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Are you or your sex-related companion allergic to latex? That’s OK! You have the right to still remain safe through a latex-cost-free condom and there's plenty of non-latex condom options to choose from.Here's our line-up of the 5 Best Non-Latex Condoms easily accessible.

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According to the Center for Disease Control, latex allergies impact about 8% of the basic populace. In the healthtreatment industry, this statistic is also higher at 12%. How come? Overexpocertain to latex (wearing latex gloves all the time) deserve to cause a histamine reactivity to the material to develop, leaving you via a rash, hives, itchiness, swelling and also labored breapoint.

Diagnosing the Allergy

This being said, it’s additionally very prevalent for a lubricant ingredient to be the actual culprit in producing an allergy strike, especially spermicide or capsaicin. A professional have the right to test you to view if you’re allergic to latex or if it’s actually being motivated by somepoint else entirely-- choose lube.

If you can’t make it to a medical professional, you deserve to execute an at-residence test. Try placing on powder-cost-free latex gloves or wearing a latex Band also Aid (make sure it is made from real latex, and not a latex substitute favor PVC) for a half hour or even more and see if a reactivity occurs.

Intentional Omission

You might have actually noticed that I left the Trojan NaturaLamb, which is Sam’s (my fellow safer-sex enthusiast) favorite non-latex condom, off of this list. Why? They do not sell security against STDs and STIs, just versus undesirable pregnancies. Lambskin condoms have actually pores which permit the passage of viruses, bacteria, parasites and also fungus. As such, I perform not find them to be a true indicates of barrier defense, as they just act as a contraceptive.

5 Best Non-Latex Condoms:

Trojan Supra Non-Latex BareSkin


Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supraprophylactics let Trojan brand condom fansparticipatein the latex-totally free realm of thrusting. While they're noticeably better smelling and thinner than various other Trojans, these condoms do harbor a major weakness-- you cannot add any form of added lubricants to them without degrading the product. Seriously. If you want your condom to continue to be undamaged, don't execute it. This implies natural lubrication just, folks (so these are NOT a latex-free condom that's anal sex friendly).

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Durex Real Feel


Ideal for those who count on snugger fit prophylactics for security versus slipweb page, but need a non-latex condom, the Durex Real Feelis your best bet, as it's the snuggest one in the bunch through a 3.88" circumference.

LifeStyles SKYN Large


Adored by both the non-latex and also no-latex-odor loving neighborhood, the super stretchy LifeStyles SKYN Large prophylactics offer a soft-as-skin feeling for those with even more skin to cover. Unfavor other brands (ahem, Kimono-- whose MicroThin Large condomsaresmaller sized than their continuous MicroThins) their large size really is larger than the regularSKYNs. This provides them a shoo-in for those that favor the larger fit of the abovementioned NaturaLambs, however want defense against STDs/STIs.

Lifelayouts SKYN Selection


And, simply freshly, LifeStyles brand also likewise released the new LifeStyles SKYN Selection. This compilation of non-latex condoms contains fourof each of the LifeStyles SKYN andLifeStyles SKYN Extra Studdedcondoms and also 2 LifeStyles SKYN Extra Lubricatedcondoms.

Condom Depot Non-Latex Sampler

If buying eextremely type of non-latex condom appears choose an expensive mission and also you’d quite attempt them all out in one swoop, inspect out the Condom Depot Non-Latex Sampler. It’s obtained a range of the finest latex-complimentary condoms for you to experiment with and also eliminates the hassle of having to buycondoms individually.


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