AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Science raises questions just love can answer in this moving and also thought-provoking novel from the #1 New York Times bestmarketing author of “heart-tugging and emotional” (Romantic Times Book Reviews) life-altering fiction.One frozen embryo. Two families with life-lengthy tricks. And a man who never planned to autumn in love again. Maddie Baxter West is shaken to the core once she finds out everything she believed about her life was a lie. Her parents had always planned to tell her the truth about her past: that she was adopted as an embryo. But somehow the appropriate minute never occurred. Then a full stranger confronts Maddie via the fact and tells her something else that rocks her world—Maddie had a sister she never before kbrand-new around. Betrayed, angry, and perplexed, Maddie leaves her new job and fiancé, rejects her family’s researches for forgiveness, and also moves to Portland also to discover out who she really is. Dawkid Gage’s life was destroyed as soon as London Quinn, his finest friend and also the only girl he ever loved, is killed. In the hospital waiting room, London’s mom reveals that London might have had a sibling. The frozen embryo she and also her husband donated decades ago. When Dawson finds Maddie and also brings her to Portland also, the Quinns—her organic parents—welcome her into their resides and also hearts. Maddie is comforted by the Quinns’ love and intrigued by their memories of London, who was so a lot like her. Is this the family and also the life she was really intended to have? Now it will take the love of Dawkid Gage to help Maddie recognize who she is...and to assist her find her way residence.

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Karen Kingsbury, #1 New York Times bestmarketing novelist, is America’s favorite inspirational storyteller, via even more than twenty-5 million copies of her award-winning publications in print. Her last dozen titles have topped bestseller lists and many of her novels are under advancement as major motion pictures. Her Baxter Family books were emerged right into a TV series. Karen is likewise an adjunct professor of creating at Liberty College. She and her husband also, Donald, live in Tenneswatch close to their children and also grandchildren.

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Chapter 1 1 Like a tumor in her chest, for twenty-2 years Brooke Baxter West had carried the lie. Eexceptionally morning she woke to the fact of it. She lived and also loved around it and also tried not to think around the method it pressed versus her heart and spirit and just how it sometimes took her breath. But the bombshell that was her exceptionally life had never felt even more ominous, never consumed her the means it did now. Here in Amon G. Carter Stadium at her daughter Maddie’s graduation from Texas Christian College. Brooke slid a tiny closer to her husband also, Peter. He was on her side, at leastern that. She put her arm approximately their younger daughter, Hayley. Brooke’s dad and stepmommy were here, too—John and also Elaine Baxter. Also Maddie’s longtime boyfriend, Connor Flanigan. All 6 of them sat in the stands together, thrilled that the day had finally come. Brooke glanced at Connor, at the anticipation in his expression and the means his eyes locked onto the place midarea wbelow Maddie sat with her class. The boy had loved Maddie for years. He’d currently talked to Peter. The engagement was coming. Probably as soon as they went back to Bloomington. Maybe also at the party the extended family members was throwing for Maddie. A party happening tomorrow night. She attracted a deep breath and leaned right into Peter’s shoulder. Graduates were still streaming into the stadium, still filling the seats while a marching band played from the bleachers across the area. The ceremony wouldn’t start for another ten minutes at leastern. “Can you believe it?” Brooke turned to her husband also. “When did she prosper up?” Brooke found their daughter amiddle the sea of students on the field. Tan high heels and also a white sundress beneath her navy gown. “One day at a time.” Peter shaded his eyes and looked at the field. “Eexceptionally morning relocated her closer to this day. Diapers and pigtails, homework-related and also prom dates. All of it went means too rapid.” Peter took Brooke’s hand also and sat a small straighter. His smile badepend lifted the corners of his mouth. “I’m proud of her. All she’s accomplished.” He was right. Better to think about Maddie’s success than Brooke’s very own weighty lie. Maddie had started her college career as a dancer. Back then all she talked about was Broadway and also the New York City Ballet. But midway via her sophoeven more year she found a various passion. Working through animals. On breaks from school, Maddie had actually volunteered at the Humane Society and spent twenty hrs a week at a local veterinarian’s office. Last summer she interned at the Indianapolis Zoo in the pet husbandry department and also currently she was waiting for a call from her supervisor around a more long-term place. “I choose the stripes.” Brooke’s dad grinned at her from two seats dvery own. “She’s basic to spot.” “That she is.” Brooke smiled dvery own at their daughter, her cap decked in black-and-white zebra stripes. “She must hear about the place by the finish of the week.” Hayley nodded. “Maddie is a zoo worker. I understand it … I