The Escape Book Review

Robert Puller’s escape from the *unescapable* fortress of the US Disciplinary Barracks in Leavenworth in the time of a power outage comes as a surpclimb to everyone. Especially his younger brvarious other and armed forces (CID) investigator John Puller who – till that point – had actually thought Robert to be innocent of the treason charge which resulted in his incarceration over 2 years previously. John’s doubts about his brother’s innocence are additionally challenged as soon as he learns a male was killed throughout the escape.

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Inexplicably and also going versus army plan, John finds himself assigned to the examination of his brother’s escape, partnered via Veronica Knox (a US intelligence officer).

Soon it becomes noticeable that every little thing is not as it appears. John and Knox discover the guy uncovered dead in Robert’s cell is unidentifiable (and of Eastern European descent). Certainly he shouldn’t have remained in the prison at all. And once some vital evidence about the power outage disappears it becomes apparent that the ‘escape’ was planned. In reality, John realises it might have actually been much less of an escape and also more of an attempt on Robert’s life. His brother may have just killed in self defence and taken the possibility to run when it presented itself.

After an attempt is made on John’s life and his investigation thwarted at every rotate by a myriad of US government agencies he realises he needs to look right into the charges lassist versus his brvarious other two years previously. After a little of digging it appears that Robert could be innocent of all charges, but chose not to appeal after risks were made to his family members.

I enjoyed David Baldacci’s latest supplying featuring Chief Warrant Officer John Puller (Jr) – the third in this particular series. According to Goodreads I’ve only review Zero Day (the first) but I didn’t battle at all with backstory or continuity.

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John and Robert are really likeable personalities – possibly a little as well great to be true at times, however we all love a hero and they both definitely fit the bill. I’d actually love to check out even more of Robert in future novels in this series.

I wasn’t as enamoured through John’s sidekick… Veronica Knox. Given her ties to secretive federal government agencies and recurring reticence to share her knowledge through John we (along with our 2 heros) were suspicious of her throughout a lot of the novel. Plus, I’d initially seen her as an IT/knowledge guru, but then she seemed to also be an action hero, so I was a tad perplexed around who she was or meant to be. (Which was maybe done on function of course!)

My just various other worry through the novel concerned the bloody federal government agencies and also their acronyms. Perhaps US readers will much better understand the functions of miscellaneous offices within agencies and so forth, however it expected little bit to me. However, I was conveniently able to skim over this information and focus on the complicated plot itself – involving military technology and tricks – which was much even more exciting than I initially meant.

In summary, The Escape is one more fast-paced and also action-packed giving from Baldacci with enough twists and turns to save also the fussiest of suspense / thriller lovers happy.

The Escape by David Baldacci was released in Oz through Pan MacMillan on 1 November 2014 and also in various other nations later on in the month.

I obtained an development copy of this book via the publisher.

PS. Pondered over the unesqualified / inescapable dilemma but (after some googling and learning both are correct) chose on ‘un’ – to indicate it’s about physical imopportunity. (And yes, I am prone to over-thinking!)