The Golden Son Book Review

The Golden Son (Red Rising #2) by Pierce Brvery own is the sequel to the scientific research fiction novel Red Rising, released as the second edition of the Red Rising Saga.

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After the heart-avoiding thriller of the deyet novel, I was more than anxious to watch what Brown had in store for this long anticipated sequel.

If you have actually yet to read Red Rising, I suggest coming back to this web page at a later date as this book evaluation does contain spoilers for the first novel of this series. Now let’s obtain right into The Golden Son review!


If you’re not familiar with how I conduct my book reviews, I commonly just provide the general gist of the book to provide you an idea of whether or not this novel could be to your liking. I refrain from analyzing specific plot details that would spoil the analysis suffer for you.

These book reviews are intended to be a ptestimonial trailer, not a plot summary. I only incorporate spoilers for previous novels if the novel is a sequential installment in a series (like Red Rising in this case).

In short, this book evaluation DOES NOT contain any type of significant spoilers for the plot of The Golden Son. Enjoy!

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What reading genre is The Golden Son?

The Golden Son is a scientific research fiction thriller. Similar to Red Rising!

Where does the story of the The Golden Son pick up in relation to Red Rising?

The Golden Son commences 2 years adhering to the occasions of Red Rising.

The last occasion of Red Rising is once Darrow shockingly committed his loyalty to Archgovernor Nero Augustus.

He agreed to become the apprattract of the male that killed his wife at the noose. This proclamation tied him to one of the many powerful households on Mars.

By currently, Darrowhead has actually earned the title of Peerless Scarred. This title firmly cements his reputation as one of the premier Golds in the Society.

What major distinctions are tright here between The Golden Son and Red Rising?

The story of The Golden Son emphasizes the initiation procedure of becoming a Peerless Scarred far much less than its equivalent. The setting of the Institute is left behind in favor of the more dystopian, galactic setting that was initially unveiled at the oncollection of Red Rising.

Consequently, this novel incorporated greatly more of the sci-fi aspects that the previous novel incorporated to a far lesser degree. With this shift came even more gargantuan starships. And even more technological space warfare. And even more overbearing superhuman beings.

Pretty much just more intergalactic madness in general.

The full abandonment of the setting of the Institute opened up up the opportunity for the reader to get even more than just a mere glimpse right into the hierarchy of the Society.

Whereas prior to the reader was confined to the Hunger Gamings favor atmosphere of the Institute, this novel analyzes the political landscape of the galaxy. The reader is introduced to the Sovepower and the political superpowers that regime over every one of the Colors.

These political superpowers are not simply analyzed at the surface level. The reader is likewise presented to the corrupt suggests whereby these leaders declared their power. All the while, Darrow takes in every one of this indevelopment, searching for vulnerabilities in the political mechanism to make use of.

Additionally, The Golden Son alsituated a dramatically larger percentage of the narrative content to full-fledged activity compared to its predecessor.

Far much less of the plot was committed to building up the somber sob story of Darrowhead and brutally characterizing the substantial range of personas that we observed in Red Rising.

This dramatic redistribution of the story composition freed up the possibility for Brown to showsituation his creative prowess. As an outcome, Brown had the ability to much better consolidate his initiatives towards his composing toughness.

What are the composing staminas of Pierce Brown you might ask?

The capacity of Pierce Brown to fabricate an elaborate, unpredictable plotline that is quickly understood is without a doubt his foremost creating strength.

There are a lot of relocating components to The Golden Son. In spite of this, I did not miss out on a beat whenever there was a secondary wrench thrvery own right into the story.

Brown delicately foreshadows each of his primary plot twists via peculiar little bit details. The casual reader could quickly glance over these details if not tanalysis closely.

Had these foreshadowing aspects been missing in the story, the reader would certainly believe such sudden plot revelations to be random and haphazard.

These subtle ideas are what provide the plot reasonable fluidity. Each plot twist makes feeling. At the same time, each plot twist is immensely difficult to envision even once something seems amiss out on.

How are the characters in The Golden Son?

Many type of of the acquainted faces from the Institute is carried ago right into the fold alongside Darrow, including but not limited to Mustang, Sevro, Roque, Cassius and Tactus.

The involvement of the previous actors eased the development into the sequel enormously.

The old deals with gave enough time for the reader to correctly reacquaint themselves through the ambience of the story. The arrival of an completely fresh cast of characters would have facility this readjustment duration greatly.

This is not to say new personalities were excluded from this novel.

A motley of lively individualities is introduced, including Kavax and Daxo Telemanus and also my individual favorite Ragnar.

These aggressive brutes assist to re-develop the warrior-choose environment of Red Rising. Not to mention that these monstrous giants were a charm to read about as soon as they were turned loose in fight.

These recently establimelted personalities insert seamlessly right into the plotline, much in part to the meticulous story creating by Pierce Brvery own.

Are tright here any fregulations through the characterization?

There were 2 trivial flaws via the characterization.

Several characters have similar names acquired from Roman origin, making it hard to keep track of who is who.

For instance, when I was still in the beginning sections of the novel, tright here were a number of times I mixed up Tactus and also Cassius.

I was able to conquer this confusion reasonably quickly. Though, it was a tad frustrating particularly once I was trying to re-familiarize myself via the series and mentally categorize where each character’s loyalties lied.