already talked to Jesus.” Of course she had actually. Brooke patted Hayley’s hand. “You’re such a good sister, Hayley.” She smiled. “I attempt.” For a lengthy moment Brooke studied her various other daughter. Hayley was just a couple of years younger than Maddie, a pretty blonde via handicap because of a near-drowning accident when she was just three. Hayley had a project at the local industry via a team of friends who shared her constraints. She likewise had actually a boyfrifinish. But still Brooke wondered. Was Hayley’s accident a punishment from God? His means of repaying Brooke for the lie that at the time of Hayley’s accident was still taking root? Brooke dismissed the believed, the method she constantly did. The principle was ridiculous. Of course God hadn’t puniburned Brooke and also Peter by enabling injury to come to Hayley. Right? Brooke attracted a quick breath. She and Peter should’ve sassist somepoint by currently. It was that easy. They had planned to tell Maddie before she started kindergarten and also aacquire the day after her tenth birthday. But tright here never seemed to be a appropriate minute. Time passed and also the summer before high school became the perfect time to sit her dvery own and tell her the news. But aacquire the talk never before occurred. Now Maddie was graduating from college and still she didn’t recognize the reality. Brooke pressed her complimentary hand also to her stomach. She and Peter were doctors. They ran a pediatric clinic close to downtown Bloomington. She much better than a lot of people kbrand-new the toll anxiety might take on a perkid. Carrying a lie favor this one might cause an actual tumor. Science had actually prrange that. The stadium was filling up. Brooke met Peter’s eyes aacquire. He wasn’t reasoning around the lie. Not this day, in the middle of such a highlight. The falsehood wasn’t on his mind at all, at leastern it didn’t seem choose it. Peter’s expression thrived softer. “I blink and also I deserve to view us again, holding her for the first time that day at the hospital.” “Mmmm.” Brooke nodded. Labor with Maddie had actually taken twenty hours. But holding her that initially time made her forgain eincredibly minute of it. She angled her face, her eyes still locked on his. “Forever in my heart.” Brooke stared off. No matter what came out of her mouth, times like this—milestones and significant moments—she might badepend think around anything but the lie. These moments were completely various for Peter. He appeared to emphasis on anypoint however the fact. And Brooke never before wanted to damage the mood. But exactly how might she talk about the fact via Maddie if she couldn’t initially comment on it with Peter? Eincredibly now and also then they would certainly both be on the exact same web page. Brushing their teeth, gaining all set for bed, and also the topic would certainly come up. When were they going to tell her? How were they going to break the news? With Each Other they would agree on the adhering to weekend or the next Christmas break. But once those times came, the last thing they wanted wregarding damage Maddie’s happiness. Brooke let the years roll earlier. It was on a day choose this that the whole thing had started. Brooke’s brvarious other Luke had been around to graduate from Indiana University and Brooke was sitting through Peter and her family when Chad actually Daniels, a fellow physician and friend, approached them. “Can we talk?” Chad actually had actually been Peter’s friend because medical school. He and also his father ran a fertility clinic in tvery own. That day Chad actually had actually looked severe. So Brooke and Peter excoffered themselves from the group and also relocated with Chad actually a few rows earlier to an empty area in the stadium. When it was simply the three of them, Chad actually pressed on. “My father has a colleague who has got ownership of 3 frozen embryos. Siblings. He assumed … you might be interested.” Back then, Brooke and Peter had actually been trying for years to have actually a baby. Their families would’ve been shocked to understand they couldn’t get pregnant. With their busy careers everyone just assumed Brooke and Peter weren’t ready for babies yet. Their battle with having actually a son was something they hadn’t told anyone other than Chad actually and also his father. And so they had actually met a few times via Chad in the weeks leading up to Luke’s graduation. The setup was to take the least invasive measures at first, and if they still had actually no baby, to move towards in vitro fertilization. But tbelow was a difficulty. Peter’s numbers made also that a remote possibility. Brooke could still remember the method her heart had skipped a beat as soon as Chad actually started the quiet conversation that day. Frozen embryos? Neither of them had taken into consideration such a point. Peter spoke first. “You mean, taking someone else’s frozen embryos and also …” “Implant them in Brooke.” Chad had actually never seemed more serious. “It’s only been done a handful of times, but via a relatively high success price.” That day, in the many surreal conversation Brooke might remember before or given that, Chad described that a pair in Portland, Oregon, had successfully ceded a baby via IVF. But the birth was complex, so the couple made a decision they were finiburned having children. But tbelow was a problem. Three frozen embryos continued to be. Tiny little souls on ice, ones