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Cindy A. Owen, RVT, RDMS, FSDMSJames A. Zagzebski, PhD
Exam:Sonography Principles & Instrumentation
Tip 2:Mock Examination
CME Credits:12
Catalog No:11030

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For the ARDMS SPI exam! Here is the SPI edition of the single best-offering mock exam devoted to the ARDMS exam in ultrasound physics. If you are in search of guidance and a clear understanding of the values and also facts you have to know to pass the SPI exam, this is the review for you. Written by a sonographer that not just loves ultrasound physics but delights in—and excels at—explaining it to others, this mock examination hones your test-taking skills, actions your development as you study, and assesses your staminas and weaknesses by exam topic so that you can focus your effort where it counts. With 600 registry-prefer inquiries including 60 image-based questions, and also easy, clear explanations, the SPI edition of the best-selling Ultrasound Physics Resee illuminates this challenging topic from the allude of view of the sonographer and points the way to success. An Image Gallery prepares you to tackle the scans on the exam. Precisely based upon the ARDMS exam outline and edited by eminent clinical physicist Jim Zagzebski, PhD, Ultrasound Physics Resee covers all topics in the brand-new revised exam. Very reliable in combination with any kind of of the physics texts in our digital catalog. 12 hrs of SDMS-apshowed CME crmodify. More than 60 images. 238 pp.Combine with the mock exam for the specialty exam you’ll be taking. Read more at RVT Preparation, RDMS Preparation, and RDCS Preparation.
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Patient Care, Safety, and CommunicationPhysical PrinciplesUltrasound TransducersPulse Echo InstrumentationDoppler Instrumentation and HemodynamicsQuality Assurance/Quality Control of EquipmentImage LibraryAnswers, Explacountries, and ReferencesARDMS Exam Content OutlineApplication for CME Credit
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