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Named a Best Middle-Grade Book of 2020 by Kirkus Reviews2021 Outstanding Internationwide Books List, USA Board on Books for Young People

Mercy lives in contemporary Pietermaritzburg, South Africa with her eccentric foster aunts—2 elderly sisters so poor, they have the right to just afford one lightbulb. A nasty housing developer is eying their home. And that exact same home unexpectedly starts falling apart—just as Aunt Flora starts falling apart. She’s forobtaining words, names, and also even just how to behave in public. Mercy tries to store her head down at college so nobody notices her. But when a classmate frames her for stealing the school’s raffle money, Mercy’s teachers decide to take a closer look at her home life.

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Along comes Mr. Singh, that leas the back cottage of the house on Hodboy Roadway. When he takes Mercy to visit a statue in the middle of the city, she learns that the shy, nervous “Mohandas” he tells stories around is actually Gandhi, who invested a cold and lonely night in the waiting room of the Pietermaritzburg train terminal over a a century earlier. It noted the beginning of his life’s search for truth…and the visit to his statue marks Mercy’s realization that she needs—simply like Gandhi—to stand up for herself.

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Mercy needs a miracle. But to summon that miracle, she hregarding uncover her voice and tell the truth—and also that fact is neither pure nor straightforward.

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“Set in post-apartheid Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, this realistic story traces protagonist Mercy’s pursuit to stop up for reality and also, in turn, for herself. <…> Sensitive, funny, and also tender.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Karen Vermeulen’s simple line drawings match Krone’s message via appropriate whimsy. The brief chapters are a nice treat for the analysis level, especially considering that the themes have actually a depth to them that take some showing. Krone notes that her “favorite stories are those that, simply when you mean a lesson, sing a song instead.” Small Mercies is just that surpincreasing song, complete of light and also sweetness. Readers will bring the melody in their hearts long after the last page is turned.” —New York Journal of Books

“Bridgain Krone’s deyet novel shines as an instance of life in the brand-new South Africa. <…> this novel brims with poignancy, worthwhile themes, memorable personalities, lively dialogue, humor, language-play, and also sensitivity. Karen Vermeulen’s spritely cover and also chapter-heading decorations nicely complement the message. “Small Mercies” is the perfect title for this delightful review.” — Africa Access Review

“This emotional, charming, perfect gem of a novel has the wondercompletely timeless feel of a timeless although it is collection in modern-day, post-apartheid South Africa, in the City of Pietermaritzburg, the author’s house. It’s a small book through an uplifting message of love and also community that resonates in our troubled times.” — The Buffalo News

“Beautitotally composed <…> a gently humorous delight that chronicles the quest of Mercy Adams in her search for courage, truth and a safe place to speak to residence. Satisfying, tender, funny and also kind.” —The Witness (South Africa)

“Tender, exhilarating, and often hilarious, Small Mercies perfectly weaves the hard and also the wonderful truths of being alive. You will root for Mercy from the extremely first page, and also she will be in your heart long after you’ve review this vivid, beautitotally created novel.” —Sara Cassidy, author of A Boy Named Queen and Nevers

“A fascinating story, beautifully told” — Lee Geurkink, Monkey and Dog Books (Ft Worth, TX)

“You will certainly not leave the pages of this book without feeling somejust how smarter and wiser and kinder. Why? Because Mercy’s story is one that provides room for our hearts to prosper. Beautitotally written, here’s an supplying of love on the page.” — Kathi Appelt, New York Times Bestseller, Newbery Honor Award and National Publication Honor winner

“Mercy is a winning protagonist who is by transforms anxious, observant, and also brave. South Africa is stood for in its diversity: Mercy is combined race, her aunts are white, and neighbors, classmates, and also community members are from a selection of racial and social backgrounds. Quick, episodic chapters in the book’s first fifty percent construct to an emotionally compelling conclusion that is well-off in insights around community, family, and social activity. VERDICT This novel has actually a gentle, timeless feel, facility secondary characters, and quirky humor. A heartfelt, human, and also wise enhancement to middle grade shelves.—Elizabeth Giles, Lubuto Library Partners, Zambia (School Library Journal)

About Bridgain Krone

Bridget Krone lives in Hilton, South Africa via her husband Anton and also their 2 grvery own sons, who come residence for occasional holidays. Their house is on the edge of a farm and a nature reserve and she have the right to see cows on the hill and the Drakensberg hills from her stoep.

She was an English teacher for a couple of years and then began writing English message books for South African institutions. She still writes readers, research guides, teacher guides and also message books, and has actually additionally compiled poeattempt and also brief story anthologies. Discover more about Bridobtain at her website

About Karen Vermeulen (illustrator)

Karen Vermeulen is an illustrator, designer, art director, and writer living in Cape Tvery own, South Africa. She has actually designed the majority of Catalyst Press’s book covers. She works from a corner of her tiny level, her desk facing Table Mountain. She loves humor, stories, fads and shade. Her cat (Sir Henry) loves walking over her key-board and lying on optimal of her drawings while she tries to occupational. Learn even more around Karen and also her work-related at her webwebsite