In addition, characters are periodically referenced by both their real name and their nickname, favor the Jackal and Adrius au Augustus for instance.

For the longest time I thought these were two sepaprice characters. What appears favor a petty little information organized big guide over exactly how I understood the plot. This problem was not readdressed till a lot later on in the novel as soon as I lastly put two and also 2 together.

Besides these petty qualms, the complex character network-related was magnificently done.

How is the characterization of the primary protagonist in The Golden Son?

Darrowhead when again steals the display in this science fiction sequel.

What provides Darrow so captivating is that it is practically impossible to pin dvery own what his next relocate will certainly be.

All of his conflicting ambitions vie for supremacy with eincredibly decision he makes. I am not also certain Darrow genuinely knows wbelow his true loyalties lie.

In Red Rising, the only emovement Darrowhead felt for the Golds was rage. Darrow expands his emotional spectra through The Golden Son. He begins to sfrequently up his emovements. The hidden sorrow he has suppressed ever before given that the tragic death of his wife, Eo, also starts to unravel.

It is evident from a 3rd party perspective that Darrowhead should area a singular ambition over all else. He have to choose wbelow his loyalties lie. The just perspective that matters, yet, is that of Darrowhead.

Unfortunately, Darrowhead cannot stomach the idea of stifling an open door of chance and bringing strife to those he loves.

Darrow continually ventures down the course least took a trip on.

He searches for a response to avenge his wife, safeguard both his family members and friends, and resolve the fractured Society of colors in its entirety.

Darrowhead persistently looks for to please everyone no issue the circumstances. This tactic seldom functions, frequently leaving him in a worse spot via his friends than where he began.

What are your individual thoughts on the actions of the primary protagonist?

I was left wondering whether all of these initiatives by Darrowhead were in vain. At times, I felt that Darrowhead must abandon the concept of carving his very own route and pick a side. In my opinion, the perfect solution to all of his troubles most likely does not exist.

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With each individual option that he provides, tright here is a set of dire aftermath that he should inevitably pay for.

The bigger than life aspirations of Darrow make him basic to cheer for. On the other hand, it additionally provides it tough to emotionally detach from his story once his grand also aspirations come ago to bite him.

How simple of a review is The Golden Son?

The Golden Son logs in at 464 pperiods full, 82 peras much longer than its precursor, taking the average reader roughly 11 hrs to review this novel to completion.

This scientific research fiction thriller is a time investment without a doubt, however not excessively so to the suggest wright here it is a battle to endure persistently until the finish. Although the additional eighty or so pperiods may seem like a great deal, the pacing felt very equivalent to that of Red Rising.

The supplementary action reput the tedious character expositions, which inevitably negated the additional web page length and kept the story at a seemingly quick pace.

In brief, The Golden Son is an less complicated review than it shows up to be at first glance.

What are the major themes in The Golden Son?

A prevailing design template in The Golden Son is love and also sacrifice.

The mission of Darrow to reframework society was not sparked by an overwhelming attractivity to the greater excellent. His lust for adjust stemmed from the loss of his wife, Eo, to the injustice of society.

Although it seems that Darrow has actually already gone unimaginable lengths to avenge his wife, his arduous undertaking constantly demands more from him. Darrowhead is commonly tested to check out just how much he will go to avenge his shattered love for Eo.

Routinely pumelted to the brink of lunacy and hysteria, it brings around the question of whether damaged love is worthy of such sacrifice. After all, a male can only take so much enduring prior to getting to their breaking allude.

Anvarious other significant theme in The Golden Son is identity crisis.

As you learned in Red Rising, Darrow was sculpted from a Red into a Gold to infiltrate the top ranks of society. Darrow was stripped of his body and remade to suit the physical standards of a Gold.

The transformation of Darrowhead was not only restricted to the physical realm. As Darrowhead begins to assimilate himself through the Peermuch less Scarred, his attitude begins to shift as well. He starts to realize that not all Golds are inherently evil.

Thus, an identification crisis is formed. Darrowhead should select whether to keep to his mission of wiping out all remnants of Gold culture or uncover an alternate route to conserve his friends. This interior identity crisis of deciding whether he is Red or Gold prevails throughout the novel.

What Darrowhead ultimately identifies via is up to you to discover out!

How is the ending of The Golden Son? (NO SPOILERS)

This being a non-spoiler review, I will not concede the details of the last couple peras of The Golden Son to store true to the nature of this discussion.

However, I will certainly say this… the ending is a nail-biter for the eras that captured me completely unawares.

Originally, I had actually planned to unwind from this series after my The Golden Son testimonial. I wanted to venture on to some various other fantasy functions for the moment being.

After closing out The Golden Son in every one of its glory, I scrapped that arrangement and also threw it right out the imaginary window. Why? So I can relocate on to the third installment of this saga: The Morning Star!

My earcolony advice… check out this sci-fi novel to the end! You will not be disappointed.

The Golden Son Rewatch Recap


I take into consideration The Golden Son light years ahead of its forbearer Red Rising.

The story had actually the rusty gears of my mind turning at all sorts of angles from start to end up. The characters were around as excellent as they get in the sci-fi genre.

I will certainly also be as bold to say that The Golden Son has snuck right into my all time list of favorite scientific research fiction novels ever before. Now that my fellow fantasy fanatics, is saying something!

If you desire to gain a physical or audible copy of The Golden Son for yourself, examine out the lowest price at Amazon right here.

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