that the couple wouldn’t dream of having washed dvery own a medical office sink. “As you understand, embryos are very little kids.” Chad had looked intently at them. “That’s what I think, anymethod.” He paoffered. “My dad told me to view if you were interested. Before he discovered an additional couple.” “Has the Portland also couple signed a release form?” Peter leaned over his knees and stared at Chad. “Is tright here even paperwork-related for this kind of thing?” Chad nodded. “It’s brand-new, yet yes. The Portland also couple has actually officially terminated their civil liberties to the embryos and signed them over to a medical professional in Oregon. That was 5 years back. The babies have been in a deep freeze canister because then.” “And they’re still viable?” Peter had looked cynical. “Embryos on ice that long?” “All research suggests they are.” Chad had actually shrugged. “A few weeks back that medical professional met my dad at a conference. He’d type of forobtained around the three embryos till he and my dad talked. He found out my father and I occupational with infertility.” Chad took a breath. “He signed over the embryos to our clinic so we might uncover a willing couple.” “How would that work-related through us?” Peter shook his head. “The babies already belengthy to your clinic.” “It’s temporary. We would sign legal rights to you and also Brooke … if you’re interested.” Chad actually took a breath. “It’s a deliver of building, technically. You would certainly authorize paperwork at implantation.” His expression had actually darkened. “Tbelow is one thing. The Portland also couple desires finish secrecy surrounding this.” Understandably the pair had actually well-known just how rare embryo fostering was and that the media can rotate the situation into a circus. “You two would have permission to tell your kid or kids, of course. And any type of close household members. But otherwise you’d need to store the details to yourself. Any baby you can have from the embryos would not have actually permission to find his or her biological parental fees, and the biological paleas have committed to never before look for any kids that could come from this.” Secrecy had actually seemed choose a little concession at the moment. Peter and Brooke promised to talk around the opportunity and obtain back to Chad. But in the end tbelow was nopoint to talk around. If Brooke took the correct hormones, and if she allowed Chad’s father—Dr. Daniels—to surgically implant the 3 embryos, she can be pregnant in a matter of months. Which was exactly what occurred. Dr. Daniels implanted all 3 frozen embryos right into Brooke’s uterus and prior to Brooke and Peter had actually time to explain the instance to their families, she was expecting. Not 3 babies, however one. One precious boy. After that, with everyone they knew congratulating Brooke and also Peter on the pregnancy, it had seemed awkward to talk about exactly how the baby acquired tbelow. No one had ever heard of embryo fostering. Why issue their families? And in an effort to honor the other couple’s wishes, Brooke and also Peter decided. Better to store the details to themselves. That way they wouldn’t be in risk of violating the contract. Besides, it was straightforward to believe the baby really was Brooke’s. The son had grown inside her, after all. When the tiny infant kicked, Brooke felt her bit feet, and week by week she watched her belly thrive. What could be even more actual than that? When they uncovered out the baby was a girl, they chose the many apparent name. Madikid. Gift of God. Which was the just method to describe exactly how Brooke had gone from infertility to motherhood so conveniently. They were constantly going to tell Maddie, really they were. But a lot of days it was easier to go in addition to the lie, pretfinish Maddie was their very own flesh and also blood. Maddie looked favor them, after all. And Brooke even had the stretch marks to prove it. Two years later on, Hayley was a surpincrease. A natural pregnancy. Dr. Daniels told them that sometimes after an embryo fostering, a woman’s body is able to acquire pregnant. For Brooke and Peter their second baby was simply a miracle. Anvarious other gift from God. But somehow Brooke and Peter dropped ameans from God. Too busy, also academic. They had actually the children they wanted so God fell by the wayside. Not until after Hayley fell right into the swimming pool at a birthday party did Brooke and Peter run back to the confidence they’d began via. And even then they didn’t tell Maddie the reality. The memories faded as the familiar refrains of “Pomp and Circumstance” filled the stadium. Brooke stared at Maddie aget. She would certainly tell Connor yes if he asked her tomorrow. So Maddie was about to acquire married. Which meant she would most likely have babies of her very own someday. And then she would need to recognize the reality. Please don’t hate me, baby girl. God, please aid her not to hate me. Now these twenty-2 years later on, Brooke had actually no principle how she and also Peter would break the news to Maddie. How might she tell her daughter, the one she offered birth to, that she had actually organic parental fees in Oregon? That she wasn’t a part of the Baxter family members or the West family members, prefer she’d constantly believed. And that whatever she’d ever believed about her life was not the reality, but a lie. A devastating, cancerous, all-consuming lie.