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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is one of those oft-recommfinished young adult series. It’s promoted as a modern classic by many type of libraries. Even some reliable review sites favor recommends it for 12+. The series premise is that four cshed friends share a special pair of jeans which assist them remain cshed even when acomponent. The depiction of solid, healthy and balanced female friendship is relocating and also imitable, yet tbelow are definitely concerning elements of this series Catholic parents must be tracking.

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Great premise, poor writing

Bridgain, Lena, Tibby, and also Carmen share a durable, cshed friendship. Always tbelow for each other, always ready to sacrifice for one one more, the parts of this series that emphasis on their friendship are in truth quite motivating. The composing style, however, is shpermit. The plot is not well-planned, and also the character growth is unalso or inconstant through some of the personalities. I might have foroffered some of this though if I wasn’t so came to via the amount of sex-related content in a tween/teen series.

Too a lot focus on sex

Tbelow are really two themes in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. One is female friendship, the other is learning your sexuality and losing your virginity. This series is written for a secular audience, so maybe this is the norm in public colleges, yet Catholic parental fees might be startresulted in learn that this series explains events such as 15 year old Bridget seducing her 19 year old soccer coach. In a later on book, 18 year old Bridacquire starts a similar seduction of her married archaeology professor, yet at least stops at passionate making out, for what that’s worth. Tibby, at 18, fornicates via her boyfriend and also then has actually a pregnancy scare. Lena, at 18, engperiods in nude modeling in art college and also eventually loses her virginity to a guy she admits to not really loving or seeing marrying. Throughout the series, most the plot is concerning who will sleep via who and also when? Interelaxing content for a collection that is expected to be fostering positive teenager habits.

Lessons: too vague, also incoherent

Are the after-effects of all this sex-related misconduct negatively portrayed? Sometimes. Bridgain falls into a year lengthy depression after seducing her soccer coach and also being rejected. The message is that it was a mistake bereason she was “as well young.” But then, 2 years later on, as soon as she meets the soccer coach again and they autumn in love, reportedly she is currently “old enough” and having actually sex-related relations is acceptable. According to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, having sex via your boyfrifinish is just fine as lengthy as you’re “old enough” and “feel” best around it.

After Tibby fornicates with her boyfrifinish, she is terrified she’s pregnant, which reasons her major tension and also leads to breaking up via the boyfrifinish. But aacquire, the message is not that sex external of marital relationship is wrong, but fairly that the timing was wrong. Even as Tibby regrets that she could be pregnant, the author renders certain to clarify that she didn’t actually regret having sex, because “she was prepared.”

So The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants delivers a typical secular message that sex external of marriage is okay all at once, as long as you’re “ready” and not “too young.”

Great Premise, yet unfit for Christian consumption

I would certainly love to check out a similar series through themes around solid female friendships, loyalty, and also thriving up, but done in a means that is appropriate for Catholic teenagers. Sadly, namong the teenagers in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants have actually any type of moral compass regarding sexuality and relationships. Lacking guidance from wise adults or any type of philosophical or spiritual development, they make decisions based strictly on what feels best to them. Consequently, the personalities in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants are negative duty models. I cannot recommfinish this series for Catholic teens under any type of circumstances.

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