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"As Simon, a lonely research librarian, searches frantically for the vital to a curse that could be killing the women in his household, he learns stselection and also fascinating tricks around their past. A tale complete of magic and family mystery, The Book of Speculation will certainly keep you up all night analysis."—Isaac Fitzgerald, BuzzFeedSimon Watson, a young librarian, lives alone in a home that is gradually crumbling towards the Long Island also Sound. His parents are long dead. His mommy, a circus mermhelp that made her living by holding her breath, drowned in the extremely water his home overlooks. His younger sister, Enola, ran off 6 years back and also currently reads tarot cards for a traveling carnival.One June day, an old book arrives on Simon"s doorstep, sent out by an antiquarian bookseller who purchased it on speculation. Fragile and also water damaged, the book is a log from the owner of a traveling carnival in the 1700s, who reports stselection and also magical things, consisting of the drowning fatality of a circus mermassist. Due to the fact that then, generations of "mermaids" in Simon"s household have actually drowned—always on July 24, which is only weeks away.As his frifinish Alice looks on with alarm, Simon becomes increasingly worried around his sister. Could tbelow be a curse on Simon"s family? What does it need to do through the book, and have the right to he gain to the heart of the mystery in time to save Enola? In the heritage of Sara Gruen"s Water for Elephants, Erin Morgenstern"s The Night Circus, and also Elizabeth Kostova"s The Historian, The Publication of Speculation—with two-color illustrations by the author—is Erika Swyler"s relocating deyet novel around the power of books, household, and magic. It was provided as among BuzzFeed"s 24 Best Fiction Books of 2015.**Includes a bonus brief story by Erika Swyler, "The Mermhelp Girl"**

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ERIKA SWYLER is a graduate of New York College. Her short fiction has actually appeared in WomenArts Quarterly Journal, Litro,, and elsewhere. Her composing is featured in the anthology Colonial Comics, and also her job-related as a playwbest has received note from the Jane Chambers Award. Born and also elevated on Long Island"s North Shore, Erika learned to swim before she might walk, and happily invested all her money at traveling carnivals. She blogs and also has actually a baking Tumblr with a complying with of 60,000. Erika freshly relocated from Brooklyn back to her hometvery own, which influenced the setting of the book. The Publication of Speculation is her dehowever novel.

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In this dazzling novel, the immensely talented Erika Swyler sweeps seamlessly through generations and also centuries, moving deftly earlier and forth and also weaving the strands right into an exquiwebsite tapesattempt. I was automatically brushed up up in this quirky, raucous, and also bewitching family members saga. Swyler"s pclimbed is so poliburned and also elegant it reads effortlessly, also as her distinct voice shines through—her rendering of the sea and also its savage appetite rivals that of Annie Proulx"s in THE SHIPPING NEWS. I absolutely loved this book, and consumed it entirety. My just complaint is that I am already on the edge of my seat waiting for her next.” —Sara Gruen, writer of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and AT THE WATER"S EDGE“Swyler has actually a tale to spin, and also she does so with directness and also wit.” —“THE BOOK OF SPECULATION is a luscious experience—dark, sweet, and also wild.” —Katherine Dunn, writer of GEEK LOVE“A excellent book is magical. A item of our heart continues to be tucked inside its lines as soon as we rerevolve the book to its place on our shelf. Good novels about good books have the right to be also even more one-of-a-kind, doubling the fun through two tomes to love. And when the book within the book is actually magical, as it is - or may be - in Erika Swyler"s The Publication of Speculation, well, let the wild review start.” —Star-Telegram“A wonderful novel, complete of mystery through the centuries good details around carnival life, comparable to The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.” —The Daily American“Deyet author Swyler creates a melancholy world with ideas of magic at the edges. . . Fans of. . . Erin Morgenstern"s THE NIGHT CIRCUS, Katherine Dunn"s GEEK LOVE, or Katherine Howe"s THE PHYSICK BOOK OF DELIVERANCE DANE, won"t want to leave this festival.” —Library Journal“Illustrations by the writer include also even more setting to her pincreased.” —Booklist“The Publication of Speculation is just one of the best publications I’ve had the privilege to read. While this is partly because of a weakness on my component for circus stories, it is mainly due to Erika Swyler’s striking creating style and intricately wcooktop narrative. Erika Swyler writes via a whimsical, romantic pclimbed that is beautiful to check out, yet her story is grounded in the difficult realities of life. Her characters are likeable, yet realistically flawed and also their relationships via each other are complex and also exciting." —San Diego Book Review"As Simon, a lonely study librarian, searches frantically for the crucial to a curse that might be killing the woguys in his household, he learns stselection and also fascinating secrets around their previous. A tale full of magic and family mystery, The Publication of Speculation will store you up all night reading."—Isaac Fitzgerald, BuzzFeed“Mermaids, tarot card readers, a wild male and also various other carnival characters work-related their literary magic in this deyet novel…packed through fresh, unmeant marvels.” —“With its puzzling story, circus sidepresent and romantic plot lines, The Book of Speculation has actually plenty of attractions and also will appeal to many. And if you’re a lover of publications about publications, you’ve obtained an additional fun tome to add to your to-be-review list.” —Toronto Star“While a book whose narrative hinges on drowning could not seem favor an excellent beach review, Swyler"s deyet initiative, redolent of salty sea air, is simply that...Its clever plot-sustained by a musty book and also a powerful set of tarot cards-and also Swyler"s wonderful descriptions keep the pages swimming along.” —Entertainment Weekly“A strikingly created dehowever, The Publication of Speculation is reminiscent of The Night Circus, but via even more grit and darkness…. proves her storytelling skills here, as generations and lifetimes are seamlessly wstove together, and also a beautiful narrative of magic, love, death and loss unfolds with eincredibly page.” —BookPage, Top Pick“A wonderful novel, complete of mystery through the centuries excellent details about carnival life, comparable to The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.” —The Daily American“Whimsically dark…a completely developed mythos chock complete of curses, omens, and coincidences.” —Publishers Weekly “Part sidedisplay and also part thriller, the smart story complies with Simon as he races to discover the trick behind his family’s curse through just days prior to his troubled, beloved sister might end up being its next victim.” —Dujour Magazine“A strikingly created deyet, THE BOOK OF SPECULATION is reminiscent of The Night Circus, yet with more grit and darkness… proves her storytelling abilities here, as generations and lifetimes are seamlessly wcooktop together, and also a beautiful narrative of magic, love, fatality and loss unfolds with eextremely page.” —Haley Herfurth, BookPage“Quirky and big-hearted, this novel creates an indelible portrait of two siblings that are each figured out to save the other.” —FamilyFun