The Fault In Our Stars Book Review Essay


The Fault in Our Stars. Main plot

The Fault in Our Stars is a item of young adult fiction which combines the facets of a love story and also a drama. The novel is composed by John Eco-friendly, one of the a lot of known authors of fiction for youth. The book was publimelted in 2012 and also was on the New York Times list of the best-offering books.

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The book tells the story of 2 young world that are dying of cancer, their love and struggle to make each others’ lives better and brighter. Hazel Grace is seventeenager. She is dying of thyroid cancer. The disease is incurable and no one knows just how a lot time is left for the girl. She undergoes the therapy but a new drug she is treated with does not guarantee the remission. Hazel suffers not only physically but emotionally as well feeling exceptionally lonely and also depressed. Hazel’ mom insists on her joining a assistance team. She wishes it will aid the girl to socialise. One day she meets a young boy, Augustus. He has actually one leg amputated, the state of his health appears better than that of Hazel. He atoften tends the sessions of the assistance team to help his friend Isaac who has actually cancer. Hazel and Augustus autumn for each various other. They have actually a lot in common; they discuss movies and publications and also spfinish many time together. Hazel tells Augustus around her the majority of favourite story – the story of a girl dying of cancer just prefer Hazel. The only thing that disappoints Hazel is that the book is not finished. Augustus and also Hazel decide to find the writer of the book Peter Van Houten to uncover out what will take place in the story. Having made the efforts, they inevitably discover Van Houten in Amsterdam and also call him to learn whether he will certainly be willing to fulfill them. They take a trip to Amsterdam to meet the writer, yet quickly they become disappointed – Van Houten shows up to be exceptionally rude and also unwelcoming and refprovides to answer any type of of young people’s questions. At the same time the disease hits Augustus. Having returned residence, Augustus undergoes chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the condition is stronger and also the state of Augustus’s health is gaining worse. Soon he dies. At the funeral Hazel is surprised to check out Van Houten, who tells her the story of his daughter Anna that passed away of cancer as soon as she was only eight. Hazel learns that Augustus left her a letter. The novel ends via the girl analysis the letter of Augustus. The letter is a eulogy for the girl he loved and also had actually to leave. In his letter Augustus tells Hazel around his love to her.


The major personalities of the novel, Hazel and also Augustus, are young civilization however their life taught them to be more adult than some adults are. They do not have the totality life ahead, so they attempt to take as much as they can from those months, weeks or also days they are offered. They teach readers the leskid of love and friendship. They present that the life is worth living, they teach to appreciate eextremely minute of it. The story is well composed, it is really convincing. The readers sympathise via Hazel and Augustus that need to die so young. At the same time, they are happy around the young world as they have loved and also have been loved which made their life complete.

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The Fault in Our Stars. The movie

In 2014 The Fault in Our Stars was made into a film starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. The film received positive reviews both from doubters and viewers.

The novel The Fault in Our Stars is a brilliant story to be recommfinished to everyone regardless their age and also sex. The difficulties touched upon in the story will appeal to those that are searching the answers to the inquiries around love and also friendship, life and death.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green book testimonial is an example of a book testimonial written according to the rules and techniques solved for this type of composing. The book testimonial of The Fault in Our Stars has all the elements of a good review – the plot summary, the summary of the characters and references.