Summit lake book review

"Horrible things happen in Donlea’s…dehowever, starting through the murder of first-year law student Becca Eckersley."—Publishers Weekly

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"Donlea keeps readers guessing throughout. The whodunit plot is clever and compelling . . . for fans of nonstop mysteries via a twist.”—Library Journal



Set in a tiny, picturesque North Carolina tvery own, Charlie Donlea’s suspenseful debut novel tells the haunting story of a murdered legislation institution student, the reporter assigned to her story—and the intimate connection that comes once the living walk in the footprocedures of the dead.


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S U M M A R YSome areas seem too beautiful to be touched by horror. Summit Lake, nestled in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains,is that type of place.

But two weeks earlier, Becca Eckersley, a first-year law student and also daughter of a powerful attorney, was brutally murdered tbelow. Now the tvery own is reeling with grief,and the police are baffled.


At first, investigative reporter Kelsey Castle thinks of the assignmentas a fluff item. But the savagery of the crime, and also the initiatives to keep it quiet, hint at somepoint much even more sinister than a random strike by a stranger.

As Kelsey digs deeper, despite peril and warnings, she feels a growing connection to the dead girl. And the even more she learns around Becca’s friendships, her love life—and her secrets—the more convinced she becomes that walking in Becca’s footprocedures can lead her out of her own dark past…


"A brilliant, haunting thriller in whichThe Lovely BonesmeetsThe Silence of the Lambs—through a little ofTwin Peaksthrown in for excellent measure! Charlie Donlea weaves a distinct, spellbinding tale around a bond between 2 fascinating women—one living, one dead. Full of unexpected twists and also turns,Summit Lakeis an irresistible page-turner."

—Kevin O'Brien,New York Timesbestoffering author

"Charlie Donlea has composed a riveting novel, layered through tricks and also intrigue. He reveals his story through Becca Eckersley, the young regulation student who was murdered, and also Kelsey Castle, the tenacious reporter working to bring a killer into the light. Donlea weaves his dual narrative together seamlessly for a gripping and also tense mystery. "

—Allen Eskens, author ofThe Life We Bury

"An interesting dehowever, with all the right touches, captivating from the first page to the last. There’s a bbest future ahead for this newcomer to the thriller genre—absolutely a talent to watch.”—Steve Berry, New York Times bestoffering author