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I’ve been wanting to read Louise Penny for a while now as the human being in my book club rave around her books. So I picked up the initially one in the Gamache series called Still Life.

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The story opens up when Chief Inspector Armand also Gamache of the Surêté du Québec and also his team of investigators are dubbed to the scene of a suspicious death in the rural village of Three Pines, south of Montreal. Jane Neal, an elderly womale and beloved longtime resident of Three Pines has actually been found dead in the woods. The locals are positive it’s a tragic hunting accident and nothing even more, but Gamache doesn’t necessarily agree and is shortly convinced that Jane Neal death was not an accident. She was murdered.

This book has actually a terrific cast of eccentric, facility and likable personalities, each with even more than their share of faults. Tbelow were many red herrings peppered throughout the story, and as Gamache deepens his examination, possible suspects began to emerge. By the finish of the book, we’ve pretty a lot gained to recognize everyone, in addition to their faults and their foibles, in the tiny town of Three Pines — including the murderer. And everyone has actually layers upon layers of keys.

Now also though many kind of civilization refer to this as a cozy mystery, I’m not totally sure that I agree. While it did take location in a quaint little artsy town, tbelow was a darker feel to it then you view via the majority of cozies. Tbelow was long-standing hatred, are afraid, homophobia, revenge and, as it turns out, multiple murders. Though it certainly wasn’t gloomy, it doesn’t have that light, virtually playful environment you watch in the cozy mystery genre.

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As is the situation via mysteries, one cannot say as well a lot without spilling the beans as it were. Let me just say that this was an enjoyable mystery that retained me guessing until the finish. This one I did not number out.

The only niggle that I had with the book was the depiction of the gay couple. The author relied on stereotypical depictions in which they ran a B & B and collected antiques. And then there’s the scene wright here they were singing “It’s Raining Men” in the kitchen, which caused me to roll my eyes so hard that I observed my brain.

If it hadn’t been for this insulting stereoinputting, I most likely would have actually offered this book five stars. That being shelp, this is a solid 4-star read for me, and also I hope to proceed with the series and see what various other kinds of trouble our Chief Inspector gets himself into.

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