Scrn review course 2016

Though tright here is no best way to research for the SCRN Examicountry and also each perchild has a different research approach, the sources listed below are choices for examine products. Tbelow are several study devices you deserve to usage to prepare for the exam and the list listed below is not intended to be comprehensive. For more said study materials, please watch the SCRN Candidate Handbook. ABNN does not endorse any educational product or regimen.

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2021 Virtual AANN Advances in Stroke Care Conference


The 2021 AANN Advances in Stroke Care Conference will certainly be organized Thursday, August5 – Saturday, August 7, 2021 digital as a virtual conference.

Learn more at Registration will certainly open up in April 2021.

Self-Paced SCRN Resee Course

The Self-Paced SCRN Review Course is a web-based review that consists of interenergetic videos and quizzes to assist you prepare for the SCRN exam or to evaluation stroke nursing finest practices. The digital course is a self-paced examine tool and you can earn approximately 8 CE hrs upon completion and also evaluation of the course. Based on the Comprehensive Resee for Stroke Nursing book and the SCRN exam content outline, the course contains ten modules. Key interenergetic functions include knowledg checks, correct and also incorrect answer descriptions, and also videos to emphadimension essential ideas. Acquisition the Self-Paced SCRN Recheck out Course in the AANN digital keep.

For information on purchasing the Self-Paced SCRN Resee Course for your institution, please contact Rita Wirth at This email attend to is being defended from spambots. You require JavaScript enabled to watch it..(Group discount starting at 10% off member rate).

SCRN Exam Prep Package

The SCRN Exam Prep Package includes three of AANN"s best-offering products: Self-Paced SCRN Recheck out Course, SCRN Self-Assessment Exam, and also the AANN Comprehensive Resee for Stroke Nursing book. When you purchase the SCRN Exam Prep Package, you save $60 compared to buying the products individually. Visit the AANN virtual store to purchase the SCRN Prep Package.

AANN Comprehensive Rewatch for Stroke Nursing, 2nd edition

The AANN Comprehensive Resee for Stroke Nursing, 2nd edition has actually been updated to reflect the latest in stroke nursing. The 2nd edition shows brand-new researches and clinical practice guidelines and also consists of brand-new numbers and also tables for ease of usage and finding out.

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This evidence based book contains case research studies and quiz inquiries. This evidence-based book covers key topics detailed on the SCRN exam blueprint, consisting of anatomy and also physiology, preventative treatment, hyperacute treatment, stroke diagnostics, acute care, medicines, postacute care, and units and high quality care.

AANN Core Curriculum for Neuroscientific research Nursing, Sixth Edition

The Core Curriculum is a good reresource for SCRN preparation. Expanded and updated, this brand-brand-new edition provides essential, real-life direction on the science and skills compelled to treatment for neuroscience patients. TheCore Curriculum for Neuroscience Nursing, sixth edition,is obtainable for purchase in the AANN online save.

SCRN Self-Assessment Examination

The SCRN Self-Assessment Examination is offered to assess whether or not a candiday is prepared for the SCRN examicountry. Take the self-assessment exam and also consider it a pretest to much better understand also your existing knowledge as it uses to certification and also identify wright here added researches are required. Once you have actually purchased the exam, it is available for 30 days from the first time you accessibility it.The assessment consists of 75 questions spanning the content locations of the SCRN examicountry. The SCRN Self-Assessment Examination is easily accessible for purchase in the AANN online save.

Your performance on the exercise examicountry will certainly not guarantee outcomes on the actual SCRN examicountry. The exercise examination is not required to sit for the certification examicountry.

AANN Clinical Practice Guidelines

The aim of the Clinical Practice Guideline(CPG) series is to administer a summary on caring for a particular patient populace and also to equip nurses with a tool that will certainly assist them in transporting the optimum quality-concentrated patient treatment.

AANN has actually publiburned CPGs on topics such as neuro-oncology, motion and neuromuscular disorders, neurotrauma, and spine surgery. All CPGs are free for download on the AANN website.