Silas Marner Book Review

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SILAS MARNER by George Eliot tells the tale of a weaver in nineteenth-century England also called Silas Marner, that finds himself fallen among difficult times when he is falsely accused of a crime, and also the womale he expects to marry all of a sudden marries someone else. Silas moves to another town after being successfully banished from his aboriginal Lantern Yard. Silas, through no fault of his very own, have to live as best he can in his brand-new town of Raveloe. Through the story of Silas, the novel punctuates how cruel and also then just how fortuitous fate is in life.

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Upon moving to Raveloe, Silas’ loneliness is compounded by a robbery. When he moves right into a tiny home, Silas still has actually one element of his life that stays continuous, his occupational. He continues to weave, and the demand also for his occupational is secure. As an outcome, his earnings rises, and also he drops right into the halittle of counting his gold coins each day. He doesn’t attend church solutions and becomes a recluse in the town. Dunstan Cass, that is of the greater class of Raveloe society yet of low moral character, creeps right into Silas’ home one night while Silas is amethod and steals his gold coins. Silas is devastated. He runs right into the neighborhood tavern instantly and also demands the rerotate of his money to everyone in the tavern. Fate has no pity for Silas.

The introduction of Eppie into Silas’ life gives the weaver good fortune at last. Godfrey Cass, the brother of Dunstan, marries a bad young womale and also has actually a daughter by her. But the young marital relationship doesn’t last; Godfrey sepaprices from his wife and also child. The young woman becomes destitute. One night she collapses out in a snowstorm via the toddler in her arms. The toddler renders her way to Silas residence, which is surrounding and unlocked. Silas finds the toddler at his hearth and immediately takes care of her, ultimately calling her Eppie. The embraced daughter brings good joy to the guy, that before had actually just his money to make him content through life.

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Eliot’s masterpiece reflects both how cruel and just how type fate can be to an individual’s life. Silas has nopoint going for him, particularly after he is robbed in Raveloe. The town’s populace display no pity for an outsider who doesn’t attend church. With the adoption of Eppie, Silas’ photo starts to change. He confides in a womale of the town around how to raise the son and also begins going to church. His heart grows incredibly fond of the girl, which the rest of the town notices.

Although tright here are facility words and also the use of the hard-to-follow vernacular, or slang, of the nineteenth-century England, this straightforward novel ranks as a classical in literary fiction. Bravo to George Eliot.