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I have enjoyed both Rachel Abbott’s previous two publications, The Innocent and the ago road both of which resolve ethical situations so I purchased her latest book, Sleep Tight, on publication day 24 February 2014. This blurb indicates that this is a book around obsessive behaviour which is somepoint that fascinates and scares me in equal measure.

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When DCI Tom Douglas is dubbed in to investigate a missing womale and her 3 kids from her home in Manchester he is surprised to find that Olivia’s name has actually come up in previous investigations. He is left to ponder, how unlucky can one woguy be?

Olivian initial dubbed the police when her companion, Dan, disshowed up leaving her holding the baby, acomponent from a text apologising that was the last anyone heard of him. A couple of months later on she calls the police after finding her parental fees dead in their residence. All goes quiet for Olivia for a few years till she calls the police once aacquire when her husband also, Robert, disshows up via her 3 youngsters from their residence and also now 2 years later on she has disappeared without map. Tom Douglas is keen to put out an appeal to uncover them but Robert is unable to discover a solitary photo of any type of of them.

This book has every little thing that an excellent mental thriller should; there is a great puzzle to be resolved, an uncertainty about which characters deserve to be thought as Oliby means of and Robert describe some of their actions the outcome being that some of what I review literally gave me goose bumps as I couldn’t aid however imagine myself in Olivia’s shoes. Be warned some of the scenes in this book will certainly make your heart race!

The series is currently well-emerged, DCI Tom Douglas and Sergeant Becky Robinkid are likeable personalities that work-related well together but this isn’t a police procedural, so although their back stories are evolving, they don’t overpower the emphasis of the book which centres on Oliby means of and also Robert’s partnership. The power of Rachel Abbott’s creating is the fact that her characters behave choose actual civilization in that their reactions to occasions are realistic. That isn’t to say they react precisely exactly how I would in eincredibly instance but the facets that make up the individualities are constant which keeps the plot grounded without wild flights of fancy.

Sleep Tight is just one of those rare publications that deserves the moniker ‘page turner!’ one which indicates I have actually resented the intrusion of actual human being while my mind grappled via the occasions in Sleep Tight.

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Although this is the 3rd in the series which I have check out in order I think this would occupational as a stand-alone, if like me the subject issue of obsession calls to you. Fortunately Rachel has indicated that tbelow will be one more book in the series which will certainly tie up among the unfinimelted elements of DCI Tom Douglas’ personal life.

As an interesting (to me) aside, I have only just realised that Rachel Abbott lives in Alderney one of the sister Channel Islands to my house in Jersey. Alderney is the a lot of northerly of the Channel Islands and also I have to confess despite it being so cshed to home, I have actually never before checked out this tiny island also of 3 by 1.5 miles which provides Jersey comparatively astronomical at 9 by 5 miles.

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Read more around the previous publications in the series:

Only The Innocent


When Laura Fletcher approaches her house in Oxfordshire to discover hordes of photographers crowding the gateways, she knows tbelow is something terribly wrong. She is confronted through the shocking news that her husband is dead –brutally murdered – and according to Chief Inspector Tom Douglas, there is bit doubt that the murderer is a woguy.In a marital relationship that has taken her from the glamorous 5 sar deluxe of London, Venice and Positano to a bleak and also draughty manor home in rural Oxfordshire, Laura has learned to guard her tricks well. She is not alone. It would certainly appear that all the woguys in her husband’s life have something to hide.But tbelow is one trick that she has actually never shared, and once the investigation reaches its dramatic and horrific orgasm, she realises that she has no option. She hregarding offer Tom Douglas the last item of the puzzle. And this alters everything, leaving Douglas via a damaging dilemma: whether to punish the guilty, or protect the innocent.

The Back Road


A girl lies close to fatality in a dark, deserted lane.A driver drags her body to the side of the road.A shadowy number hides in the trees, watching and waiting.The tiny neighborhood of Little Melham is in shock.For Ellie Saunders, last night’s hit and also run on the ago road could ruin every little thing she has. She was out that night, but if she reveals where she was and also why, her family members will certainly be torn acomponent. She is living on a knife-edge, discovering that her every move is being observed.Ellie’s new neighbour, previous Detective Chief Inspector Tom Douglas has moved to the village for some well-deserved peace and quiet, but as he is attracted into the internet of deceit his eextremely instinct tells him that what happened that night was even more than a tragic accident.As previous and current collide, best-preserved keys are revealed and also stays are devastated. Only one perboy knows the entirety story. And that perboy will certainly protect the reality no matter what the cost.

I practically wish that I’d recognized that this series was going to cover such a selection of great thrillers so that I’d started collecting them in paperago fairly than analysis them through ePublication largely, I need to admit for the covers, which are striking. Maybe Rachel will come to Jersey offering me the excusage to include these to my physical bookshelf too!

Contact Rachel Abbott, she has a great trailer for Sleep Tight which is well worth watching!