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The “Chapter 2 – #12: Stock Transactivity Program – Tony Gaddis – Starting Out With Python” programming difficulty originates from Tony Gaddis’ book, “Starting Out through Python (4th Edition, Global Edition)”


Last month, Joe purchased some stock in Acme Software, Inc. Here are the details of the purchase:

* The variety of shares that Joe purchased was 2,000. * When Joe purchased the stock, he paid $40.00 per share. * Joe paid his stockbroker a commission that ainstalled to 3 percent of the amount he phelp for the stock.

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Two weeks later, Joe offered the stock. Here are the details of the sale:

* The number of shares that Joe sold was 2,000. * He offered the stock for $42.75 per share. * He phelp his stockbroker another commission that ainstalled to 3 percent of the amount he obtained for the stock.

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Write a regimen that display screens the adhering to information:

* The amount of money Joe passist for the stock. * The amount of commission Joe paid his broker as soon as he bought the stock. * The amount for which Joe sold the stock. * The amount of commission Joe passist his broker as soon as he offered the stock. * Display the amount of money that Joe had left once he marketed the stock and also paid his broker (both times). If this amount is positive, then Joe made a profit. If the amount is negative, then Joe shed money.


STOCKBROKER_COMMISSION = .03shares_sold = shares_purchased = 2000price_per_share = 40.00amount_paid_for_stock = shares_purchased * price_per_shareprint(' Amount of money phelp for the stock = $', format(amount_paid_for_stock, ',.2f'), sep='')commission_paid_when_bought = amount_paid_for_stock * STOCKBROKER_COMMISSIONprint('Amount of commission passist to broker when Joe bought the stock = $', format(commission_paid_when_bought, ',.2f'), sep='')price_per_share = 42.75amount_stock_sold_for = shares_sold * price_per_shareprint('Amount for which Joe sold the stock = $', format(amount_stock_sold_for, ',.2f'), sep='')commission_paid_when_sold = amount_stock_sold_for * STOCKBROKER_COMMISSIONprint('Amount of commission phelp to broker as soon as Joe sold the stock = $', format(commission_paid_when_offered, ',.2f'), sep='')total_amount_left = amount_stock_sold_for - (commission_paid_when_bought + commission_paid_when_sold)print(' Total leftover =', format(total_amount_left, ',.2f'), ' Joe made a profit. ')

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