Straight To Hell Book Review

True Tales of Deviance, Debauchery, and also Billion-Dollar Deals Length: 7 hrs and 45 mins Unalinked Audiobook

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"Some chick asked me what I would execute through 10 million bucks. I told her I"d wonder where the remainder of my money went." (
GSElevator Twitter feed has offered a hilarious, shamelessly voyeuristic look right into the real civilization of international finance. Hundreds of thousands complied with the account, Goldmale Sachs introduced an internal examination, and once the true identification of the guy behind it all was revealed, it created a national media sensation - but that"s just component of the story.

GSElevator recorded the significance of the banking elite with curated jokes and subgoals overheard by readers, Straight to Hell adds John LeFevre"s very own story - an unapologetic and also darkly funny account of a career as a globe-dominating investment banker extending New York, London, and Hong Kong. Straight to Hell pulls back the curtain on a civilization that is both hated and envied, taking listeners from the trading floors and also roadreflects to exclusive planes and after-hrs overindulgence. Full of shocking lawlessness, boyish antics, and also win-at-all-expenses schemes, this is the definitive take on the deviant, dysuseful, and absolutely extreme civilization of finance.


If you favor the Twitter account you"ll love this

I think the people that left negative reviews haven"t read / adhered to the Twitter account. Definitely worth the moment if you are in search of entertainment. Super funny and the narrator did an excellent task.

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Love it!!!

Fabulous book!! I work in public audit and have investment banker friends too - so this book made the majority of sense. Honest and also hilarious via tiny patches of compassion. If you occupational in the financial word and also enjoy humor and also wit, this is a perfect book. Even my husband also, that is not in the finance industry, thoabout appreciated it!! Must read! The narrator reads it accordingly!

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Timberwolf of Wallstreet

If you might amount up Straight to Hell in three words, what would certainly they be?

"I chose poorly" In my attempts to discover a career course when I was younger, I think I would certainly have actually been a great broker! This sounded WAY to fun and WAY to addicting!

Who was your favorite character and also why?

John, his perception of each case was fantastic! I could literally view right into eexceptionally instance prefer I was there too.

Which scene was your favorite?

Even though I was not able to obtain the totality story, the scene where he owned a car for much less than a week was fantastic. I really wanna recognize what take place to the car and how the dealer uncovered it!! LOL

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

I had the ability to in 2 settings.

Any extra comments?

Great read! If I were more acquainted with his trade I would certainly have been a tiny more in the recognize however all at once excellent book! The stories were fantastic!!