Charlie Higchild is probably ideal recognized as component of a series that for many type of in the UK was one of the funniest things to watch on TV in the 90"s - the Rapid Sjust how (recognized as Brilliant in the US).

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The irreverent and frequently off-beat humour was guaranteed to make me laugh and still does. Until this year I didn"t recognize that Higchild had actually turned his talented mind to creating novels.

The Enemy is the initially book in a young adult post-apocalyptic series wright here everyone over the age of 16 has actually caught an infection that transforms them into little more than walking dead. These "mothers" and "fathers" shamble roughly constantly trying to capture and consume the flesh of the young. These aren"t just the slow-moving zombie though, many kind of have the right to run rapid and also some seem to have a covert, malevolent intelligence.

Hiding out in an abandoned Waitrose a team of youngsters fight to continue to be alive. Surviving in a decaying, broken London the roadways of which seem complete of rotting grown-ups. These brave youngsters eke out an existence by being smart, preventing trouble and also scavenging what they deserve to.

The post-apocalyptic world of The Enemy reminded me of the Afterblight Chronicles and in some means it does feel favor a young adult version of the series. The Enemy though is composed in the renowned young adult style of clipped, brief and also brisk dialogue. It"s also composed in the children own vernacular, something that feels totally organic after the first few peras or so. This quick and dynamic writing lends itself perfectly to the people of the Enemy wbelow a son deserve to acquire snatched at any kind of minute or also pursued down by packs of hungry hounds.

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What really stands out though is the characterization which is ssuggest superb. Each of the 8-15 year old kids are carried to realistic life in the most marvelous manner. Right from the incredibly beginning as a reader you are drawn to the childrens plight and feel real sorrow once one of the gang do not make it. That"s likewise component of the magic as well, the team dynamic.

It all appears totally plausible while they all seem to take fairly realistic actions. The relationship between the members of the team and various other groups of children is at the heart of the novel and also it"s an insightful commentary on team dynamics and also huguy staminas and also weaknesses - or more accurately the staminas and also weaknesses of the young. I guess comparisons will certainly inevitably be made through the Lord of the Flies - as just around any type of Dystopian "group of children left alone" novel is. Tright here are of course some equivalent messeras, the concept of individual well-being versus the good of the group being one, yet I think they stand also acomponent sufficiently to avoid fair compariboy.

Tright here are some incredibly insightful, bittersweet and sobering moments; as soon as among the group decide to remain behind alone it becomes clear that this horrific civilization has altered him in different methods than the others. You simply can"t assist feel for these youngsters in this plight. That"s another point too, the book does not simply appeal to the young adult yet additionally to the older adult, the parent particularly. Reading this book from a parental fees perspective as I carry out, it have to be an extremely various endure to that of the taracquire audience, horrifying for different and yet simply as compelling factors.

The ending is pretty open-ended, leaving you through the immediate and also compelling urge to start analysis the following book in the series (constantly a good sign).

The adversary is an completed, clever before story that need to appeal to the young and also older reader alike.