Selenium Python Loading Of Unpacked Extensions Is Disabled By The Administrator &Quot;76&Quot;

I am utilizing Selenium and also Chrome. As soon as I try to open up instantly a webweb page I get the error:Error Message

Tbelow are some answers on stackexadjust on how to deal with this concern in Java/C++ however I might not uncover any type of relating to Python.See for example Loading of unpacked extensions is disabled by the administrator

Do someone knows just how to settle this trouble in python?


After the majority of occupational on this problem I ultimately came up via a solution. By looking at the responses on C# and Java I controlled to use very same procedure to Selenium in python.

You watching: Selenium python loading of unpacked extensions is disabled by the administrator "76"

As defined in this threview you must somejust how collection the attribute of useAutomationExstress to False.

Here is what I did:

from selenium import webdriverchromeOptions = webdriver.ChromeOptions()chromeOptions.add_experimental_option("useAutomationExtension", False)driver = webdriver.Chrome(chrome_options=chromeOptions, desired_capabilities=chromeOptions.to_capabilities())driver.get("")The code over ssuggest creates ChromeOptions course and sets the attribute to false. The you run chrome driver with those options.

This resolved my situation. I hope it helps.

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answered Jul 26 "18 at 13:22

Moustafa MemetMoustafa Memet
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