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Looking for your new favorite science fiction podcasts? We’ve gained you spanned. Science fiction is a genre that incorporates the majority of various types of themes and storylines. So, unsurprisingly, each scientific research fiction podcast on this list has a fully various angle on spanning the genre. Maybe all 15 of these scientific research fiction podcasts will be excellent for you, or possibly simply a couple of will come to be your brand-new favorite. But either way, the finest part of all of these scientific research fiction podcasts? There are several episodes available to listen to ideal currently.

I’ve separated this list into 2 categories. First, we have actually podcasts aboutscience fiction. These are your podcasts wright here hosts sit and also chat about various sci-fi topics. If you’re trying to find fictional podcasts that tell a scientific research fiction story, head to the second half of this list wright here I share some of the finest scientific research fiction audio dramas. Onward!

Podcasts About Science Fiction

1. SFF Yeah!

This is Book Riot’sincredibly own science fiction and also fantasy podcast. SFF Yeah! is a biweekly podactors that covers the latest news from the sci-fi/fantasy literary world. And of course, hosts Sharifah and Jenn likewise discuss numerous sci-fi/fantasy books. Listener, are you afrassist of your TBR pile exploding from also many type of great book recommendations? Get in at your own danger.

2. Hugos There

This science fiction podcast is dedicated to reading and reviewing Hugo Award winning books. Host Seth Heasley is a self-prodeclared book nerd looking to improve his “Geek Quotient” by acquiring through a bunch of good sci-fi books. If you want to watch what novels the present has actually covered so far and also which ones he’s still planning on doing, check out this handy dandy list. Seth has actually a different guest on eexceptionally episode, which keeps things interesting and invites numerous fresh perspectives on the genre.

3. 372 Pages We’ll never Get Back

From award winning scientific research fiction literary works, we relocate on to…something else. In this podcast, hosts Conor Lastowka and Michael J. Nelchild dedicate their time to analysis books they’re pretty sure they’re going to hate. Think How Did This Get Made? yet for publications instead of movies. And the majority of the publications they select are scientific research fiction and/or fantasy.

4. Flash Forward

This podactors takes science fiction, looks to the future, and also speculates around exactly how much of it could eventually turn into scientific research truth. In each episode, organize Rose Eveleth takes on a possible (or not so possible) future scenario. Some examples of current topics on the podcast: a future wbelow we have the right to take a trip through time; a future wright here China reareas the USA as the international superpower; a future where moms have encouraged the United States to shut off the Net. The topics are wide-varying and fascinating.

5. Spectology: The Sci-Fi Publication Club Podcast

Spectologyis a sci-fi book club but in podcast form. Each month, hosts Matt and also Adrian choose a speculative fiction book to read, and also they talk about their feelings about the book and also its themes on the podactors. They additionally execute bonus episodes wright here they offer other science fiction references. Recently, they did an episode stating their favorite sci-fi aliens.

6. The SFF Audio Podcast

SFF Audio is a webwebsite that was developed to tell the world around Sci-Fi/Fantasy audio content. Their podcast functions discussions around Science Fiction and also Fantasy through contributors and also various other podcasters, bloggers, scholars, and also writers. The podactors features two kinds of episodes. “READ ALONG” episodes are where they cshed read and discuss a message. “TOPIC” episodes feature a focused conversation of a narrow topic in SFF.

7. Sword & Laser

OnSword & Laser,hosts Veronica Belmont and also Tom Merritt pick a scientific research fiction or fantasy book every month to talk about on the show. Their the majority of recent book pick wasThis is How You Lose the Time Warby Amal El-Mohtar and also Max Gladstone. The present also includes interviews, sci-fi/fantasy news, and they even did a SFF March Madness bracket.

8. Imaginary Worlds

Imaginary Worlds is a bi-weekly podactors held by Eric Molinsky. You could recognize Molinksy’s name from his job-related on NPR. On his podcastImaginary Worlds,Molinskies talks with novelists, screenauthors, comic book artists, filmdevices, and also game developers around the procedure of crafting fictional civilizations.Imaginary Worldsadditionally examines the science fiction fan’s duty in cultivating these imaginary worlds by buying into the “reality” of scientific research fiction.

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9. Newcomers

Many of the previously mentioned podcasts are held by self-professed sci-fi nerds. Not so with the last podcast on this fifty percent of the list. Hosts/comedians Lauren Lapkus and also Nicole Byer have never seenStar Warsand also they understand nothing about the movies or the society bordering the franchise. On this series, they are making their method through all Star Warscontent by release day order. Eextremely week, they’re joined by a co-host that does know a thing or 2 aboutStar Wars.

Science Fiction Podcasts: Audio Dramas

10. Mission to Zyxx

Mission to Zyxx is a improvised science fiction podactors, created and also perdeveloped by Jeremy Bent, Alden Ford, Allie Kokesh, Seth Lind, Winston Noel, and also Moujan Zolfaghari. These improvisers all met at the Upappropriate Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City, and also on the podactors they each play a member of the Federated Alliance. Each episode attributes a special guest comedian who plays an inhabitant of the Zyxx Quadrant unlucky enough to enrespond to the Federated Alliance crew.

11. A World Where

Be sure to listen to this one through headphones on.A World Whereis a binaural radio drama collection. Each episode imagines a various near-future scenario and the consequences of contemporary worries on future events, such as climate readjust, capitalist excess, and neoliberal apathy. These are stories of normal civilization living in a near-future human being that isn’t as well discomparable from our very own.

12. Marsfall

OnMarsloss,we follow a team of homesteaders that settle on Mars in the year 2047. Each episode proceeds the story from the perspective of a various colonist. The cast of characters is thoughtcompletely developed and also well-acted, and of course, we learn more and also even more about each one as the show goes on. The swarm is helmed by commander Jacki O’Rania, and also assisted by the colonial man-made knowledge unit ANDI.

13. The Left Right Game

This is a brand brand-new podcast that just launched in March of this year, and also currently it’s been picked up by Amazon to end up being a TV series. Hopetotally the show will also star Tessa Thompboy, the lead actress on the podcast. In the podcast, Thompboy plays an idealistic young journalist trying to make a name for herself by complying with a team of paranormal explorers. The explorers have come to be obsessed through something known as the Left/Right Video Game. But as the journalist and explorers delve deeper into the civilization of the game, they realize they’re in way over their heads.

14. Wolf 359

This is the just podcast on this list that’s already finished, however this one is so excellent that I had to encompass it anymethod. And if you haven’t uncovered this one yet, currently it’s the perfect time to simply marathon the totality podcast. Wolf 359 is part area adundertaking, component character drama, and also part absurdist sitcom. This is the story of Doug Eiffel who is stuck on a clinical survey mission of indeterminate size, 7.8 light years from Planet. Accompanying him on this mission is a little, stselection actors of characters: stern mission chief Minkowski, insane scientific research officer Hilbert, and Hephaestus Station’s sentient, frequently malfunctioning operating system HERA. As the crew searches for alien life, they begin to realize tright here is even more to this mission than they initially thought.

15. Within the Wires

Last, however not least! From the creators ofWelpertained to Night Vale comesWithin the Wires.This podcast is stories from an different cosmos, told through found audio. Each season tells a various story, and also there are four finish seasons currently obtainable. The most recent seachild tells the story of a mommy and daughter living in an anti-government commune living in a remote Scandinavian forest.

If you tear with all of these podcasts and need also more sci-fi/fantasy content, inspect out Book Riot’s sci-fi/fantasy edge of the Web below.