Spray On Latex Rubber

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#1 FRONTLINE on 8 years ago

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z4Lc98gadECan anyone tell me what are the pros and cons of using liquid latex on foam prefer what this guy did for his sci fi armor? Does it last long? Is it simple to damage/wrinkle?Any details is a lot appreciatedThanks

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#2 verdatum on 8 years ago

Liquid latex tends to go slightly brittle after a pair years, relying on your environment. It's nice in that it's really functional. You either want to use it on a porous foam or spray all sides of the prop (producing a complete shell) or it could not stick that well. They sorta skipped the truth that it takes something prefer 5-6 coats to acquire good long lasting coverage. Liquid latex has a tendency to dry tacky, so when the last coat dries, you have to powder it via something like talcum powder or cabosil.Also, you must be mindful when making use of it through sprayweapons. In many spraygun models, if you don't clean the gun out totally prior to the latex dries, it is a huge pain to completely disassemble it and also clean all the dried latex out. After spraying, you switch it for a bottle of water and spray till it runs clean.Also, you don't have to use true liquid latex. For most objectives, latex-based housepaint works practically also, plus it's much easier to get aorganize of. Latex is only required as soon as it needs a lot of flex.Here's one more excellent vid demonstrating its use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q1DPtL6iwU

#3 animenerd93 on 8 years ago

an additional option is plastidip, very comparable idea

#4 FRONTLINE on 8 years ago

Thanks males :).In your opinion, which is better, using latex paint or plastidip. I desire my armor to last as lengthy as feasible.Also, can either be provided on those foam floor mats the mass result sibbap.orgers usage without problems? Or perform I should use porous craft foam?I've been talking to the male on the video and he says either rubber, urethane, or balloon latex would certainly work-related. Any suffer with this stuff? What type of treatment is required through these forms of latex/plastidip? What kind of paint is acceptable/best to use?

#5 vervv on 8 years ago

I'm not for sure what kind of foam he is making use of in the video, however plasti-dip can be safely used to craft foam without it melting. I'm not for sure what sort of armor you are making, yet I'll tell you what I understand around plasti-dip.First off, its a spray on rubber. Its various than latex, and I feel favor it seals much better. The latex paint I usage is sprayed on foam board to seal it before I finish it via plasti-dip. Plasti-dip takes both matte and metallic spray paints well. :) I made a mini-tutorial on plasti dip that could help you out: http://www.sibbap.org/showthread.php?t=307906

#6 verdatum on 8 years ago

It's really cool that he took the time to answer some of your concerns. I think by "rubber" he suggests herbal liquid latex. By urethane, he suggests polyurethane rubber (human being are constantly calling "polyurethane" "urethane" it's technically inprecise, however no matter). Eextremely polyurethane rubber I've viewed is a 2 component mixture that kicks over from liquid to a solid rubber in 5 minutes to a pair hours, depending on formulation and ambient temperature.Balloon latex is some combination of herbal and also synthetic rubbers that is formulated to have actually a really high tear toughness, so it deserve to stretch quite a little bit before it rips/pops.You'll more than likely not notification any kind of distinction at all between liquid latex and also balloon latex. But urethane is a various pet. You only desire to mix as much as you deserve to apply prior to it kicks over, and also aget, you desire to clean it out of any type of spraygun devices prior to it kicks over. The properties it has actually completely counts on the formulation. I say, the stuff is great for spreading, but for now, most likely not worth you obtaining into for a flexible coating.Acrylic paints are fine for a latex surconfront. If you want to usage spraypaints, you want to initially paint the latex surchallenge through a water based primer, like gesso.I'm afrhelp I don't have individual experience through plastidip yet, so I can't say a lot around how it compares. All I understand is I've watched some really slick temporary/peel-amethod automotive painwork using the stuff. But that's slightly unassociated.