which comes to a vow he was sworn, is indeed the Dark Tower; and also as soon as he lastly catches up via the Man in Babsence a conversation goes on that enlighten what the Tower is: a nexus of all human beings, of all universes, of time. And he provides counsel on the procedures Roland also need to take in order to reach the Tower: the first one being the obscure Drawing of the Three – which is wbelow his journey will truly begin.

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The Gunslinger is the opening of a collection of 7 publications, The Dark Tower series, which is thought about to be Stephen King’s Magnum Opus. Even though this short book is fabulously weird and also gripping it appears to be nothing yet a tiny appetiser of wonders to come. Wonders that I intfinish to devour as shortly as feasible. Bring it on.

Notable quotes/parts: I love his interactions via Jake, a shed boy he discovered in The Station, component 2 of the book. They affix and theirs is a bond of love undoubtedly. But the gunslinger mind is a mind set in one thing and one thing alone and considering that he was a teenager he has actually known that some things, some friends, need to be sacrified in his way – *SPOILERS* it has happened through David, his hawk friend that died for him and it happens with Jake that he allows die once it concerns the point of choosing to conserve him or to bring on after the Man in Black. A very sad rotate of events.

More Thoughts: It took Stephen King over 12 years to write this book. And it was inpired by the poem Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came by Robert Browning which also inpired this fabulous painting by Thomas Moran:


You can uncover the poem here: Childe Roland

Verdict: Weird, scary, touching. A fantastic opening to what appears to be a marvelous series.